Argentina – September to start with a “notorious entry of cold air”

There is weather alert in the northeast region due to intense storms.

30 Aug 2019 – The new month will start with frost. Temperatures began to fall markedly Thursday over central provinces. On Friday morning the temperature descended to -2 ° C above the south-central part of the province of Buenos Aires, where clear sky prevailed.

The drop in temperatures also covered the entire region of Cuyo, southwestern Argentina, Córdoba, and also north of Buenos Aires and the Federal Capital.

Tthe most active storm bulbs have occurred around Entre Ríos, with rains exceeding 45mm by this noon, according to the Network of Meteorological Plants of the Entre Ríos Cereal Exchange.

Notorious entry of cold air to start September.

The National Meteorological Service maintains an alert for intense storms throughout this region, foreseeing the possibility of abundant waterfall and hail. These storms will also reach the northeast corner of the country, affecting Formosa and Misiones with varied intensity.

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3 thoughts on “Argentina – September to start with a “notorious entry of cold air””

  1. that so called warm air anomaly from the antarctic ..well im NOT seeing warmth but the nullschool maps are pretty whacko re the air patterns up very high
    Robert I just sent the link to that for you.
    they did say sth america could cop it as well as Aus, so far looks like they got the short straw.

  2. I do check your webpage frequently and I consider the information very important. However I do not understand why you put articles about cold temperatures in Uruguay and Argentina, when this cold days are not unusual at all. It is winter time in the southern part of Latin America. In fact, with maybe the exception 2 weeks ago, when we had 1 week of temperatures close to zero, it is much warmer in our region than it used to be in the past. Last week (in winter) the temperatures here in Uruguay were unusually warm, with temperatures of up to 22 degrees Celsius and above. Another fact is that this years winter, like the winter 2017 and 2018 as well, were warmer than the previous winters. In other words, since 2 1/2 years our winters got milder and summers got slightly colder.
    Greetings from Montevideo

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