Argentina – More snow in two weeks than an entire normal winter season

No heating, no cooking, streets with 8 feet (2.5m) of snow.

Eduardo Ferreyra President of Argentinian Foundation for a Scientific Ecology (FAEC) reports;

“We’re having in Argentina a series of Antarctic polar waves that has people shuddering. In Ushuaia an entire neighbourhood had to be evacuated because the cold froze water pipes and blocked natural gas valves. No heating, no cooking, streets with 2.5 metres (8 ft) of snow. In two weeks snowed more than an entire normal winter season.”

Thanks to E Stephens for this link

6 thoughts on “Argentina – More snow in two weeks than an entire normal winter season”

  1. Great link explaining Rossby waves and how they become more entrenched and take weeks longer to move from West to East. Explains the ‘normal’ heat spell here in the Midwest. Hope we don’t have to wait too long to catch a Northerly flow here.

    • I agree, very interesting and detailed explanation. The only aspect that I believe is missing in the analysis of Dr. Tim Ball is the action of the Sun on all this. He says,
      ” .. The dome of cold air over polar regions is expanding as the world has cooled since 1998. Rossby Waves in the Circumpolar Vortex that circles from west to east in the middle latitudes switched from Zonal to Meridional flow creating different weather patterns in the middle and high latitudes… ”
      which is clearly correct, but I’d add that the phenomenon has greatly intensified after 2008 and the trend is to become even stronger from now on.

  2. That such a problem, frozen water pipes and frozen gas valves, is affecting the few who live so extremely south in extreme parts of South America is easilly resolved with evacuation of the few affected homes. But what if this coming winter in the northern latitudes we get such problems ? Europe and North America are such that we cannot evacuate ! All our sewage systems will freeze ! No water ! No gas supply since leaks will lead to explosions ! No transport due to snow and ice blocking roads and rail ! Thus no delivery to the supermarkets ! Electricity lines down due to the severe cold causing “metal fatigue”, even entire pylons will come crashing down ! All these problems have occurred already during various cold snaps, but in the event of return of Ice Age climate these problems will become permanent. Obviously Europe and North America are a death trap !

  3. this sounds to me like a little bit too extreme to just throw it in the “thats normal” bjn , even with all your intellectual comments, with all your big intellect have you not paid any attention to the weather wars being waged with HAARP (U.S.) and the equivelent in russia ,england and I think norway, thats exactly the kinda shit that our govt. has been doing to other countries and our own just to practice up and get the whole weather controlling fine tuned so they dont screw up when guiding a hurricane and causing earthquakes. Yeah I know what your gonna say ,”why that sounds like a conspiracy theory, what nonsense”….well I dare ya to research it for more than 10 min. then come on with it , but you wont come on with it if you do. unless of course the comments are from govt. employees doing their P.R. and putting forward the idea that extremely unnatural weather is normal weather so dont look for a villain in this area, yeah right.I acknowledge that it is possible to happen with no manipulation , but very unlikely, , with the use of HAARP easily done and way more likely.

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