Argentina – Snowfall causes heavy losses for vine crops

Look as if someone had thrown herbicide on them.

8 Sep 2016 – Snowfall leaves a “complicated and grim” picture for the vine crops, walnut and olive trees in La Rioja, according to the Chamber of Agricultural Producers of La Rioja (Carp).

The fourth snowfall so far this year in the producing area was a blow to the riojana agricultural production..

The most affected area is mountainous in the provincial west, which basically includes the departments of Chilecito, Famatina and Felipe Varela, but also fell in the northern region, comprising the departments Castro Barros, Arauco and San Blas de los Sauces.

Mario Gonzalez, president of carp, said “the situation is complicated and devastating. This freeze means production will be much lower. The primary buds that are best performance have burned “.

Gonzalez said that “elongating olive trees that were already flowering vine in which they were buds with clusters, nut trees where it was already sprouted variety of Creole. It is really very serious situation in the sector, losses are important. ”

For the first shoots, snow acted as if someone had thrown herbicide on them.

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