Argentina – Teachers trapped in snow for 36 hours

Stranded in waist-deep snow. One of them walked half a day to ask for help. Video

As they have done every week, a group of teachers started on Monday 29 at dawn from Humahuaca towards Santa Ana, where they teach at a rural school.

But a surprise strong snow storm trapped them between the mountains and the cold of the Puna.

The snow was waist deep.

The teachers had no water, food or enough shelter. With no possibility to ask for help and totally isolated, four teachers began walking to Santa Ana to ask for help. However, they could not withstand the snowstorm and cold and three of them returned to the van.

The fourth,  a physical education teacher, managed to get to town and ask for help. He came completely frozen,” said Sergio Gutierrez, of the program “Good Morning” on Radio LW8. He left on Monday at noon and arrived at 21.

The teachers were finally rescued on Tuesday at 14.30. With symptoms of hypothermia they were taken to Santa Ana and the next day (Wednesday) could finally return to their homes in Humahuaca.

Humahuaca is situated in the northern part of Argentina, close to the Bolivian border.

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7 thoughts on “Argentina – Teachers trapped in snow for 36 hours

  1. They are near the end of winter and don’t forget that in mountainous regions climate and weather varies according to elevation. Then again the approaching mini or big ice age will just make things more severe.

  2. And the irony to all this is when those same teachers that were nearly frozen to death, return to teaching at that rural school, they will be teaching about Global Warming to those poor students.

    It doesn’t matter how cold it becomes, the global warming moron crowd will keep to their faith.

    The big question here is, how do you stop such insanity?

    Answer: you don’t. People will keep on believing a stupid ideology, like global warming, no matter how stupid the ideology is, until they die out….literally; the rest of sane humanity just have to pay the consequences.

    So I have to ask….should a ‘Ship of Fools’ be rescued? And if they should, WHO should pay the cost for rescuing them from their own stupidity?

    • Your right, they should be left rot, on the ship.

      So called “civilisation” has allowed dumb liberal parasites ( and ruling class parasites ) to flourish.
      We’re in need of some “survival of the fittest”, hopefully that’s what the starting, mini ice age, will bring.

      The “fittest” for this current “civilisation”, are liars and cheats.

  3. in our area of the US we are 90 miles south of the Canadian border it is usually 8 to 15 degree’s warmer. As we speak we are experiencing FALL. Our summer lasted 5 weeks. This has not happened in the 25 years we have lived in this area.

  4. New Zealand, September 8, 2016: Homes without power as wintry storm brings gales, snow and heavy rain. The last-gasp of winter is continuing to make itself felt over much of the country, with damaging winds, squally hail showers and a dumping of snow.
    There are reports a landslide has hit a building in Milford Sound. ONE News reported the building was the Milford Sound Visitor Centre, and that an emergency response team was attending, along with fire crews from Te Anau.
    The storm has created havoc on roads and highways – particularly at Coronet Peak, where the road was closed for a time to clear a traffic backlog stretching over 8 kilometres.
    The gales have created a 6 metre swell in Cook Strait, which has left both passenger and freight sailings in the lurch.
    There’s even been snow flurries reported in the capital, which has also received a smattering of hail.

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