Arizona Vote-Fraud Claims Not ‘Baseless’

In Arizona, there are many examples of alleged voter fraud that took place during the 2020 election.

The Arizona Republican Party alleges more than 100,000 ballots might have been improperly cast in the Grand Canyon State, including some 28,000 duplicated ballots in Maricopa County alone.

Only 10,457 votes separate Biden and President Donald Trump on Arizona, a 0.3% difference.

See also fraud claims for Nevada, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and others:

1 thought on “Arizona Vote-Fraud Claims Not ‘Baseless’”

  1. Agreed. One of the things I know for a FACT that occurred in Arizona…. the so-called and “disputed” Sharpiegate. Which is the discrepancies in instructions on how to fill in the ballots, and it was not just Maricopa County.

    I live in Pima County and got a mail in ballot (because I am handicapped and signed up for early absentee ballot by mail) and the instructions I got with the ballot specified that the ballot needed to be filled in with either a black or dark blue ink pen and NOT to fill in the ballot with a “Sharpie type pen” because it would be considered invalid.

    Several women I know also in Pima County did their voting in person and were planning on using a black ink pen to fill in the ballot and were told by the poll worker that they were REQUIRED to use a Sharpie pen instead. Which my instructions said would invalidate their ballots.


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