Armenia – Heavy snowfall kills up to 95% of apricot harvest

“Damage was done to apricot, plum, peach, cherry trees and early-ripe species of grapes,” chairman of the Armenian Union of Agrarians and Peasants Grach Berberyan told journalists.

Cold and heavy snowfall has killed about 90-95% of the apricot harvest in Armenia, causing a damage of $ 25-30 million.

“The frost and snow killed forming blossoms,” said Berberyan. The most affected areas are in the Ararat plain and in regions near Yerevan.”

Armenia’s annual apricot harvest averages 50,000-55,000 tonnes, of which 20,000-22,000 tonnes are exported and about 10,000 tonnes are further processed.

The snow blanket, according to meteorologists, reached 20 cm (8 inches). Air temperatures dropped to three degrees below zero (C).

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3 thoughts on “Armenia – Heavy snowfall kills up to 95% of apricot harvest”

  1. Two years ago in 2012 the exact same thing happened in the upper Midwest, especially Wisconsin. Unusually warm March temperatures, some as high as 80+ degrees, kicked the fruit trees into an exceptionally early blossoming start, which was followed up shortly thereafter with a return to more typical (read: sub-32°F) temperatures. Up to 95% of the cherry, apple, and maple syrup harvests, which are big business in the state, were destroyed. Then last year, 2013, they had a very late start to spring. Maple syrup season ran 6 weeks and apple harvests were some of the biggest in 20+ years. I feel badly for the Armenians because their apricot exports are so much more vital to their national GDP than is a regional crop failure here in the U.S. One can only hope long, cold springs aren’t returning en force because that means adjusting crops to shorter growing season varieties, and one has to wonder if that’s even possible on short notice anymore.

  2. nasty for the folks there..but.. I have to dmit the turkish apricots we seem to have been targeted with in Aus are bloody tasteless and half ripe lumps.
    meanwhile our orchards are ripped up and ruined..and now..
    we have nearly none and our farmers are broke.
    this might help revive the few still left.

  3. And when the harvest is abysmal, the warmists will tell us it’s because AGW killed all the bees?

    aside – Yesterday at Lowes I saw dozens of bees swarming around some plants there.

    And, no, I’m not saying there isn’t a problem of their numbers diminishing, but until we know what it is I wish people would stop making things up. That only makes it harder to solve the problem.

    (And what about evolution? Why is it evolution solved all the problems in the past, but is stumped by every problem organisms face now? Could it be that evolutionists really don’t know how it works? Mind you, I’m not saying it doesn’t work [because I just don’ know], only that a lot of what they claim to “know” seems to be wrong.)

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