Arrogant Totalitarian Control

A war on reliable, affordable American energy – Increasing the cost of “fossil fuels” by 10 times, even 20 times (Gasoline at $30 a gallon? $60 a gallon?)


“Within hours of taking office, President Biden resurrected the Obama era “social cost of carbon” Interagency Working Group – but with added directives that will easily let it concoct a final cost of $100, $150 or even $200 per ton of carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuel operations,” writes Paul Driessen.

“The new directives include other greenhouse gases and totally subjective and malleable “considerations of environmental justice and intergenerational equity.” Climate “scientists,” modelers, economists, “ethics experts” and of course “diverse stakeholders” will participate in the process. Skeptics of dangerous manmade climate chaos can wade in as well, but their input will likely be ignored and canceled.

“The deck is clearly stacked. Past experience suggests that the working group will list every conceivable cost of using fossil fuels – but totally ignore the enormous benefits of using them. Worse, as I explain in this article, all that is just the beginning of what’s wrong with this rigged process.”

The social costs of carbon cancelation

Banning carbon-based fuels will impose enormous costs that Team Biden deliberately ignores

Paul Driessen

Fearing that incessant warnings about manmade climate cataclysms would not be enough to end US fossil fuel use, the Obama-Biden Administration instructed a special Interagency Working Group to concoct a “social cost of carbon” concept. The SCC would “scientifically” calibrate the dollar value of damages that a ton of carbon dioxide emitted today in America would inflict on the USA and world in the future.

The price tag was set at $22/ton in 2010, raised to $36/ton in 2013, and just as arbitrarily increased to $40, before finishing the Obama era at $51/ton. President Trump disbanded the IWG and had the SCC slashed to less than $10/ton. Within hours of taking office, President Biden resurrected the working group, reinstituted $51/ton as a starting point, and directed federal agencies to devise a definitive SCC by 2022.

Increasing the cost of “fossil fuels” by 10 times, even 20 times

This “updated” version will reflect “recent developments in the science and economics” of climate change, including the costs of other greenhouse gases, the White House said. It will also factor in US commitments under the Paris climate treaty, and especially “considerations of environmental justice and intergenerational equity.” Climate “scientists,” economists, “ethics experts” and “diverse stakeholders” will all participate in the process, which many expect will devise a final SCC of $100 or even $200/ton.

The IWG methodology for developing SCC estimates is so infinitely flexible, so devoid of any rigorous standards, that it could produce almost any estimates that Biden and his climate czars feel is needed. Adding “justice” and “equity” to the mix makes it doubly malleable, doubly prone to abuse by an administration and Democrat Party that are obsessed with “manmade climate change” (even Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Defense appointees must be committed to ending the “climate crisis”) and are determined to make America “carbon neutral” by 2050.

80% carbon-free energy within  9 years, 100% “clean” power within 14 years

Social cost of carbon is intended to advance that agenda and a 981-page “CLEAN Future” bill requiring that electricity generators provide 80% carbon-free energy by 2030 and 100% “clean” power by 2035.

Right now, over 80% of all US and global energy come from fossil fuels – and China, India and other countries are building thousands of new coal-fired power plants, on top of the thousands they already have. So even total cancelation of fossil fuel use and CO2/greenhouse gas emissions by the United States would be imperceptible and irrelevant amid the world’s enormous and increasing levels of both.

A war on reliable, affordable American energy

Social cost of carbon is a key tactic in a war on reliable, affordable American energy; on jobs, human welfare and human rights; and on US and global lands, wildlife and environmental quality. It will be used to justify raising carbon taxes and prices to at least $160 per ton of CO2 and imposing Covid-on-steroids lockdowns every two years, supposedly to keep average global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees C from pre-industrial/post Little Ice Age levels, which alarmists claim would be catastrophic.

The SCC enables agencies and their allies to attach any price they wish to every conceivable cost of using fossil fuels: hotter and colder, wetter and drier climate and weather; more frequent and intense hurricanes; reduced agricultural output; forest health and wildfires; floods, droughts and water resources; “forced migration” of people and wildlife;  worsening health and disease; flooded coastal cities; even “reduced student learning and worker productivity,” due to warmer planetary temperatures.

The SCC also lets practitioners completely ignore the obvious and enormous benefits of using fossil fuels, and emitting carbon dioxide – such as enhanced productivity via affordable air conditioning in summer and heating in winter; improved forest, grassland and crop growth (and greening deserts) due to more CO2 in the air; greater home and human survival rates amid extreme weather events; and having the jobs, mobility, living standards, healthcare and longevity of modern industrialized life.

Hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide benefits outweigh costs by 50:1, 400:1 or even 500:1!

In fact, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide benefits outweigh costs by 50:1, 400:1 or even 500:1! Will Team Biden and others in the anti-hydrocarbon movement acknowledge any of this?

Unless compelled to do so by our courts, the odds are probably 500:1 against it. They won’t even admit that the sun and other natural forces still play dominant roles in climate and weather, as they have throughout history. In their minds, every SCC cost is directly and solely due to fossil fuels. (For a reality check, read Indur Goklany, Patrick Moore, Gregory Wrightstone, Marc Morano and Jennifer Marohasy.)

In fact, eliminating carbon-based energy and carbon dioxide emissions will impose far greater human and ecological costs. It is fossil fuel replacements that will inflict incalculable damage to people and planet.

Replacing coal, oil, natural gas and internal combustion vehicles would require millions of wind turbines, billions of solar panels, billions of battery modules, millions of acres of biofuel plantations, a complete overhaul of electrical grids and infrastructures, on millions of acres. That will require billions of tons of steel, aluminum, copper, lithium, cobalt, rare earth elements, concrete, plastics and other materials – which will require digging up and processing hundreds of billions of tons of ores and minerals.

Under Team Biden, Democrats and Big Green, little of this will take place in the US, under our rigorous laws and regulations. It will be done overseas, in China, Mongolia, Africa, Bolivia – often with slave and child labor, and with few or no workplace safety, air and water pollution, toxic substances, endangered species or other rules. Don’t their health, human rights and environmental quality mean anything?

The technologies may be clean and emission-free in the USA – but won’t be in any of these countries.

Even manufacturing the turbines, panels, batteries and other technologies will be done overseas – again with few or no pollution, health, safety or fair wage rules – because expensive, unreliable, weather-dependent, blackout-prone electricity will send America’s manufacturing and other basic industries into oblivion, along with millions of good jobs. Minority and blue-collar families will be hammered hardest.

The proliferation of “clean, climate-friendly” wind and solar energy will pummel wildlife and habitats. Wind turbines already slaughter a million birds and bats annually in the USA – far in excess of what Big Wind admits to – and that’s from a “measly” 60,000 turbines. The same thing is happening in Europe.

The slaughter will get worse with every passing year

With the best wind sites being along migratory bird flyways, raptor hunting grounds, bat habitats, and Great Lake and sea coasts, the slaughter will get worse with every passing year. I just put new bluebird, hummingbird and wood duck nest houses around my home and neighborhood. It is terribly depressing that such efforts in suburban areas will be overwhelmed by a tsunami of death in our wildlife kingdoms. As forests, grasslands and deserts get torn up for turbines and blanketed by solar panels and biofuel crops, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and wild plants will also disappear.

Negligible inadvertent deaths from fossil fuel extraction and pipelines were bad, but these are OK

Team Biden, Democrats, Big Green and Big Media will loudly deny these realities. They will insist that any wildlife losses are “inadvertent.” As though the wildlife are less dead because it was inadvertent; as though negligible inadvertent deaths from fossil fuel extraction and pipelines were bad, but these are OK.

Wind turbines, solar panels and batteries have short life spans – and are difficult or impossible to recycle. Where will we bury millions of 300-foot-long fiberglass-composite turbine blades? billions of solar panels? Will we just keep sending solar panels overseas, where parents and children burn them in open fires to recover the metals – breathing toxic fumes all day long?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of adverse impacts from SCC/Green New Deal policies. Any honest, accurate, complete social cost of carbon analysis would require that every one of them be fully accounted for, before we make any decisions on fossil fuels. Will oddsmakers even take bets on that happening?

Will courts step up to the plate? Will state attorneys general? Will Republicans become better informed about our energy lifeblood, better organized, less focused on less critical issues – and more willing to mount passionate, principled opposition to this irresponsible insanity?

Or will Democrats just ram this through, because they can, because they control the House, Senate, White House and Deep State Executive Branch – perhaps with bare 1-10 majorities, but arrogant totalitarian control nonetheless?

Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books, reports and articles on energy, environmental, climate and human rights issues.

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  1. Great Invisible Arrogant-Totalitarian-Control Googly Moogly Booglies like CO2 and COVID managed by the CWNS (Classified World News Service) [CLOWN Witch Doctor Diviners… like FauXci, Schwab ‘n Gates] have been used ‘Foe-Ev-Ah’ to control the great unwashed, supernaturally suspicious… useless eaters. Trust [that] the ‘science’. [mostly ain’t real science anymore]
    ht tps://

  2. Alas the poisonous fruits of democracy. It starts off being sweet and after awhile it kills you with the excesses of communism and capitalism. Basically it is a rebellion against father figures like God, King and ones own father which are natural government.

    • this insanity is no “fruit of democracy” at all. It is the fruit of concentrated wealth equalling power, and a comatose self-focussed people. You are correct, though, in that the removal of God and His laws and aways paves a superhighway heading straight to this sort of insanity.

  3. The worst damage to our freedom will be in the next two years, before the midterm elections in 2022. Luckily we have the chance to throw these clowns out then, at least from Congress.

    • Did you get the memo? Absentee [paper ] ballots will be mailed to all voting centers nationwide in ever increasing numbers until the blue wave is reported complete. It’s OK to kill trees and blow up carbon emissions when the paper ballots are marked indicating the yes vote for the socialist backed candidate running in a Republicrat wrapper. The Federal Reserve note collapse will be self correcting to all this. Oh, thats right, Nixons gold window closure was only accepted by the planet because Kissenger setup the Oil backed Federal Note [in secret, because you cant have us plebes investing our money in the new companies named as part of the new apparatus]. Now I know why Suadi Aramco wants you to own shares now. And wasnt that action something that came about/was first annnounced about 5 years ago or so? No, theres no hidden 5-10-15-20 year macro plans out there. Everyone at a minimum should subscribe to the world economic forum. its free. It will ope nyour eyes to the coming disruptions. Now that the global deep state has canceled US oil production by 60% or more [down to 4Million bbl a day] it will be game over sooner than you think…. enjoy….

  4. Recent addition to Urban Dictionary, 2.28:


    “One who has been fully vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus and brags about it”

  5. Unless fossil fuels (at affordable prices) are an infinite resource, does anyone believe that? – then they must, as a purely economic necessity, be superseded by non-fossil fuels.

  6. So, assuming that the burning of fossil fuels has little on no effect on climate change,

    Are fossil fuels an infinite resource?

    Yes, or no?

    If the answer is no, then the next question is, How long can the world afford to be powered by a depleting resource, fossil fuels?

    • Raymond, no, that has and was the driver for Nuclear power. There are several hundred years of coal available. When I was in College several decades ago and everyone was worried about running out of heating oil, we had a speaker from an oil company come and talk at one of our student ASME meetings. He talked on the oil exploration field. He said, “yes there is only 20 years of oil available. There has always been 20 years available. Whenever we get low, we go out and punch some more holes in the ground so that there will be 20 years available.”

      And that is still the case.

    • Currently known and mapped resources of fossil fuels are enough to last us a few hundred years at present rates of consupption. Exploration/mapping has essentially stopped…. no point in it, as there is presetnly such vast recouces known. FUrther, there is solid evidence to support the claim that new “fossil fuels” are yet bieng made by those same processes that have made what we now know about.

      The real directioin to reduce carbon oxidation (combustion of all carbon-based fuels) is clean waste-free nuclear, but current gummit strangulations mitigate strongly agasint that. Micro-generatirs are developed and could be deployed. but that would ave an end to the present monetisation of “carbon” and ‘oenaltis’ for the use thereof. You see, there has been a massive industry, swindle based, that has us on a tear to “get rid of” carbon use as an industary, and the getting rid of it has become a massive industry of its own. Clean efficient no-waste nuclear generation replacing carbon woulld end the carbon game” as presenlty seen. And you watch… any mention of nuclear in any form will be verboten in these schemings to tax us on carbon “emissioins”. Better stop breathing, as every exhalation spews carbon dioxide into the atmoshere….. to go feed some lants, which cannot grow iwthout carbon dioxide.

      You will EVER hear these hotshot “sciente=ists” mention that, either. The REASON we have so much fossil fuel in the ground is that as those bio-masses grew, died, were bureied, subjeted to heat and pressure, they sequesterd massive amounts of cabon which had been removed from the atmoshere by the plants, and the animals that ate them, to rovide the carbon mass that is now encapsulated in fossil fuels.

      Management of much of our carbon0containing waste (all wood, pape,r plastics, synthetic fibres, rubber, is carbon based, and simply buried, this sequestering al that carbon which COULD be recaptured and “oxidised” (birned) to produce heat/electricty. Anotther directionyou will never see the carbon game actors even mention.

    • presumably this is where rational thought and science would come into play. r&d long term energy sources (preferably something that draws energy out of the air and space around us being bombarded by endless radiation from the Sun and interstellar) into everything needing power – cars, phones, heat/cooling etc – directly. thus eliminating centralized infrastructure.
      especially since the ability to use solar panels and windmills are limited already by the ability to strip-mine the planet, and they don’t provide a means of allowing us to travel from our planet to elsewhere (for terraforming new planets to live on, or strip-mining other planets, etc

  7. Food ! Limited electricity means limited freezers / food refrigeration , rotting produce everywhere !

  8. France is building the Worlds first commercial Tokomak fusion reactor. At 500mW output [first article] its a decent start. Wouldnt surprise me if the US contribution to the Paris Climate accord is paying the bill. Bottom line, these things should certainly be built, but you dont make them economically viable by killing the competition. its not a one size fits all world, thats another recipe for non-resilient systems. Weve seen where that mindset leads to in our current supply chain fiasco.

  9. Since the vast majority of energy conversion heats the atmosphere more than it powers anything, instead of worrying about carbon, we should be working on reducing entropy.

  10. Humans have to evolve out of allowing our base
    animal selves out. Out of allowing base “leaders”.
    Cultivate classic American exceptional values global.

    And if we could get science back from the grave,
    we could get beyond using turbines for power…
    something more than solar cells.

  11. Most people are pretty stupid.
    A lot of men think that if they take a pill it will “enhance their maleness” (make them bigger down there”.
    A lot of dames think that if they smear a certain cream on their face it will make them young again.
    A lot of you think that a dollar store bandana that you can see through can stop a virus.
    Its not really surprising that a lot of folks think that a weak green house gas that makes up less than 0.04% of the atmosphere and that plants love can some how turn the Earth into Venus.

  12. Don’t be fooled, socialist democrats controlling Biden admin are 100% globalist. Destroying our economy is a goal democrats have in common with terrorists! Wealth, power and freedom of the US must be destroyed for the sake of global government. They are not unknowing about the effect of their policies; they intend to bankrupt American households with skyrocketing energy prices and high taxes. When most everyone is depending on government for their existence total compliance is assured.

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