As many as a million calves lost in Nebraska – Video

“This is the biggest disaster, as far as damage, we’ve ever experienced in our state,” says Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

You’ve got to watch this video!

We’ve got at least 400 million in livestock losses and 140 million in crop losses,
says Ricketts.

“There may be as many as a million calves lost in Nebraska,” says agriculture secretary Sonny Purdue, United States Secretary of Agriculture.

What have I been saying about fighting in the streets for food?

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  1. vid unavailable in aus?
    do I gues right a lot of the stock deaths are animals with no freedom to even try escaping in CAFO lots?

  2. In Yakutia-RU, the snow will increase – “Meteonovosti”

    From the east of Siberia, the cyclone is sent to the central territory of Yakutia. On Friday, March 22, its influence will affect the western regions, where the snowfall will begin and the temperature will rise to -2 ..- 7°C. On Saturday, the snow in most of the territory of Yakutia, in Yakutsk, the frost will weaken by day to -10°C.
    In the meantime, here the average temperature is below normal by 6 degrees. In the middle of the day on March 21, the temperature is -15 ..- 16°C. The snow depth in the central regions is 35..43 cm, in the southern regions in some places above 50 cm, in the north of Yakutia it ranges from 25 to 45 cm, and along the river valleys in some 55-59 cm

    High snow in the Volga Region – “Meteonovosti”

    The height of the Volga region is impressive on the snow cover: from 35 to 63 cm. In Samara, on the morning of March 21, its height was 61 cm, and on March 16 it was 70, i.e. melting snow is slow. Due to the high costs of snow melting, the temperature is lower than it could be in light of the synoptic situation. And this is despite the fact that in the last 5 days, the average temperature of the air exceeded the climatic norm by 3-4 degrees.

    In the next three days, the weather conditions on the Middle Volga will dictate a cyclone: ​​precipitation in the form of sleet and rain, night temperature 0 ..- 5°C, daytime +1 .. + 6°C, and most of the heat will go to work on the sleet than to warm the air.

  3. and when that fighting begins we better have our guns ready at home! Might want to store a few of them in a place other than your home incase your state decides to confiscate them from you.

  4. The reason why they are not getting the coverage they should? They don’t want everyone to know that this was caused by ALL-TIME RECORD SNOWFALL this winter and that the climate is getting colder every year! Everyone knows we are entering an ice age here – unless you’re stupid! Nothing else needs to be said.

    They aren’t fooling anybody here.

    • All part of the UN’s agenda 21 population reduction plan.
      I was suprised to see even Sir David Attenborough talking about population reduction on YouTube!
      However, as plagues and pandemics are closely associated with grand solar minimums, the population of our planet will naturally be reduced as crop losses eventually lead to starvation!

    • Well there ain’t no bull market here now is there for commodity prices and all and sundry?

  5. Not to mention wildlife damages. Ferrel hogs, rabbits, coyotes, deer. It throws nature out of balance.

  6. Can you imagine if this was happening in California? It would be the only story on CNN, 24/7. Of course, they would be stating that the flooding was caused by climate change.

    I suppose the true believers will be happy that there are one million less bovine mouths to burp.

    • thats a point, and now the labmeat makers can rave up that their gunk isnt at risk of climate change..except power to RUN the labs comes from???? fossil fuels most likely;-)

      ditto the insect excuse for food lobby also

  7. AOC must be static that these lives lost will not be farting anymore.

    I list this as part of crop losses, something you will see more and more during global cooling. More cooling = more sever weather.

  8. Unfortunately, the situation in Nebraska is good news. It is important that people be put under pressure so that they can no longer ignore the change in climate. No longer allow the claims of the AGW crowd to go unquestioned. Whether they understand the science or not it is stupid to build windmills when massive amounts of power are needed to push back the cold and snow. It should concentrate the mind when it is deadly peril to choose the wrong direction of temperature change.

    It would be wise for the opponents of global warming to look for the Boltons and Pompeos among their number and prepare to set this kind of pit bull loose upon the AGW fanatics when the public mood changes. It should be made clear to the AGW crowd that when they are proved wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt that proof will come at great expense to the public so they will have to pay a bitter price for their stubborn advocacy.

    It would be wise to hang as many of them as possible when the opportunity comes. It can be said that rebellion is treason until you win; then it is patriotism. The thought of this fate alone, properly publicized, should chase the sunshine heroes from the AGW movement as conditions worsen.

  9. It will be bigger news as soon as they figure out how to blame Trump for record cold and snow. It is going to be cold for the workers putting Trump’s likeness on Mt Rushmore.

  10. Crops getting washed out or water logged early in the growing season parallels what happened in the 14th century according to the documentary Little IceAge BigChill.

    How are global grain reserves doing? When does the first famine hit?

    • I don’t think there are any Global grain reserves……Everything grown is eaten or used in next years planting….

      • Oh, there are ample grain reserves, enough to seriously depress prices for those of us that grow the stuff. Of course, most of the surplus is in the hands of global grain traders.

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