As much as two feet of snow for California mountains

“Yosemite National Park is prepping for some winter-like conditions,” warns the Fresno Bee.

The park is closing Glacier Point Road and advising visitors to prepare for winter driving conditions (chains may be required) for the next several days along Highway 140, Hwy 120 and Hwy 41. Additional road closures may be called.

Snow amounts are expected to reach at least several inches in the mountain areas at around 7,000 feet, though the snow line could drop to as low as 5,500 feet. The highest elevations could see as much as one to two feet of snow, says National Weather Service forecaster Jim Bagnall.

“This is atypical,” Bagnall says.

According to the NWS forecast discussion, some locations could get as much — if not more — rain then they usually do for the entire month of May.

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13 thoughts on “As much as two feet of snow for California mountains”

  1. I am to the left of many people here, but I have been long watching the changing weather patters and I believe it’s probable that we are headed into at least a Little Ice Age or maybe a straight-on Ice Age. I’m interested in geology but also things like the ice ages, and the sea, and I know that the Ice Ages have a rhythm to them–long glaciation follow by short (in geological terms interglacials. We are due for a downturn to the long, long cold–in fact, we may be somewhat overdue. No matter what the AGW proponents think another Ice Age will come. And I don’t know what if anything, can be done to stop it/stave it off.

    I’ve read both of Robert’s book and found them quite useful and informative. I like to come to this site as I always find something interesting.

  2. hmm so snow up high and more rain and the snow already there melted by rain?
    looks like their reservoirs might be pretty full if they arent already
    and this crimps the 300yr drought meme the warmtards were raving up not so long ago
    funny how they all went quiet isnt it?
    might get messy on the fire burnt hillsides hope people are smart enough to be ready to run

  3. Unusual but not atypical. On a dataset of 50 years, Mammoth Mountain ski station sees May snowfall seven years in ten and one year in ten monthly totals exceed 20 inches.

    So far Mammoth has reported 14 inches in the current storm and that total may be near to 20 inches by the middle of next week.

  4. Snowing in Nebraska. This is getting serious. Talking about global warming is completely ridiculous.

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