As to street power, none has been more powerful and effective as the combination of BLM and the environmentalists

At what stage will they break ranks and decide to go against one another?

8 Dec 2020 – Excerpts from an article by Ghassan and Intibah Kadi for the Saker Blog

Whether there was indeed voter fraud and rigging, I personally believe there was and at a huge scale.

When it comes to street power however, none has been more powerful and effective as the combination of BLM and the environmentalists.

BLM activists have just fallen a tad short of blaming Trump for an American five-century long history of racism. But how much do BLM activists really care about Climate Change and specifically about Greta-type environmental vision of how the world should run? Moreover, most environmentalists, if not all of them, are anti-vaxxers. When they see that Biden is the trump card for the vaccine empire, they may wish they didn’t take to the streets to unseat the Trump card they had in the Whitehouse. If there is/was one person standing up against the malevolent “Gates vaccine”, it has to be Trump, and the single-issue anti-vaxxers are against Trump. Try to make sense of this.

This is not to forget and ignore that the Climate Change activists will soon find out, the hard way, that Biden will not come clean on the zero-emission promise; not only because he doesn’t want to, not only because he goes to bed with the petro-dollar lobby, but also because he does not have the alternative technology to replace fossil fuel with.

In and out and in between the BLM and Climate Change activists, what do the Climate Change activists have in common ideologically with BLM and at what stage will they break ranks and decide to go against one another? What will happen after either one of them accuses the other, rightfully I must say, that they have been used as pawns by the ‘Deep State’?

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  1. All the riots, the virus(Which got released in Oct. 19 at the military games in China), the fake news, tech censorship, rigged election, lockdowns, every single thing that happened this year is because of the CCP acting within the U.S. If the CCP isn’t stopped via DJT, there will be foreign troops on American soil by the end of 2021 and at least 50% of Americans will rejoice. Most of the other 50% will be too weak to fight(especially without the backing of the US government). We are in grave danger.

  2. Follow the money. Gates earned himself 50 billion in ten years of him being in bed with these vaccine manufacturers – he’ll probably earn that in 2 or 3 years this time. Gates did a TED talk in 2015 on the ‘coming pandemics’, then a scenario November 2019 on pandemics just before the virus was released. Any one else questioning all this? Gates has NO expertise in epidemiology!! BLM etc are paid by Soros – need I say more?

  3. It’s funny here in Oregon we are going to have a MASSIVE atmospheric river event though when I was little they used to be called simply ‘Pineapple Express’ due to the warm moist origin near Hawaii.

    The snow levels will rise to 9 thousand feet and it will for a time feel like spring which all the birds outside have been chirping their spring song clearly confused!!!!

  4. BTW: We had our winter back in mid to late Nov which we had since late October an unusual number of freezing nights: I recorded around 20 or so light to heavy frosts.

    Then December we are having what we should’ve had in November.

    The months have been flipped!!

    I had a feeling we would get Nov weather sooner or later of our usual fog/one or two heavy rain events with lots of weak to moderate storms come thru.

    This one is suppose to be a gully washer for the higher elevations and melt the snow!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Also: What Trump voters are doing about this election fraud is like us weather weenies grasping at straws staring at hour 200 on the GFS for that little bit of snow……….which we somehow know it isn’t going to come when the atmospheric setup isn’t right to begin with.

    The atmospheric setup for this voting is all wrong and evil:
    We all know deep down Trump is set to lose and I think he knows it too and is doing this ‘fight’ just for show and glamor so he can have his TV fame: Then he walks out the door and hands the car to Biden with a smile on his face.

    Nothing we can do about it except play Bowser’s Revolution and hope we can still come out in the end.

    Wiki Link:
    Bowser’s Revolution – Bowser will take all the coins from the player and divide them up evenly among all four players, leaving them with the same amount of coins. If there are an odd number of coins, then Bowser will round up to the next number.

  6. Toyoda just chastised the Japanese over the ecar revolution. The Chairman of Toyota asked where will the electricity come from for these cars? And what about the emissions? Like many, these people have no concept of energy, electricity, emissions or economics, the four e-horsemen of the apocalypse.

  7. BLM and the environmentalists are no power at all. Is this not blatantly obvious?????

    It is the people controlling the police wanting them to do their business.

  8. “At what stage will they break ranks and decide to go against one another?”

    Probably when one group gets better treatment and more money than the other.

  9. Got back from gym (yes, no masks, no lockdown where I am), but the TV was tuned to Weather Channel. No sooner do they talk about ‘record’ snow in the NE, than proceed with a segment on how this was another year of record heat, building onto their global warming agenda. This is what we are up against … lies, deception about everything, from the election, climate, healthcare, virus, vaccine, masks, and big agriculture and food industry. Literally, were are like cattle in a feed lot, being fattened, for slaughter!!!

  10. Most environmentalists are anti-vaxxers?? Do you mean by “environmentalists” those who are duped into believing the global warming hoax? I should think those so easily duped by authority would embrace vaccines generally, and the covid exaggeration in particular.

  11. There is NO savior for America! Remember that. Our politicians have sold us out and I mean ALL of them. Stop looking for some savior! Look to yourself! Those who rule over us are dirty to the core and as long as we believe the lies they spout our nation will continue to fall. Also, a resounding YES to the comment above! By the end of 2021 Red Chinese Communist troops will be on American streets if things continue as is. Is that what we want America? STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK NOW!

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