Asking her to apologize for slavery

The photo speaks for itself.

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  1. Little girls and boys are not guilty of the deeds of their peoples leaders if in deed those deeds were a problem. There has yet to be an honest telling of what happened, who done it and why. Rest assured though it has a lot to do with money and access to resources and as they say when goods and services are not allowed to cross borders armies do. Some times it happens when politically correct people can’t mind their own business.

    • the problem with pc correct people and the virtue signallers is that they DONT mind their own business;-/
      now theyre wanting to ban/rename Coon cheese in Aus as well as a beer labelled Colonial
      and snap crackle and pop rice bubbles
      oh FFS! facepalm.

  2. maybe not… but both take a knee for BLM, slavery, the US soldiers killed in Hawaii, the Spanish Inquisition and the mass genocide of the dinosaurs and all the trilobites.

  3. Apologizing for something one has not personally done is submission to an oppressive ideology or pandering to a false religion. A valid response might be “Why are your trying to intimidate, oppress, and subjugate my innocence”.

  4. Prior to the riots China was being blamed for the plandemic, now all we hear about is BLM and police brutality.
    So easy to control the narrative when the left owns the MSM.

    • I was never a slave, no one in my family was ever a slave (at least not in the USA – half my family were serfs in Poland, which is pretty much the same). Also, I was never a slave owner and no one in my family was a slave owner.

      However, one of my previous supervisors at the USDA/Tufts University Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (Dr. Beth Dawson-Hughes) had family who were slave owners in South Carolina … and she boasted about it. Maybe they could contact her?

  5. There was no sneak attack on Pearl Harbour.
    You had long distance surveillance flights that could see those smoke belching Jap ships far far away.
    Your preisident knew they were on their way and ordered all the new ships out to sea whilst the ageing rust buckets were sacrificed.
    The Buck Stops Here as they say.

  6. I will give compensation to each end every slave I ever owned.
    I believe you should to. So far I don’t have to pay a penny.

    There are schools for black people but not a single one for white people only.

    Grants and scholarships for black and brown people but not a single one for whites ones.

    Schools must accommodate muslims on every Friday for religious rituals, but christians are not alowed to celebrate Christmas in any public institution because some people may be offended.

    They want to get rid of “one nation under God” but have no problem using money, even demand it, tho on each and every bill it states :”In god we Trust”

    The only people persecuted in the US of A are white people.

    We caucasian people deserve it. We took God out our schools and public institutions and God left us.

    I know that I am not politically correct, but I am part of the minority and first generation LEGAL immigrant in America.
    I came here with out a penny in my pocket, I had no family here, I declined welfare and food stamps, I started to work two days after touchdown to supported my wife and child, I learned English, after few years I become and electrical engineer working for Georgia Power.

    People come illegally in America and have more rights than American veterans.
    Prison inmates have more rights than American veterans. My wife is RN working in a prison so I know first hand.

    We “take the knee” in front of criminals and apologise for whatever they want to. Our fault!
    We are f^&*ed big time!

  7. After my grandfather came through Ellis Island,he saw signs:”No Irish need apply.”

    How’s that for White Privilege?

  8. No, the little girls are not responsible for events before they were born, but they may benefit from them in terms of how the exploitation brought wealth to their countries at the expense of others.

    Much of the municipal buildings in Western UK cities such as Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow were built on the back of the slave trade. They were not paid for by honest labour, they were paid for by slaves being transported and often dying on ships on the Atlantic.

    People need to separate individual blame from societal consequences.

  9. Slavery is actually getting to be a while ago now. I know that’s difficult to believe. There’s a lot more I could say about that.

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