Astrophysicist forecasts 19th Little Ice Age in the past 7500 years

Astrophysicist forecasts 19th Little Ice Age in the past 7500 years

During each of the 18 deep solar minima of Maunder type with a bicentennial cycle in the during the last 7,500 years, deep cooling was observed, while during periods of high maxima – global warming.

Abdussamatov forecast

By looking at Total Solar Irradiance (TSI), astrophysicist Dr Habibullo I. Abdussamatov of Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory says he can define and predict well in advance the direction and amplitude of forthcoming climate changes.

From the early 90s, Dr Abdussamatov has observed bicentennial decrease in both the TSI and the portion of its energy absorbed by the Earth, which, he says, will result in a temperature drop in approximately 2014.

Then, due to the ensuing increase of albedo and decrease in greenhouse gases, the absorbed portion of solar energy and the influence of the greenhouse effect will additionally decline.

He expects the onset of a deep bicentennial minimum of TSI in 2042±11, and the beginning of a Little Ice Age – the 19th Little Ice Age in the past 7500 years – in 2055±11.

“William Herschel (1801) was the first to report correlation between a level of sunspot activity and a climate after his discovery of inverse interrelation between a wheat price and a level of cyclic variations of solar activity before and during Dalton minimum,” writes Dr Abdussamatov.

“When the Sun’s surface was covered with sunspots, the wheat prices were going down,” Herschel noted. “When the number of sunspots dropped the prices went up. He supposed that variations of wheat prices are the consequence of the corresponding climate changes. However, he could not explain the physical nature of this phenomenon.”

Later Eddy discovered the interconnection between sunspot activity during the last millennium and corresponding deep climatic changes. During each of the eighteen deep minima of solar activity (of Maunder type) with a bicentennial cycle in the preceding 7.5 millennia, deep cooling was observed, while during  periods of high maxima – global warming.”

Recent studies confirm eleven-year and bicentennial cyclic variations of the total solar irradiance (TSI) (with some time-lag) with the appearance of warm or cold water (La Niña and El Niño), which affects the climate as well.

“The Earth as a planet will henceforward have negative balance in the energy budget. This gradual consumption of solar energy accumulated by the World Ocean during the whole XX century will result in decrease of global temperature after 14±6 years because of a negative balance in the energy budget of the Earth. Since the Sun is now approaching the phase of decrease of bicentennial luminosity on the basis of observed accelerating drop in both the 11-year and bicentennial components of TSI from early 90s, we can forecast its further decline similar to a so called Maunder  minimum.”

This paper was posted in Applied Physics Research under the title “Bicentennial Decrease of the Total Solar Irradiance Leads to Unbalanced Thermal Budget of the Earth and the Little Ice Age” on 1 Feb 2012.

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  1. Excellent article. Thanks for posting it. Science does baffle gibberish doesn’t it? I am sure the cult of warm will attribute solar radiation, flares and minima and maxima to a trace chemical like Co2 which is 3/100 of 1% of our atmospheric gases and which obviously follows climate. But hey, the cult of warm is about ‘feeling’, money, power, and corruption, not science.

  2. This guy is not to be taken lightly. He heads up the Astrometria project on the Russian component of the international space station.

  3. Τop world seismologist who ALERTED in time 88 CRIMINALLY INDIFFERENT governments about the mega-quake in Japan last year, now supports* the position that Earth climate is regulated by [AVERTIBLE] galactic electricity.
    *”Νow, thanks to the involvement of scientists from other fields of science including biology and astrophysics in preparations for the report, it has become apparent that the currently observed events are of galactic scale and are directly related to THE POSITION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM IN OUR GALAXY, the Milky Way. It is this position that has a major impact on the formation of geological megacycles during which planet-scale biodiversity change is observed”.

  4. amazing isnt it?? science ithout the warmist agenda andmoney pushing a wanted result.
    gee real science for a rare!
    anyone noticed the Russians arent going solar or birdshredders..hmm?
    smarter then the rest of the EU led fools with no clothes

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