Astrophysicist – Mini Ice Age accelerating – New Maunder Minimum has begun – Video

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn

“We are plunging now into a deep mini ice age,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn. “And there is no way out.”

For the next 20 years it’s going to get colder and colder on average, says Corbyn.

The jet stream will be wilder. There will be more wild temperature changes, more hail events, more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events, more snow in winters, lousy summers, late springs, short autumns, and more and more crop failures.

“Carbon dioxide levels do not have any impact – I repeat, any impact – on climate,” says Piers. “The CO2 theory is wrong from the start.”

“The fact is the sun rules the sea temperature, and the sea temperature rules the climate.”

“The basic message is that the sun is controlling the climate, primarily via the sea.”

“What we have happening – NOW! – is the start of the mini ice age…it began around 2013. It’s a slow start, and now the rate of moving into the mini ice age is accelerating.”

“The best thing to do now is to tell your politicians to stop believing nonsense, and to stop doing silly measures like the bird-killing machines of wind farms in order to save the planet (they say), but get rid of all those things, which cost money, and reduce electricity prices now.

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  1. I am shivering in New Orleans today. WE have two fronts came threw. The temperature is only 71, but the winds are howling at 30 mph. Man, what a difference in two days.

    • Frank, I’m in the UK. It was 4 degrees C last night and 14 in the day with a brisk North wind.
      We call that autumnal.
      You had 71 F which is 20 C. I call that summer !
      T shirts and shorts weather.
      I know you’re way down south compared to us, but 71 F is fine. It really is.

  2. and don’t forget, the moderate and major ice age cycles are also due immediately!
    This is far more concerning than some stupid flu!

  3. The ONLY effect the atmosphere can have on changing climate is to partially regulate the amount of incoming solar radiation impacting the Earth’s surfaces.

    Periods of cloudiness and higher particulate concentrations in the atmosphere reduce the amount of solar radiation impacting the Earth’s surfaces – clear skies allow more radiation in to induce more warming – exactly the opposite of what alarmists think !

    Ironically this was exactly what all the chicken little warmists were extolling as a virtue during the lock downs – clear skies and less pollution BUT this is exactly what causes more warming which terrifies them into bedwetting nonsensical pronouncements !

    Funny that polluted skies cause less warming as this NASA graph shows –

    The volcanic events listed caused lower emissions – lower temperatures – for a few years following, almost ALL of the warming involved El-Niño events, and for the vast majority of the time from 1979 to 2005 the graph shows MORE radiation emitted to space which is completely inconsistent with any “heat trapping” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The sun has cycles as do we. The hot and cold/summer and winter cycles of the Sun are much much longer than the 12 month earth cycles. We are now in the very early stages of the Sun’s winter cycle. These cycles affect tectonic plate activity, volcanic activity, storms and much more. Why do you think the Chinese are buying so much land in the hot regions of Africa, Australia and South America? Every 400 years they have major starvation problems do to this huge disruption of our planet due to the Sun.

  4. This is an excellent presentation with the included text – above – precisely summarizing our current state of affairs.
    We all have a role to play in countering the destructive propaganda that has permeated our societies for decades now.

    The. Science. IS. Settled! The sun continues to be THE influencer in our climate.
    Those who claim otherwise are increasingly shown as being delusional.

    • It is Hard to say it takes a long time to build up that ice to Maximum glacer which is why the major ice ages last thousands of years.the thing you will want to pay close attention to is the snow build up on a yearly bases in the Northern Latitudes.that how they start the snow does not melt after the winter.the thing to worry about is the food we will see a shortage of food problems long long long before we see the ice sheets expand.

  5. One group burns down cities with the support of big business, media and government. They are called revolutionaries.

    Another group informs people of the reality of climate change and corona, they are arrested and fined.

    Who are the true revolutionaries I ask myself.

    • actually they are called democrats in drag;-)
      donations to BLM gotto some Blue funding setup thats Bidets personal campaign kitty
      can be much more obvious whos keeping the destruction paid n continuing

      hillary- what happened?
      you LOST
      get over it and leave quietly
      but nooooo
      and the rest of the sadsacks bleat and stir sh*t endlessly

  6. We have now experienced two consecutive century class solar minimums. We are very soon going to have three consecutive years with more than 200 blank days. IMHO it will take three century class minimums for people to see the writing on the wall because the scientists are in denial.

  7. “Mini-Ice Age”– hah. Well-known astrophysicist and climate realist Piers Corbyn puts entirely too much short-term faith in total solar irradiance (TSI) as Earth’s determining atmospheric/oceanic circulation determinant.

    Why Corbyn ignores the validated Svensmark-Zharkova postulate (2007 – 2019) that cosmic radiation driven by fluctuating solar magnetic fields (SMFs) affects cloud-cover, inducing decades-long planetary temperatures (not “climate”), is inexplicable. Moreover, speaking outside his high-class intellectual field, this prominent commentator has no awareness of Australian researcher Robert Holmes’ 2017 Mean Molar Mass version of the Ideal Gas Law, stating that global atmospheric surface temperatures (GAST) = PM/Rp, where P = Atmospheric Pressure times M = Mean Molar Mass over R = Atmospheric Density times Gas Constant p.

    Definitively refuting AGW catastrophists’ greenhouse-gas “carbon footprint” thesis, Holmes Law asserts that any –repeat, any– planet’s atmospheric CO2 component has demonstrably zero influence on global temperatures. Meantime, Svensmark-Zharkova and Holmes aside, for the first time since the pre-Cambrian Ediacaran Aeon Earth’s plate-tectonic continental dispositions currently block global atmospheric/oceanic circulation patterns by walling off Eastern from Western hemispheres, inducing cyclical 102-kiloyear Ice Ages since mid-Pliocene times 3.6 million ago.

    For the record, since Earth’s 12,250-year interstadial Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended with a 500-year Little Ice Age in AD 1350, global temperatures have trended lower over 3½ millennia from New Kingdom Pharaonic times.

    • Lloyd Martin Hendaye – I agree with you. Not sure why Corbyn ignores Svensmark-Zharkova postulate. But either way he`s still going to be correct that we end up cooling a little or a lot over the next few decades. Your comment …” For the record, since Earth’s 12,250-year interstadial Holocene Interglacial Epoch ended with a 500-year Little Ice Age in AD 1350, global temperatures have trended lower over 3½ millennia from New Kingdom Pharaonic times.” Is that from the Vostok / Greenland data?

  8. The global warming scam perpetrated on humanity, will have far greater consequences on humanity than the virus hoax. The incoming seismic, volcanic, extreme weather events, crop die offs, WILL kill off the 200 million ‘Sleepy’ Joe keeps incoherently blathering on about!

  9. Just what we need to hear in the middle of a pandemic. Can Piers add a little cheer by telling us when it will next snow at Christmas in the north of Ireland.

  10. I hope you are right, but where is the evidence to convince the global warming and climate change people? They just dismiss us as climate deniers. The California governor, Newsom, is going try to change our entire economy to fight climate change.

    • Fauici too!

      Gee, I just got a letter from Nancy P. with a note on the front that read “… somebody needs to stand up to the bully in the White House”. 2nd one she’s sent me.

      I’m debating whether or not to write her back with a comment about that crack of hers and comment about her nephew, or just save the photo she sent me (not sure what it is yet, can’t deal with opening it) and turn it into a dart board. Or maybe both??

  11. He’s right, our star (the Sun) rules, of course. But Corbyn overlooks the decades-long time-lag caused by ocean thermal inertia (huge volume, high thermal capacity, slow mixing), as shown in two very simple slides here …

    So, cooling IS coming, but not for a few decades yet.

    CO2 is irrelevant, as Corbyn correctly says. In fact we need more …

    Computer-modelling ‘climate scientists’ (as opposed to PROPER scientists) are hopelessly biased, only interested in winning more research funds by perpetuating the CO2 myth. Politicians, journalists, film stars, royalty, Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace and Greta know nothing, merely parroting the United Nations IPCC ‘climate scientists’.

    You couldn’t make this up; likewise covid, another United Nations (WHO) mega-fraud.

  12. People have been predicting cooling for decades and they keep being proven wrong. The variability of the sun is far smaller than the massive amounts of excess heat being trapped by greenhouse gasses humans have released.

    • Utter nonsense. The role of the sun is not only central and pivotal, but is only now beginning to be understood.
      Truth is, the earth’s magnetic field is weakening, down by some 20% at least, and the magnetic poles are on the move rather dramatically. The southern magnetic pole is now outside the antarctic circle. It is this, and the sun, that is leading to everything we see. The earth being nothing more than a part of the solar system electric circuit, which is connected up the scale to the galactic and beyond, all the way. And down to the subatomic too. All connected. Life is electric. Consciousness is electric. The universe is electric. The sky is electric. Weather is electric. The evidence is everywhere.
      So cold? Yes. But possibly a micronova as well, in which case you’ll get to see the warming you believe in, albeit rather briefly.

  13. There is no chance the Oligarchy controlling the alternate energy industry because trillions are being generated.

    While the Oligarchy pay the media to keep them on side during a serious revenue down turn in advertising dollars, CNN CBS and other ideological, theological supporters who believe whatever lawyers and politicians tell them. Many of those lawyers and politicians have the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement to fall back on, which they initiated by the way from their own learned techniques they implement in movies like the Inconvenient Truth. The cherry picker graph used showed proof positive CO2 was at all time lows in the Dryas Younger period yet the presenter, a former politician and practiced attorney, deliberately implanted the presumption audiences assumed with him, purely on the basis his assumption CO2 caused the last great Ice Age 11,000-10-000 years ago, solely because he put that assumption in the minds of jurors of his audience. He put that presumption there without explaining how and why, CO2 triggers an Ice Age. All he really did in FACT was prove CO2 does NOT cause ice ages yet he implanted alarm when showing what CO2 is today.

    The man knows nothing yet cunningly gained the confidence of the whole world from a superior bargaining position as if the science CO2 causes ice ages is settled without proving his claims. He and his political paramores decieved the world with this scam thus generated t hundreds of billions for themselves with this confidence trick.

    It is the biggest confidence scam in history. They will never convince politicians who are benefitting so grotesquely from alternate energy industries purely because it is the right thing to do. The cruel truth is, they knew CO2 was a lie in 1989. I thought it didn’t make sense in 1989 so didn’t believe it. I did my own research but allowed myself to listen to their pursuasive argument but it never made sense to me.

    I refused to be deceived when I knew the Bible foretells the opposite. Not global warming but global cooling from a different source, not mankind but natural causes such as earthquakes etc. It may not be scientific but from what I knew, even before Roz Kelly signed the UNFCCC contract in December 1992, was committing Australia to a seriously flawed ideology. We had people with no real intelligence just blindly accepting the religious belief of a paleontologist who those very politicians, named Australian of the year!!!

    And so here we are. We must overturn the Paris Agreement in the International Court to end this nonsense once and finally to settle the real science from people with real intelligence. Enough of letting stupid and or deceitful politics kill mankind when we need cheaper energy and destroy the alternate energy industry. It deserves to go broke for ruining the earth.

    • The real inconvenient truth was the 15 second or so disclaimer where yours truly mentions when the ice melts in Greenland the ocean salinity changes, the gulf stream stops Warming the N Atlantic and Europe gets an Ice Age. Go back and watch carefully. Youll see it. Inconvenient indeed.

    • scomos NOT playing their game, so lets hope he stays in place long enough to ensure we DO still have coal and new gas turbines setup before thebig chil really hits

      as for the gorracle and the other frauds?
      the old hang draw n quarter idea appeals to me as just punishment, because they have acted AGAINST the entire planets humanity and wellbeing knowingly and with intent
      genocide on an unimaginable scale awaits us all if they do get their way;-(

  14. The Sun’s magnetic output (controlling cloudiness via cosmic rays; Svensmark) has been declining since 1991, e.g. see 1991 cosmic ray minimum in 3rd chart here …

    Nevertheless, corresponding global cooling won’t begin until 60 years later (c.2050), the time-lag corresponding to ocean thermal inertia (huge volume, high thermal capacity, slow mixing). See Slide 2 here …

    Almost everyone ignores this lag-time, notably the IPCC, which claims that global warming’s continuance despite the post-1991 solar downturn must mean that the Sun is irrelevant to climate!

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