Astrophysicist – Mini Ice Age accelerating – New Maunder Minimum has started

This is a hugely important video.

Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn

“We are plunging now into a deep mini ice age,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn. “And there is no way out.”

For the next 20 years it’s going to get colder and colder on average, says Corbyn.

The jet stream will be wilder. There will be more wild temperature changes, more hail events, more earthquakes, more extreme volcano events, more snow in winters, lousy summers, late springs, short autumns, and more and more crop failures.

“Carbon dioxide levels do not have any impact – I repeat, any impact – on climate,” says Piers. “The CO2 theory is wrong from the start.”

“The fact is the sun rules the sea temperature, and the sea temperature rules the climate.”

“The basic message is that the sun is controlling the climate, primarily via the sea.”

“What we have happening – NOW! – is the start of the mini ice age…it began around 2013. It’s a slow start, and now the rate of moving into the mini ice age is accelerating.”

“The best thing to do now is to tell your politicians to stop believing nonsense, and to stop doing silly measures like the bird-killing machines of wind farms in order to save the planet (they say), but get rid of all those things, which cost money, and reduce electricity prices now.

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45 thoughts on “Astrophysicist – Mini Ice Age accelerating – New Maunder Minimum has started”

  1. BUT, BUT, BUT…..Herr Professor Doktor Albert Gore has a Nobel Prize. Does this guy?

    I would rather put my trust into a man who has done nothing but serve the public for his entire life, and has nothing to gain by speaking the truth that Globalist Warming is 100% caused by MAN, especially European MAN who invented the internal combustion engine, and that the only solution is a Globalist Tax on everybody, especially those same European Men who intentionally caused all this.

    (this is a lame attempt at humor)…………….

    • I am not arguing with you, but I thought you may want to know that when Al Gore left the White House, his net worth was about 3 Million. Today his net worth is over 100 Million, mainly by getting all the initiative from Global Warming related matter.

  2. ““The fact is the sun rules the sea temperature, and the sea temperature rules the climate.””

    I find this statement to be a bit too simplistic. True, the sun affects the ocean’s surface temperature. But the Jovian planets also play a huge part in all this. The manner in which they are aligned determines the gravitational, i.e. mass, effect on the earth’s mantle. And that determines the amount of volcanic outpouring into the oceans. All that heat has to go somewhere, upward, until the heat enters the planet’s atmosphere. And all that heat helps create clouds, which reflect solar radiation back into space.

    There is more to this than just the sun. But it is celestial in nature.

    • You are correct. The Jovian planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are bunching on one side of the solar system for the next 20 or so years. With that much of a combined gravity well of the four, it will cause the Earth’s orbit to become more eccentric and thus cause it to become colder.

    • You are right it is celestial in nature, but it isn’t the Jovian Giants effects on our own mantel but the Sun’s trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre which provides a series of gravitational kicks to the Earths plate system to cause the increased volcanic activity during, and immediately following Grand Minima.

      Some of the most severe eruptions have occurred during these periods, for example the 3 T6/T7 eruptions during and after the LALIA GSM and climate period.
      Laki at the beginning of the Dalton GSM
      At the end of the Dalton GSM.

      Gravitational changes affecting the Earth’s Volcanism play a massive role in the Carbon Cycle and inject significant heat values into the oceans and depth.
      Neptune and Uranus Control Grand Minima & Solar Modulation?
      Posted Mon, 07/27/2009 – 06:39 by Geoff Sharp
      Original article date: Nov 6th 2008
      Geoff writes:
      Some time ago while researching some of my interests in areas such as meteorology, the cosmos and perceived man-made global warming I came across Carl’s website and in particular a very interesting graph which Carl Smith created showing an extension to Dr. Landscheidt’s work. After studying Carl’s graph it became apparent to me that Neptune & Uranus are responsible for Solar Grand Minima as well as Solar Cycle Modulation. In this article I will present Solar System Charts and Sunspot charts which correspond with some of the Angular Movements below in Carl’s graph.

    • Yes, the statement is simplified, and is absolutely correct. Turn the furnace off, and all the gravitational manipulation will do nothing to heat the world. Take the heat sinks out of action, and nothing is going to keep this world at a moderated temperature. You are talking about bit parts, not major players, but they do affect the total package. Pier’s was intending to simplify for the average viewer the simple facts of climate, not spin their heads with clutter. It may be simplistic, but it’s no where as simplistic as saying “CO2 is the control knob of the temperature.”

    • Surely it is the ocean’s surface temperature which determines the interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere ?

      The thing I believe they have all missed is what Robert has been saying for as long as I have visited here – there is another source of thermal energy underwater and also above as Kilauea has just demonstrated.

      Is it coincidence that perhaps the biggest “climate driver” we know – the El Niño/La Niña cycle – originates of the west coast of the America’s and warm water spreads westward into the central and eastern Pacific right above a chain of active volcanoes known as the “Ring of Fire”.

      Is it also coincidence that the Pacific has been warming and for the last 30 years Kilauea and who knows how many underwater volcanoes have been erupting virtually continuously ?

  3. Yes. It’s true, and depressing. I’ll take the global warming scenarios any day over what is to come. Higher food prices, higher heating bills, shorter summers, longer winters, cold springtimes, more illness, more depression, and higher taxes are ahead.

  4. I didn’t even look at this yet except the headline – but yeaugh the little ice age began already in 2015 and now we’re moving deeper into it. Plus the moderate and major ice ages are also due immediately. Better stock up on food!

  5. Interesting video. Piers looks a bit more controlled in his presentations than usual! But yes, we are looking at cooler temperatures, even as we look at the “anomaly maps” showing some areas as warmer. the NWS posted the morning temperature for Sun City, AZ this morning at 45 degrees on May 3rd. When you consider that the entire Phoenix metropolitan area has grown enormously since 2007, when I captured their monthly temperature chart for Youngtown, which is next door, it might surprise you that this morning at 4:45am, the temperature of 45 degrees was 2 degrees colder than the previous record low listed on that chart in 2007, something, due to the growth, that should have been basically impossible. Basically, the “average” daily temperature has been buoyed by the warmer night time temperatures due to the added concrete and asphalt holding the day’s heat. Just goes to show you what a couple days of clouds can do for lowering that overnight temperature. The past temperatures may have been “changed” when you look at them now, but the captured page only can tell the truth of the time it was captured, which was before most of the changes to lower the past temperatures happened.

  6. Rather than reduce electricity prices our politicians would prefer to reduce the elderly, and with some success too with UK premature deaths through hypothermia reported by the Chief M O this winter to be 48000.
    We can’t afford their pensions and at the same time save the planet.

    • In England they are killing the babies as well – even when others volunteer to pay for the care. It would set a bad pressendent and people would expect them to try to save other expensive kids. Why would they want to save the elderly – they cost so much as well. England is becoming Logan’s Run.

      • It is called “Youth-in-Asia” which now is [ Youth-in-Europe ] and the last time I checked, England is in Europe !

        That said, and which is UNBELIEVABLY “EVIL”, the murder of that Child in progress by the English Government is setting new records, that is a “NON-HUMAN” act, that is something that one would see (Expect) happening far below our feet in the depths of Hell !!!

        “England”, YOU-ARE-AN-EVIL-PEOPLE, and all respect for YOU just when’t down the Toilet, EVIL now has reached new lows…

        if a curse wasn’t there before, it is coming NOW !

        And YOU-THINK-IT’S-A-JOKE ?????

        England, YOU-ARE-THE-JOKE !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!

  7. I’m not surprised. The truth is often stranger than fiction and usually goes unbelieved by the many until it starts to bite em in the butt. In this case it will starve them and freeze their butts off.

  8. I wish it were an other person … the Corbyn brothers are not my first choice for someone to base important facts ….

  9. Here in California can I now hope that my summer electrical bill for air conditioning will drop with a cooler planet? Or will Governor Moonbeam simply add more surcharges to my electricity bill?

  10. Catastrophic Realities:

    Less solar heat and unreliable moisture distribution beget reduced production of livestock feed (hay & grains) and likewise less human food, grains, truck farm produce and the plethora of diverse livestock commodities.

    Even incremental cooling consequences foretell the unimaginable due to altered growing season length. Less and lower quality feeds for livestock translates to less domestic livestock numbers. Less and lower quality produce translates to higher prices and food shortages pertaining to food for humans.

    As a farmer/rancher, my expectations for the 2018 livestock forage crops are lower quality and yields, meaning my carrying capacity and herd size will be significantly reduced. Applying this outcome across the board, I expect farm outputs nationally to adjust and reduce in line with sustainable livestock feed availability.

    As a rancher, I invest large sums for good haying equipment that with each of the past four years results in less and less hay tonnage. What 20 acres used to produce for output now takes 40 acres to equal. This spiraling-down outcome substantiates the correlation of shorter growing season scenarios with unfavorable growing conditions (less solar heat & moisture). Forage grasses and legumes need solar heat and moisture to stimulate plant growth that in turn converts carbon dioxide and moisture into sugars that are then stored for winter root survival. We harvest the stems & leaves that would wither and die naturally and use them for livestock feed; if done properly and at the right time the stem and leaf growth holds limited sugar nutrients suitable for livestock to eat during the winter when most forage sources have gone dormant. Annually we are getting less domestic livestock feed, which is approaching unacceptable production costs. This means I am forced to carry fewer animals.

    The hidden tragedy in all of this are the wild animals that forage at the mercy of availability, which with shorter growing seasons that then gradually result with more inferior forage quality means they will be first to succumb to nature. Don’t count on living off the land and shooting wild animals to eat, they will likely be the first to disappear. So, as crops diminish and crop quality becomes inferior and livestock numbers reduce, the catastrophic reality is that everything then retrenches to survival mode, whatever shape that takes. If you know a friend with even a small bit of land and a few animals, it is never too late to establish you’re welcome.

  11. the true believers will watch the elderly starve/ freeze to death while still screaming its the warming what dunnit
    they really DO have them so convinced that whatever happens it will be Co2 and warming as the cause..and of course the young greentards see inheriting grannys home as a bonus i guess

  12. we are doomed.

    thanks to the politicians…

    hope humanity learn the lesson after pay the price.

    see you after the hell.. im going to survive and refund the civilization

  13. John L Kelly. You are lost in a matrix of lies.
    Earth is Flat and stationary, there are no solid body planets to align, the sun and moon are only 3200 miles above us and small. gravity is an unproven nonsense theory for a globe of which Earth is not.
    The Sun rules the climate.. period.
    Sounds like nonsense but is all proven, not theory.
    You’ll understand nothing until you come to know the Earth is not a globe, apple or pear and astronauts are actors on green screens and in pools.
    Nobody has ever or ever will go to “space”.
    Research it buddy, your life may depend on you understanding how earth really works in the near future.
    Relying on “Scientists”/priests of scientism who forego the scientific method is not wise. Fraudulent theories based on other fraudulent theories and on and on.
    Knowledge can only be gained by the individual it cannot be given by others, that’s just here-say.

    • Durward, you really need the feed that turtle that carries your discworld, its getting hungry and your a nice tasty Troll.

  14. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Gore, I will fear no warming. For the sun has gone quiet, luminaries changed their course and the Gore’s are trapped away nicely inside da’ bunkers, where no mercy nor honor shall find them.
    May the LORD have mercy upon their souls!

  15. However we all need to remember – prediction is the province of the unwary and pride comes before a fall.

    Anything can, and probably will, happen.

    However the IPCC pushes junk “science” to support a political agenda – that is indisputable.

  16. Oh, it could definitely be worse. It appears we are around the bottom of Solar Cycle 24 so possibly by 2019 reverse polarity sunspots start showing up and sticking around, which will indicate Solar Cycle 25 is starting. Then climate should warm up until 2022-2024 (using average solar cycle lengths). It’s the period after that which is most troubling.

    • According to the solar community the first tiny short term spot has appeared at the correct latitude. The spot would not have been able to be counted by a 1761 40MM optic.

      If SC25 has started then SC24 will have been the shortest solar cycle since 1761 when more accurate observations commenced.

      In looking at the spot count for Maunder and given the high number of spot fragments during SC23 and SC24 it is very likely that Sun was showing very small or fragment spots, that couldnt been seen with the optical technology available in the 1700s.

  17. Does anybody not realize the Ice Age started in 2013? Dec 21, 2012 is technically the date when the ice age started. The end of one age to a ‘New Age’. Doomsday ring any bells? The mini ice age is the new age.

    • The definition of an Ice Age is a significant Icecap on or close to both Poles. Greenland and Antartica meet that requirement.
      For the current Ice age to end the Northern Hemisphere Greenland Ice Cap would need to melt completely. This is not happening, in fact now that cooling has commenced the Ice mass is increasing more than the Summer melt season removes.
      What is happening is that Glaciation restarted some 3500 years ago, as the periodic Solar Warm Period headline tempretures started to trend down, suggesting this stunted Interglacial is comming to an end in 1K to 2K years from now.
      In human time scales at worst that is from 50AD and the arival of Angles in the UK to present day.

  18. Renewables are an egregious mistake responding to misinformed subsidy. It is not simply a matter of increased cost. The energy consumed to design, manufacture, install, maintain and administer renewables exceeds the energy they produce in their lifetime. Without the energy provided by other sources, renewables could not exist. They can only exist now because fossil fuels are still used to power industry, heat our homes, power nearly all vehicles, power farming, etc.

  19. Piers needs to have a word with his brother Jeremy: Jeremy Corbyn, if you don’t know, is a member of parliment, the leader of the opposition and one of the most high profile politicians in the UK.
    If our governments don’t act soon, tens of millions, maybe hundreds are going to die. Then again that’s most likely the plan.

    • Jeremy says, “for the many, not the few”. Then he should organize his supporters (“the many”) against the environmentalists ( “the few”).

    • Where is the evidence that the solar quietening is not akin to the Dalton minimum, rather than a Zmaunder event. Leif Svalgaard predicts cycle 25 to be similar to cycle 24, just like the Dalton minimum. Landscheidt predicted temporary cooling then a rerurn to warming. These guys are/were not warmists.

      I will believe in a Maunder when someone shows me some data to back it up….

      • Hi Rhys,
        That data will not appear in the form you want, except in a highly modified form to mask the Solar EUV reduction effects. Most GSM are accompanied by extreme volcanic events normally lagging the cycle with the most AMP events.
        Even before the volcanic force multiplier of climate cooling, the solar and EUV driven Jet stream activity take about ten years from the start of the AMP affected cycle for the effects to be noticed in the fossil record.
        Leif and Geoff have very different views on the solar energy cycle. Both are suggesting that SC25 will be the same in output as SC24, it also happens, that Dalton, Wolf, Oort, and the LALIA GSM are two cycle GSMs similar to this Modern GSM with different levels of solar output.
        Spoorer and Maunder may well be paired GSMs of two cycles at the beginning and end of the named period.
        The key is in the JPL data; our Sun only performs a tight trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre during a GSM period and the shape of the orbit determines the energy output of the Sun during the cycle and the following companion cycle. The tighter the orbit the less energy emitted and the more gravitational impacts on the inner rocky planets.
        The other point is that GSM are followed by Gleissberg multi cycle periods of 70 years. As the Solar System is one big gravity well, perhaps we should paid attention to it.

  20. Where I live in northeastern ME, everything Piers said is happening here, although most of the population sees it as the way the “winters used to be back in the day.” One phenomenon I have noticed since around 2013 is that when we get those horrible blizzards, the snow has that blue hue that you notice in glaciers in Alaska and Iceland. Last winter was brutal, weeks of -20 to -30 F degree temps and the snow on the drive was piled 12 to 13 feet with the blue hue and looked just like a glacier and had the texture and weight of cement.

  21. Corbyn’s weather forecasting business folded because of his crap forecasts. At least the polar bears will be pleased by his latest bit of rhubarb.
    Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight…
    Just saying like.

  22. One aspect warming/cooling theorists overlook is the actual heat produced by mankind. Engines, heating systems, production of metals, plastics and all sorts, even the heat of our bodies not to mention friction heat produced by tectonic plate movement and volcanoes. Just a thought.

  23. Heavy rain and widespread snow hit Australia’s southeast
    Ben Domensino, 11 May 2018

    Snow settled to low levels in multiple states last night as a pool of Antarctic air swept across southeastern Australia.

    In Victoria, flakes were seen falling around Mount Beauty overnight at an elevation which is below 400m above sea level. Higher up the mountains, some of Australia’s ski resorts have enough cover for a bit of skiing this morning, after collecting 10-20cm of fresh snow during the last 48 hours.

    In NSW, snow settled along parts of the southern and central ranges, including the Central Tablelands, as temperatures plummeted overnight. Oberon, Orange, Essington, Hampton and Ginking all received a dusting of snow with some cover still on the ground after sunrise.

    The cold air has also caused a low pressure system to form east of Bass Strait, which is producing heavy rain and damaging winds in parts of Tasmania and Victoria.

    During the 24 hours to 8am on Friday, Hobart had received 129mm of rain, most of which fell overnight. This is the city’s heaviest daily rainfall total on record during May and the heaviest since 1960 for any month.

    Nearby, Mt Wellington’s 230mm during the last 24 hours was its highest daily total on record for any month. It also beats any previous monthly total recorded at the site during May.

    In addition to the rain, Mt Wellington also registered a destructive wind gust of 132km/h overnight. Other locations that clocked gusts over 100km/h last night included Victoria’s Mt William (120km/h) and Cape Bruny (100km/h) in Tasmania.

    The deepening low pressure system will cause heavy rain and damaging winds in Tasmania and Victoria today, while damaging winds and hazardous surf will also affect NSW as the system moves north. Visit for the latest warnings.

    – Weatherzone

    © Weatherzone 2018

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