Astrophysicist – There is No Such Thing as Man-Made Climate Change – Video

Did you know that pterodactyls were able to fly because the Earth’s atmosphere was much thicker back then? According to astrophysicist Piers Corbyn ,if pterodactyls were around today, they would not be able to fly.

Astrophysicist / Weather Forecaster Piers Corbyn explains the differences between his ideas and those of the CO2 crowd.
Corbyn says; “There is No Such Thing as Man-Made Climate Change”.

He also says the Royal Society is “a professional body of back scratchers.”

“Science itself has got a political dimension, and it can be completely used against people. Or, fake science can be used against people, but the public don’t know the difference.”

The carbon dioxide con

Toward the end of the video, Piers mentions “the carbon dioxide con,” which is used to “brainwash people.”

A brilliant student, at 18 Piers Corbyn went to Imperial College of London, where he earned a first class BSc degree in physics in 1968. He commenced postgraduate research there into superconductivity, but then went into student representation and politics for some years. Then in 1979 he returned to postgraduate study at Queen Mary College, University of London, where he earned a MSc in Astrophysics in 1981.

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  1. The planets rotational velocities were faster too which would increase centrifugal forces that water vapor uses to defy the concept of gravity.

    • Water vapor is lighter than air anyway, so humid air is more buoyant than dry air:

      O2: 32 g/mol
      N2: 28 g/mol
      H2O: 18.01528 g/mol

      The reason is that oxygen and nitrogen are homonuclear diatomics (two atoms per molecule) in the atmosphere, doubling their effective mass.

      Centrifugal force of a faster-spinning planet has little to do with it, as that higher centrifugal force would affect all gases.

  2. An excellent video by this guy. I knew of him back in my undergraduate years, as one of the leading lights in astrophysics. It was quite an eye opener to see him pop up as a climate scientist, and refreshing that he was telling a completely different story from that of the global warmers.

    He touches on the topic of political influence in science and this is nothing new. Throughout history since the times of Galileo and Kepler, science has been influenced or suppressed by either Church or State to ensure that the accepted religious or politically correct view was always adhered to. This delayed scientific work immeasurably, in the belief that science should always be used to the benefit of whatever powers that were at any time.

    This phenomenon is still alive and well to this day.

  3. The whole increased co2 thing gets me especially hearing things about global warming and forest fires increasing co2 load. One thing to mention if we didn’t have the co2 levels we wouldn’t have the ozone and as co2 increases the ozone layer will increase too!

  4. ‘Settled’ science is not science! It is simply a belief-based conclusion! Real science/scientists spend their lives uncovering, testing, re-testing, dealing with conflicting results, often competing plausible rationale/explanations, and so on … a never-ending journey It is so, because this system of nature from the human body to the universe, is so complex, and us humans have only been around for a millisecond of time!

  5. So there you have it, atmospheric pressures would have been higher allowing the pterodactyls to fly and it would also have increased adiabatic auto compression and bingo hot humid earth and lot and lots of life

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