Athens covered in white – Video

More than a foot deep in places. Record snowfall and record cold in other parts of the country.


Heavy snowfall, accompanied by anomalous frosts, hit Athens on January 7. Snow depth in some areas reached 35 cm (13.8 inches) forcing closure of schools and highways. Some railways were also blocked.

Such heavy snowfall accompanied by frosts in the capital of Greece is atypical for southern latitudes.

Record snowfall and record cold in other parts of the country

With record snowfall and record low temperatures across Greece, such a powerful storm has not before been seen.

Dozens of refugees housed in tents in a camp in northern Greece protested about living conditions as temperatures sunk to minus 20C in some areas. Even many of Greece’s islands have seen snowfall.

Temperatures as low as -23C were recorded in the region of Florina in the north of the country.

This winter in Greece has been especially snowy since December.

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  1. This is really going to shorten the holiday days, and Greece is really dependent on the tourist trade…….It is not fun going to a “cold” beach in late may or June and then finding it cold in early August………………

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