Atlantic ferry carrying 209 passengers stuck in ice off Cape Breton

The MV Highlanders left North Sydney, Nova Scotia, around noon on Tuesday. It got stuck in the ice shortly thereafter with 209 passengers, 85 commercial vehicles and 65 other vehicles on board.

MV Highlanders – Marine Atlantic/Twitter

Another Marine Atlantic ferry — the MV Blue Puttees — had left Port aux Basques, N.L., late Tuesday morning to try to cut a path for the Highlanders to get out into open water. However, the Blue Puttees had to shut down its engines due to ice clog.

Better news came around 8 pm last evening when Marine Atlantic spokesperson Darrell Mercer confirmed the Highlanders was free of the ice.

Thanks to Martin Siebert and Alexey Parkhomenko in Russia for these links

“I saw a Russian translation of the story earlier today in our (Russia’s) popular news site,” says Alexey.

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