‘Atlantis’ found at bottom of North sea – Huge undersea kingdom swallowed by the sea 8500 years ago

After the end of the last Ice Age, extensive landscapes once home to tens of thousands were inundated by the sea. Although scientists have predicted the existence of such a kingdom for many years, exploration has only recently become a reality.

Oil company divers working with scientists from the University of St Andrews have found remains of that ‘drowned world.’

A team of climatologists, archaeologists and geophysicists has now mapped the area to reveal the full extent of a ‘lost land’ once roamed by mammoths, a land of hills and valleys, large swamps and lakes with major rivers dissecting a convoluted coastline.

Doggerland, a huge area of dry land that stretched from Northern Scotland to Denmark and down the English Channel as far as the Channel Islands – bigger than many modern European countries – was slowly submerged by water between 18,000 BC and 5,500 BC.

‘The name was coined for Dogger Bank, but it applies to any of several periods when the North Sea was land,’ says Richard Bates of the University of St Andrews. ‘Around 20,000 years ago, there was a ‘maximum’ – although part of this area would have been covered with ice. When the ice melted, more land was revealed – but the sea level also rose.

‘People seem to think rising sea levels are a new thing – but it’s a cycle of Earth history that has happened many many times.’

Dr Bates, a geophysicist, said: ‘Doggerland was the real heartland of Europe until sea levels rose to give us the UK coastline of today.’

Note: Sea levels at the end of the last ice age stood 350 to 400 feet lower than today, so these findings do not surprise me at all. (See “Not by Fire but by Ice,” p 145)

A new science exhibit in London examines the lost landscape of Doggerland and includes artifacts from various times represented by the exhibit – from pieces of flint used by humans as tools to the animals that also inhabited these lands.

For further information on the exhibit, visit:

Drowned Landscapes is on display at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2012 from July 3-8 at the Royal Society in London.

See entire article and lots of photos:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2167731/Britains-Atlantis-North-sea–huge-u ndersea-kingdom-swamped-tsunami-5-500-years-ago.html

Thanks to Aubrey Smyth for this link

“This article shows rising sea levels are nothing new and have been happening for thousands of years long before present day ‘Climate Change’,” says Aubrey.

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  1. —we in Britain have known about this for a long time and that it was caused by the melting of the ice at the end of the last ice-age. Bones and artifacts are nothing new either, so I don’t know why the whole thing is being publicised as something new. Interesting, though, for anyone who didn’t know about it.

  2. possibly with the more things we learn’it is possible that velikovsky may have been correct and that at one time there just wasnt as much water on this planet,not that it was all locked up in an ice-age.

  3. When ever I get a little depressed with my station in life, or the state of the world I like to think on the people that must have lived during the time when Doggerland existed. They loved and laughed, worried and cried. They were born and went through all the travails life throws our way. They had favorite foods, and secret delights. They wared and schemed, took hope and questioned faith. They grew old and died. Their families mourned them and vowed to remember them. But their language and customs were lost. Even the very land they trod upon, hunted and perhaps even farmed for generation upon generation was forgotten.
    I take heart at these thoughts, because life does go on. We are not so important as we imagine ourselves, just as the Doggerlaners were not so important as they imagined themselves.
    So take heart. Live for the day. Enjoy that beer. Give your kids a hug, and your spouse a peck on the cheek. Have that extra helping of ribs.
    Its just life after all. Nothing so serious really. Many have gone before us, and many will come after.

    • +1, well said John the 1st! This is probably the truest truth I’ve ever read!!!!

      If only more thought like this!

      I wish I could buy you a beer, actually I will….do you have paypal?

  4. Civilization is so much older than people think. The pyramids at Giza (yes the Pyramids…….Kufu didn’t build them), and countless other sunken cities were here more than 10 000 years ago……a time, we are taught in schools, when we supposedly carried clubs and lived in caves……not true, we lived in great cities that are now found today, all over the world, under hundreds of feet of water.

    The Caribbean was not a Sea but was a land mass that only became part of the Ocean when the Holocene period began. In the Caribbean, there are ruins of an ancient city under 2500 feet of water; some pretty cool stuff!

    Imagine, due to natural climate change, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean getting land locked and drying up to expose land; now do the reverse…….now the bible tales and Sumerian stories of a ‘Great Flood’ and cities being destroyed…….all kinda’ makes sense now!

    Civilization was partially wiped out when we entered the Holocene and it took hundreds if not thousands of years for civilization to regroup, organize and rebuild.(remember we always build most of our cities on coastal shorelines)

    It’s neat/scary when you start researching and looking into what we were taught in schools, and what we were being taught, not really being true. Now think about the kids being taught about ‘Global Warming’ and Co2 in schools now! Just because it’s a common understanding/belief and others expanding on an idea doesn’t make it true.

    So for religion, ancient civilization, climate change etc. etc…… The real truth is not always the taught truth!

    • I should say, there is no proof Kufu built the pyramids and are thought to be much older than the popular belief/understanding.

      • well someone built them..if not Kufu them who ‘aliens!!’ .The have found all the artifacts and places where they got the stone and towns that housed the workers..dated. Of course he built them.

        • Not the aliens but rather the same civilization that is now buried under the oceans.

          The Pyramid that is buried under the sea off the coast of Japan has been dated around 10 000 years. Civilization is much much older than we are taught!

          There is no written evidence of any kind that links Kufu or any Egyptian Pharaoh to the construction of the Giza pyramids nor are there any hieroglyphs of any kind inside of the great pyramid (there is one marking inside a chamber in the upper reaches where the rich once came to mark their visit….this is where the assumption that Kufu was the builder came to be). All monuments and burial chambers are marked with thousands of hieroglyphs, so why not the great pyramid? This is a civilization that has a written (hieroglyphs) history from everything and anything that deals with everyday life and history, but no record of the building of the Great pyramid. Does this not seem very strange and/or odd to you?

          Research it, like global warming; the science isn’t settled nor is it absolute truth.

          Should fact and good science be based on, well it’s here so they musta’ built it. Should future civilizations that excavate our civilization, link the building of Mexico city to those who built the Mayan civilization because they are there? I know that’s a bit of a stretch but based on very similar assumptions, yes a large stretch but you know where I’m going with this. There are far too many unanswered questions and facts that tell a different story. A story that differs vastly from the one we were all taught. Proof is in the pudding, so they say…..but who are ‘they’?

          I’m not saying I know the truth, but common sense and basic reasoning skills should, in the very least, open ones mind.

  5. Actually Atlantis might be under Donana National park just north Of Cadiz, Spain. The theory is that the city got washed out and buried by a tidal wave possibly from the canary islands. I say a 2 part video on the subject at NatGeo a while back.



  6. Actually Atlantis might be under Donana National park just north of Cadiz, Spain. The theory is that the city got washed out and buried by a tidal wave possibly from the canary islands. I saw a 2 part video on the subject at NatGeo a while back.

    I had a hand injury 3 years ago and it plays hell with my typing.

  7. Doggerland, as it has been coined, is the land-bridge that connected Britain to Europe during the last Ice Age. Norfolk trawlers have been dragging up mammoth bones for centuries in fact. The folks who visited Britain during the warmer months were, essentially, nomadic folks who hunted, fished and gathered all summer long then headed south when the weather got nasty. They ate Iris roots as their principle starch.. not a lot of people know that!

  8. For the advanced civilization that Atlantis was supposed to be, I find it difficult to place it in an area that during the ice age would have been experiencing the ice age. There may have been a land bridge there, but that land bridge would more than likely have been covered by ice. As for placing Atlantis in the Caribbean, I think the water is a bit to deep for it to have been buried by glacial melt. The argument placing it in the South China Sea makes more sense since at least that area would have been still fairly tropical in nature, in spite of the ice age. But north of Britain? I would have a very hard time with that one since it would have had to exist during the ice age, and I doubt that battling just to exist would give rise to a superior civilization.

  9. Although people “in the know” often state that during Ice Ages sea levels go down a few hundreds of feet, in actuality the truth is that a glance at Google Earth reveals what was really going on in those ages past. Look at Google Earth for your self and you will see all around the world river gullies and river cut canyons that are now up to four kilometers under the water. This is undeniable proof that during Ice Ages sea levels go down as much as at least four thousand meters. Off the coast of Cuba there exist the ruins of a city that is now a whole kilometer under the water. I recommend that you try to find a copy of “Subdue the Earth” by Professor Yostrum of Sweden. He expressed the opinion that the coming and going Ice Ages is a far more catastrophic event than is generally thought. Ice Ages come on suddenly without much warning. His line of geology is called “catastrophism”, relative to the “gradualism” expressed by the establishment. All through out history historians have recorded that there were times when the Sun literally went out ! In modern times we have not yet been witness to any such phenomenon, but imagine the consequences of such an event. The present day comprehension of how the Sun functions, as a nuclear bomb exploding in the sky, leaves far too many questions unanswered.

    • the extended rivers your seeing on the ocean floor via google maps are what happens when cold water hits the ocean from a river. the water still flows along the floor making it look like the rivers keep going under the sea.All your seeing is erosion.

      also this not ‘atlantis’ . it is ‘Britain’s atlantis’

  10. Yes, Khufu did build the Great Pyramid: recently archaeologists explored a hidden chamber (built to relieve stress on the main chamber below) in the Great Pyramid, that had been sealed since the pyramid was under construction. They found heiroglyphics that read “Khufu’s drunks.” The builders were having a liquid lunch!

    • Those hieroglyphs have yet to be deciphered, if you’re talking about the Djedi project. And if you are referring to the Djedi project then you would think they would instantly recognize the hieroglyph for Kufu, no? I believe they are still waiting for answers for what those markings mean.

      If you are referring to something completely different, then lead me to the right story so I can research it. I find these types of stories interesting.

    • here is some more markings that were found and a possible forgery. Possible! not settled!

      “It’s possible I threw the baby out with the bathwater with that retraction. Unlike the unforgeable quarry marks positioned between the blocks, the Khufu cartouche is in plain view and could easily have been forged by Vyse.

      I do not insist it was, I just accept that it could have been, and that some interesting doubts have been raised over its authenticity. I await further evidence one way or the other. – Graham Hancock From here.

      My personal view is that Graham is quite right to now state that, with his original retraction, he might indeed have “…threw the baby out with the bathwater …” Indeed, in a private email to me, he acknowledges the possibility that the Khufu cartouche discovered in Campbell’s Chamber by Col. Howard-Vyse could have been tampered with as this cartouche is in plain sight and is easily accessible on the gabled roof of this chamber, unlike the other hieroglyphs (none of which read “Khufu”) found in the narrow gaps between the immovable granite blocks.


      Scott Creighton”

  11. ‘The wave was part of a larger process that submerged the low-lying area over the course of THOUSANDS of years. ‘

    And that was a rapid rise in sea level due to massive global warming

    Were these permanent settlements or just summer camps ? If permanent (summer + winter),this means you can live that far north during an ice age. Is there any evidence of farming and livestock. I suppose summer was ok maybe warmer than today (death valley effect) but winter without food stocks .

  12. With the shifting of the mantle, some land up-heaving into very high mountains, other lands sinking, under ground water reservoirs coming to the surface, there are many early civilizations that are now under water. With sudden massive events it can happen overnight so to speak.

  13. or maybe, there was lots of water, and then it got locked up in an ice age, and then it melted and it rained for an awfully long time and inundated most of mankind. kinda sounds like the many legends, not unlike the Bible story of Noah, that can be found around the world.
    Ever wonder why Babylonia was astrologers and astronomers, Egypt, mathematicians, Greeks, chemists. Maybe they gathered with their friends before and during the great rains and great floods, and ended up in an isolated place where they developed their civilization.
    Lucretius sure had an insight into the shape of molecules, sounded hokey, but study some organic chemistry and you will know he was right, about the shapes of molecules and their taste.
    And then there is the genetic similarities of the Iroquois, the Berbers and the Basques, all mountain dwellers, spread across the margins of the “great sea.”
    We are naive children, and the most naive and gullible are the feel good types who know all the answers and have brought us such modern wonders as AGW.
    suggest you see the movie “Idiocracy” and then you will get a better idea of what is really going on.
    good luck to all.

  14. Most of the bloggers on this site are obviously scientifically illiterate. Yes the earth goes through cycles..yes historically ocean levels have risen n fallen…but that is no evidce contrary to the gact that man made Co2 , nitrous oxide..etc are not contributing to the warming n accelerating the process. the patterns are going to get much much worse in the next thirty uears..just wait ..more severe winters…more record droughts..longer tornado n hurricane seasonu guys make me sick im human. eathers

    • try reading a few books, from both sides of the argument; not just news papers. (I hope you can tell from this site, the articles are pretty biased and the important information is a short little paragraph buried deep into the story)

      Only then can you start to see what is the real intended purpose, the reason why there is such a huge push for AGW. I don’t need to write this reason down because it’s up to you to be morally responsible enough to research it, learn and understand.

      I bet if you were around in the thirties and forties you would have believed in Hitler and his legion of scientists and their propaganda. Try reading some of his quotes, that will answer a lot of questions for you.

      I also chuckled (not that I am any better) when you chose to use the word ‘illiterate’ to describe ‘most’ of us on this site (I know you said ‘scientifically illiterate’ but illiterate non the less) and then tried reading your blog!

      A good book, the first I actually read was The Real Global Warming Disaster by Christopher Booker. An easy read and it was the first of many books that I read on the subject (for and against AGW).

  15. We have been an intellgent civilization on the planet a lot longer then the manipulative elite want us to believe. its scientifically proven… But their education and media portrays the lie. We are also a lot different now then we once were. Weaker physically mentally and yes spiritiually. History is being destroyed by the same elite operation starving countries manufacturing death creating beliefs funding wars taxing you posioning our nutrition controlling media the same elite who presently are controlling europe USA and the western civilizations They are crushing white Europeans starving Africa and condeming the middle east. They play both sides and use their
    own people as military sacrifices to instigate world wars. They controll you because you don’t do anything to stop them.. But if we all stopped giving them our time. Money and energy. They will either attempt to obliterate us all and fail. Or be forced into prisons or death. Energy is free and no political government is suppose to rule over your decisions. If only we all stopped giving them everything without question and worked together.farmed built and teach together. There is no dept. your religious beliefs are manufactured manipulation. They think they possess humanity. Wake up.

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