Atlas Shrugged – The Movie

Who is John Galt?

You may already know this, but I just discovered that part 3 of the Atlas Shrugged movie is now available. It came out in 2014, but received so little press coverage that I hadn’t heard about it.

Anyway, Kristoffer Polaha plays John Galt, and Laura Regan plays Dagny Taggart.

A lot of the reviews trash the movie, and I don’t think anyone who has not read the book will understand it.

For those who have read the book, it’s a passable reminder of what Ayn Rand was trying to say. And contrary to so many of the bad reviews, I actually enjoyed it. (It’s called a willing suspension of disbelief.)

Luckily, I was able to obtain the DVD (free) from my local library.

If your library doesn’t have it, it is available for purchase or rent on


11 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged – The Movie”

  1. 😉 i am stuck between shuddering and laughing.
    the book was good in its aim but could have been sharper and more effective if it didnt waste time and meander on the Galt n taggarts love life, that was made me put it down unfinished
    and its maybe the second time ive not read a book no matter how messy or boring it was;-/
    the shudders were from trying to imagine hollywoods further mistreatment;-)
    a book i do recommend is Upton sinclairs The Jungle
    so little has changed in truth since he wrote it, all theyve done is add legislation and a lot more costs and caveats mainly on the poor workers who must obey..while as in Atlas shrugged the wealthy simply shrug;-0 and continue more blatantly.
    unions that were once honestly useful for remediating workers lives are now also the problem, not the solution they once were.
    sad times and bad times coming, the cold will just make it worse.

  2. I read the book every 10 years.

    I started reading it during the summer after high school, age 18, before I started College and it COMPLETELY changed me from a lackadaisical drifter into a straight “A”, 3 Degree, Professional College graduate. Thank you very much. (I read my father’s signed First Edition).

    IT is the #1 Book in the English Language, after the Bible, and has been in print since 1955. It took Ayn Rand 5 years to write. It was going to be called “The Strike” until her husband suggested the name.

    Read it. It will change you for the better. It explains destructive Greed, The Welfare State, The Welfare Mind, etc.

    To me, the best “scene” in the book is when the Taggart Transcontinental Train is being pulled through the Rocky Mountain tunnel by a coal-fired locomotive and how Ayn weaves into this disaster the lives of the people, who through their own unawareness of “life”, end up choking to death…………

    The movie was made in 3 parts due to the book being 1,300 pages long. I enjoyed it. It was made on a limited budget as an act of love……..(After reading the book, see if you can find the contemporary propaganda and PC nonsense necessary to get any film made in Hollywood…………)

    Read it.

    • i understand the dislike of welfare state..i also know that without that safety net a society is less harmonious and you have a huge issue with illness and crime is far higher when people dont have enough support to eat, or have shelter.
      I was seriously ill and without it i wouldnt have had treatment or a home to live in when i recovered as happens to many americans i gather.
      i also see the failings as ive just been turning my life upside down and getting into debt to get “tickets” costing over 600 while on a pension to enable me to at least earn something for a short get the same course free and then? one texted my prospective employer that he “couldnt be stuffed” turning up, because they know they wont be penniless or debited/removed from system, as they damned well should be!

  3. Read Doug Casey’s “The Speculator” for an abbreviated version.

    Hardly the classic that AS is, but a snappier path to the same principles. More suitable way to get the point across to those with limited patience.

  4. One should keep in mind that Ann Rand enrolled in Medicade and Medicare when she was dying from lung cancer. Both are government run programs funded by tax dollars. Do as I say, not as I do?

  5. Bought a copy some years ago, and was intrigued by the suggestion that adults had to make adult decisions and be ready to stand by the consequences

  6. I haven’t read the book but I just recently saw all three movies. For a three part series, it was unique. Each movie had unique characters for the lead parts. Nevertheless, I still thought it was a good story

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