Auckland – Coldest morning in 64 years

MetService labelled it an “incredibly cold run”, where temperatures plunged to -3 degrees Celsius in Whenuapai, in the city’s northwest, on Sunday, and -1.6C on Monday morning.

Record books suggested Sunday was the coldest recorded Whenuapai morning in 64 years.

Meteorologist Rebekah LaBar said while there were gaps in the MetService records, the coldest day at the site was in June 1951 when it dropped to -4.9C.

Auckland airport reached a low of 1.7 degrees on Monday.  The airport’s all-time coldest day was -1.2C in June 1994, LaBar said.

Icy roads caused difficulties for drivers around the region.

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6 thoughts on “Auckland – Coldest morning in 64 years”

  1. This is getting a little scary for me.

    I have been watching and reading this website for a couple years now, and I took its message seriously because I chose to not live expecting good times will always prevail.

    So it prepared me for what’s to come. I’ve done what I can, given my meager financial state. I could have done better. It’s not perfect. But it’s something.

    But all the preparation and waiting in the world still doesn’t set you up for (want of other another phrase) Cold, Hard Reality. And I feel like I’m watching in slow motion the chips fall this year.

    I’m practicing my ‘cooking without electricity’ skills now.

    • good on you;-) rice “cooks ” quite well with a little warm water if you have it and then left to stand. theres some amazing survival skill vid clips on utube..tiny but efficient heaters made from 2 empty food tins for eg. a sheet of plastic stretched n filled with a water lens can heat stuff to scary degrees. old TV screens, see fresnell lens in action and be stunned at the power. a simple hole in the ground with fire pit and a camp oven as used in Aus bush, etc etc.
      Ive been on the self sufficient sorta lifestyle as normal all my life:-)
      the old ways worked, some can be uptekked its all good to know:-)

      • I’ve been gaining experience with a dutch oven lately. Not too many briquettes needed, and so I figure I’ll stock up on some of those. And the food tastes incredible! And I just learned about the ‘hole in the ground’ method yesterday. Genius, brilliant.

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