August snow for Montana, Wyoming and Idaho

26 Aug 2018 – August to end with a taste of winter as snow blankets the Northern Rockies

Winter weather advisories have been issued by the National Weather Service for parts of the Rockies of Montana and Wyoming, where the NWS said a few inches of wet snow is possible early Monday into early Tuesday above 6,000 feet in elevation.

Accumulating snow is expected in the highest peaks of northwestern Wyoming, southern and western Montana and adjacent portions of Idaho.

But don’t worry. That’s normal. “Snow is not uncommon in the higher elevations of the northern Rockies in late August,” says

Of course, they’re the same people who keep on harping about “global warming.”

Which is it?

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  1. This site may be of interest as it is the written accounts of “weather” in the U.K going back over 1000 years.
    it makes very interesting reading.
    Follow the links for years or go to parent site.

  2. In fact, 4 to 8 inches is more than a few!

    An unseasonably cold Canadian low pressure trough will bring
    periods of wet snow to the northern and western mountains today through early Tuesday morning. Snowfall accumulations will be mainly above 9000 feet, with 4 to 8 inches expected. Locally
    heavier amounts are possible in the higher elevations. Snowfall
    below 9000 feet of 1 to 3 inches is possible, with snow melting
    as it falls at times.

  3. Until a few years ago, I was white water canoeing. And in the last two weeks of August our group would paddle some of the wilder rivers in the East Kootenays. In the “Rockies” in south-eastern BC.
    The locals said that sometimes the snow came to the valley floors in late August. Fro them winter can start in late August.
    However, the chart of snow cover extent for last year’s melt season (Northern Hemisphere) remained above the high-side of the standard deviation band. It has been above since April and still is now.
    More snow cover than usual through two melt seasons.
    I won’t consider it a trend until the third year.

  4. All forecasting models , past analogs for the climate( even moving forward less then one year) should be thrown out the window because they do not account for very weak solar conditions, combined with a weakening geo magnetic field and the climatic effects they may have.

  5. Definitely new snow above treeline here today. Normally it would take several days of rain to get cold enough for unseasonable snow. This was snow right away. Also a more winter type pattern. Can’t speak for the rest of the area because this place doesn’t catch the brunt of every storm. Could definitely be more elsewhere nearby.

  6. My work friend, who believes in man-made global warming, says he experienced an August snow in Montana one time in either the late 1970s or the early 1980s.

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