August snowfall in Alberta

August snowfall in Alberta

We have a summer place near Cowley in SW Alberta.

Yesterday (21 Aug), the temp steadily dropped all afternoon and rain changed to heavy snow by 5 PM or so.

The elevation at our place is about 3500 feet.

The temp was officially 0°C at the Pincher Creek Airport, but was -1°C on my SUV.

The snow was heavy for a couple of hours. Some image URLs are below.

Thanks to Clive for these photos

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  1. Picturesque but really a couple weeks early although yes the foothills have reported snow any month out of the year in the past. It is possible but still unusual…

  2. HERE IS THE KEY PHRASE THAT SCARES THE HECK OUT OF ME >>> “Yesterday (21 Aug), the temp steadily dropped all afternoon and rain changed to heavy snow by 5 PM or so”.

    WE HAVE BEEN EXPECTING temps to suddenly drop and keep declining. If what we understand is true, that we are about to reach a tipping point, this year, perhaps this early snowfall is the indicator it’s about to begin.

    It seems right that an event where temps continue to drop for some time should have some early indicators.

    • Nah not this winter with the Godzilla El Niño I’m not going to engage in the same behavior as those who follow the warmists religion. This winter is going to be warm globally the El Niño truly is a monster this year. You want to look for signs look toward 2017 if that year is colder than 2012 you have a linear progression downward in satellite data since 2006 I don’t know how they’d be able to continue to deny that assuming they don’t corrupt the data. However 1997 was a similar El Niño and it set the benchmark warmer for temperatures in the 2000s if that were to happen and this event is warmer than 1997 maybe we might have to reevaluate our position….either way the next year or two the cat is coming out the bag

      • Yeah, this El Nino is a real monster. But what if this RRR remains? How will that play a role with this El Nino? An interesting 2015-2016 winter, for sure.

  3. am staggered such a lovely stone building as above is deserted n falling down…sad. snow makes it look pretty:-)

  4. The NBC-sponsored AGW propagandist website, The Weather Channel, has rolled out a couple of articles and videos about NUMEROUS record cold and summer snows across Alberta, Montana, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park, etc:

    The most interesting – and scary – line of the whole article is this: “Not only were there record low temperatures at night, but daytime temperatures across parts of the northern states struggled to climb out of the 50s°F thanks to widespread cloud cover and steady rain.” Why? Because presumably in a warming world, both specific and relative humidity will go up as a result of the atmosphere being able to hold more and more water vapor. If water vapor results in more clouds, less insolation at the surface is taking place and allows for greater cooling, and clouds over precipitation events (especially during winter months) means the heat of condensation is lost outwards to space AS WELL AS the blocking of incoming solar radiation, which limits the reflection of IR back to the ground.

    Also from this report about snows in Alberta at Banff National Park and elsewhere:

  5. Unusual yes, but not unprecedented. My Grandfather farmed in Saskatchewan, I remember him talking about having snow on the 4th of July. A few years ago I talked to a man the lived in Regina. He said he had seen snow in Regina in every month of the year. The amount and how long it lasts in the important news.

    • I just made a comment previously that the family and I had witnessed snow in Calgary during the first week of August in 1988. On August 1st, we landed there in Calgary, after flying out of Houston Texas just several hours earlier. This time of year in Houston it’s normal for the temperature to be well into the 90s. So after landing in Calgary, we got a lot of funny looks when we stepped of the plane wearing only shorts and T shirts… Then a week later on our return flight back to Houston, the weather service there in Calgary was again forecasting snow for that area.

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