Aussie scientist warns we’ve entered sharp cooling period due to lower solar activity

‘Global cooling may well jeopardize grain production and threaten potential famines,’ warns Australian scientist David Archibald.

And there we’d be. Fighting in the streets for food.

‘All the warming of last 150 years will be reversed,’ says Archibald. The ‘world has entered a sharp cooling period due to lower solar activity.’

260 years of solar-cycle data - Archibald

Not only is the world cooling, Archibald continues, sea level is now falling.

The ‘rate of sea level rise is controlled by solar cycles.’

Rate of sea level change controlled by solar cycles

In addition, ‘Global cooling may well jeopardize grain production and threaten potential famines.’

  • Famines in France 1693-94, Norway 1695-96 and Sweden 1696-97 claimed roughly 10% of the population of each country.
  • In Estonia and Finland in 1696-97, losses have been estimated at a fifth and a third of the national populations, respectively.

And finally, there’s the wild card, volcanic activity.

‘If a Mt Pinatubo-type eruption is overprinted on a de Vries cycle event,’ says Archibald, ‘Then we get an 1816 – type crop failure event.

1816 Event – 50% Chance

  • Mt Tambora in Indonesia erupted on 10th April, 1815.
  • Average global temperatures decreased by 0.4 – 0.7° C.
  • On 4th June 1816, frosts were reported in Connecticut.
  • On 6th June 1816, snow fell in Albany and Maine.
  • Oats rose from 12 cents a bushel to 92 cents a bushel.
  • For the last 500 years, major volcanic eruptions averaged 45 years apart.
  • One of these could easily reduce world grain production by 400 million tonnes.

Here’s a link to Archibald’s pdf report:
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Part 2 – Famine and Death
(the global cooling section begins on page 36).

The originating source for the pdf is here:

Thanks to Marc Morano at Climate Depot for this link


40 thoughts on “Aussie scientist warns we’ve entered sharp cooling period due to lower solar activity”

  1. Regarding Archibald’s opening comment – I don’t think that ‘Global cooling may well jeopardize grain production and threaten potential famines,’ I think global cooling will guarantee the reality of famines.

    • this bit says it all..
      The climate commission, established by Labor to spruik the case for tackling dangerous climate change, concludes: “We need to do our part along with other countries to drive rapid and deep reductions in the emission of greenhouse gases.”

      The report was written by climate commissioner Will Steffen, University of NSW academic Matthew England and meteorology professor David Karoly.

      Read more:

      Karoly is inept and unable to debate any of the drivel he supports with anything approaching proven science- interviews with him are great for a laugh!
      Steffen is a glovepuppet and has the same verbal ineptitude in person, i guess his ghostwriter doesnt yet run the telepromter.
      U new england is tied in with the proponents of the SSlike shut the F up laws labor wants to bring in to silence ANy dissent either of their incompetenc or climate lies.
      we are really copping it downunder.
      the climate commission. is a farce. established BY labor to support its Carbon Tax grab to bail its indebted mismanaged sorry butt out of a deep debt hole it managed to get us into, after inheriting the Biggest surplus this country ever saw.
      Watermelons ALL the way down!

      • Very true Laurel. The nanny state of Australia wants to control us all. But that’s what Socialism is all about. When will the sheeple wake up to this scam. Labor was slaughtered in Queensland on Saturday, lets hope its worst than that for Federal Labour when next we vote,

  2. I agree with the science. I do not agree with the grim out look. In previous years (1600’s to 1800’s) farmers did not have the wealth of information that is available now. No county extensions or agricultural universities, no internet databases etc. Farmers of the past did not have the ability to change from grain crops to root crops depending on the predicted weather. There were no chemical fertilizers or desalination plants. The green revolution has made food cheap abundant and easy to grow. I cannot imagine a scenario that would result in the mass famines of the past. Never the less it is always prudent to keep extra food stuffs on hand. Just in case.

    • John, just how many acres of land were available per human being in the 1600s as compared to the number of acres of land available per person today? We are already stressing to find enough food for everyone. In the 1600s very little “farming” was done in Canada, or the northern plains in the US. A lot of the world’s food comes from these areas now, and if the climate does change drastically cooler, these regions will NOT be growing food. In the US, and in most civilized areas, the best land for growing food is now under the streets and foundations of cities. Are you SURE that there is no reason for a bleak outlook? Are you sure you can’t see any scenario where famines might happen?

      • @TomO
        Comparing the agricultural sector of today to that of the 1600’s is like comparing Ceasar’s legions to the modern US Army. Huge masses of land, armies of un educated laborers, herds of draft animals all for very poor crop yields.
        Today famines are man made events. The results of bad policies ie North Korea, Cuba.
        You are correct about grain production in the US and Canadian heartland during the 16 and 1700’s but the days of the those regions being the bread basket of the world are done. Because of modern farming food can be produced almost anywhere efficiently and cheaply.

      • @TomO
        Where are we stressing to find enough food for everyone? In the 1930’s food represented 80% of a household budget. Today its less than 3%. If you are going hungry in the modern world its your own fault.

    • The “green revolution has made food cheap abundant and easy to grow.” Is this the same ‘green revolution’ that has brought us wind farms, ethanol, and the Chevy Volt?

      • yup…along with rising salinity chemically fertilised dead soils chem resistant pest plagues and GMO crap.
        and Borlaug bred african genetics into so many crops the UG99 rust can cover a whole swath of plants now…as well as reduced stem length reducing fodder for animals.

      • No. The “Green Revolution” refers to the efforts of Dr. Norman Borlaug in the 1960’s and 70’s to bring modern agricultural techniques to the rest of the world. His efforts resulted in increasing crop yeilds so much that much land and many people that had been required to farm were freed up to do other things. It is because of him that your food budget (in the US anyway) is, as a percentage of your yearly income, the least it has ever been in the history of the world.

    • ok something peple miss.
      sunlight and Temperature + water are the biggies to get a seed to germinate.
      some seed will germinate regardless of low soil moisture when the temp hits a precise degree. if they dont then get some moisture kiss em goodbye.its THE best way to get rid of weeds in a dry year, they will germinate ie Nettles at around 12c overnight temp, no rain…they wilt and die.
      no chem weedkiller required. smart farmers pray for an early damp let em sprout and plough em under.
      low solar irradiance after volcanic debris hits lowers sun so reduces the chance of anything thats still able to grow managing to mature. even root crops have a top, and if thats not getting Warmth/light it wont grow. in a too cool summer zone you may get melons pumpkins to grow but they produce little if any flowers and dont set fruit.
      pasture grasses sprout at the start of winter sure..but..they do NOT grow much till it warms up later in the season. then they go nuts, from ankle high to butt high in weeks with water.

  3. an Australian scientist speaks about global cooling? I hope amnesty international keep an eye on what happens to this guy!

    • 🙂 yes and if the Finkelstein inquiry into ANY media inc personal blogs and free specch control manages to get into what passes for law here archibald and a lot of us will be targets/
      however with its usual braindead follow the “suggestions” and vested interests both Murdoch and to a large extent fairfax media outlets ie about 99% of controlled sources will completely dismiss and ignore prof archibald!
      while allowing that lying dipsh*t mann airtime and fawning adulation as seen on ABC this week
      enough to make a sane person puke.

    • You actually need creative activity, from the phase space of the human mind to increase food production, whether the CO2 is increasing or decreasing, you will get variability of “Natural” Plant growth, but not food production. In Australia they are using increasing CO2 and the Fraud of Man Made Climate change to shut down farm production in the Murray Darling Basin which provides food for 60 Million People. Policy affects food production more than climate variability. The Transaqua project in Africa to refill Lake Chad and irrigate the Sahara was stopped because of Globalist Intent, not because of Climate Variability. With the correct infrastructure for irrigation and power, we could “Climate Proof” the world from food shortages.

    • and Corn NON GMO 🙂 lentils and whatever else you eat.
      and do not forget the pets. a 12month of dry food isnt that hard to store unless your’e a flat dweller:-)
      I have 100kg stashed for the fur family.
      yeah theyre big hounds;-)

  4. Grain is hard to digest, is loaded with phytates which prevent essential nutrients from doing their job and has been in the human diet for only 4,000 years. People today don’t properly prepare grains and don’t soak them for 24 hours to eliminate the phytates. I’m tired of hearing that grains are a necessary food.

    • Whether or not grains are necessary or not, they may be the only things that are available. I think you are thinking, somehow, that a chilling climate is going to leave just as much space available for food production as is available under a warming climate. Not going to happen. What might not be the best diet possible might be the only diet available. You might be tired of hearing about grains, but you might be very appreciative of them if they are the only things available to you, no matter what chemical components they contain.

    • only?? 4,000 years?
      gee and you dont think we have adapted by now?
      beans etc need soaking, but try soaking wheat for 24 hrs before drying and milling it.
      oh unless we just all soak it use barley only and get plastered aka whiskey?
      all this misinfo about gluten intolerance etc, for the Huge majority theres no issues and many claiming so are probaly having issues with what they put ON their bread like crappy margarines and processed toppings let alone the commercially bleached flours etc that hardly qualify as bread anyway.

      • Actually, the process is to make sour dough bread. The “souring” process is supposed to deactivate most of the phytic acid (phytates). But there is a school of though that says the phytic acid had a beneficial effect in the body, chelated heavy metals, etc.

        But back to the orginal article, isn’t David Archibald’s comment now considered to be prohibited speech in the Land Down Under?

  5. With all the increased volcanic activity in the world, this scenario seems more likely than ever to occur soon..!

  6. A cooling climate does more to disrupt food production than the degree or two drop in average temperature would suggest A read through “A chronological listing of 2000 yrs of climate History” at

    will highlight just what unseasonal frosts and wet summers can do to crops despite quite warm winters, as well as four or five months below freezing followed by a summer with little rain.

    I have grown tomatoes under plastic for 20 years for home use, always with a surplus over 3 months, This year my main crop averaged one tomato per plant, flowers just didn’t set despite hand pollination. Lowest sunshine for 30 plus years I have lived here , 32degrees south, 1000 mtrs alt.

  7. The revolutions of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia and Egypt were caused by increases in the price of grain, due to harvest failures in Russia and Ukraine, and commodity speculation. Global cooling would lead to much greater increases in grain prices, which would be felt by people and governments in poorer countries. US farmers would adjust quickly, switching crops and varieties, so the US and other rich countries would have food, albeit much more expensive.

  8. I think there is no food shortage at all or any major threat of one.

    In the US about half our food production ends up in the dump. And if meat production was cut in half that would substantially increase vegetable foods for human consumption.

    However if an ice age occurs much production land will be unusable due to ice , cold and wet. We could mover production into other regions such as africa. This would require real unity of effort on a global scale. A recognition of humanity’s oneness.

    • While I agree with everything you said regarding food production and the risk of a famine, I have to take issue with the notion of onesness and unity. It will never happen. Only a free market and the rewards that come from hard work will actually result in food needs being met if there is a shortage. People do not work hard for high minded ideals.

      • Please do not generalize to absolutes. I’ve worked very hard for high minded ideals my entire life. I resent being told people, rather than MOST people don’t do that.


    • There is a LOT of the Earth that cannot be used profitably for raising human food crops. However, areas that can grow grass can be used for running livestock, even if it’s too rocky or rough for the use of farm machinery. People who know how to run cattle in a sustainable manner actually improve the terrain.

      More and more people cannot depend on modern grains as their main food staple.

      If most of the population of Earth tried to live on just grain, there would be lots of sickly people – more than there already are. Of course, that would help achieve the goal of some of the most powerful, who think most of the humans on the planet should die off.

    • Africa is not the corn belt of the south by any stretch of the imagination. Last time I checked people are starving there because of famine. Truth be known, we simply do not know what areas of the earth would be affected positively by global cooling because we cannot predict weather beyond about 7 days accurately. The climate machine is so complex that we have only scratched the surface of understanding. As to international unity or “humanity’s oneness,” I don’t see that happening either. It will be every man for himself including food fights, famine and death. The AGW proponents will wish for the days when the earth flourished in the brief warm spell we all just witnessed.

  9. If past history is a guide to the future, we are now in a prolong solar minimum period,which started in year 2005 and should last until 2040 or so. Angular momentum currently being exerted by the planets on the sun, indicates this will indeed be the case.

    If past history is used as a guide to the future this will mean lower temperatures, as this decade proceeds.

    I say in order to get this set into motion, we need solar activity as measured by the solar flux to average 90 or lower for the balance of the decade, with occasional spurts of activity within the quiet , which will help promote an increase in geological activity.

    That being said, the sun in addition to having an impact on geological activity, also will influence the Arctic Oscillation. Low sunspot activity has been associated with a negative Arctic Oscillation, which equates to more extremes in temperature and climate in general, and will cause an overall Northern Hemisphere cooling ,along with temperature distribution changing. Likely the continents of Europe and North America cooling to a greater degree then other places due to a more neg. Arctic Oscillation.

    In addition the PACIFIC DECADEL OSCILLATION ,will likely stay in it’s cold phase for another 30 years ,along with the AMO to follow.

    Milankovitch cycles, being at least neutral, if not favoring some cooling due to earth’s closet approach to the sun being during the Northern Hemisphere winter.

    Tilt neutral ,earth’s orbital motion neutral.

    Then we have the continued weakening of earth’s magnetic field which will compound any effects from spurts of solar activity, within the prolong solar minimum ,further aggrevating an increase in geological activity. (volcanic activity)

    In summary we now have in place all the items that control earth’s climate ,phasing into a cold mode. How long and to what degree of magnitude they phase into this cold mode during the remainder of this decade, will determine how much cooling will take place.

    CO2 has nothing to do with it, and if temperatures should drop, the CO2 rise will end, or at the very least slow down. CO2 follows temp. does not lead it.

  10. At what point do these rivers with huge amounts
    of damaging scouring ice
    become considered glaciers?

    And why are these icebreakers needed if the
    ice is disappearing?–apparently icebreakers must be borrowed by agw believing countries from
    countries with the intelligence not to believe in agw.

  11. The pole is shifting faster towards europe. THe weather vane via jet stream seems to show that. Here in mushagain I am enjoying florida weather. NO ice age here. Climate be a changin. It will disrupt food supplies and hungry peeps will be the result.

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