Australia – Best snow conditions in years

See snow cams for various ski areas

Australia is having the best snow conditions in years, says reader.

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2 thoughts on “Australia – Best snow conditions in years”

  1. and anyone rural but not in snowzones?is cold wet and sick of gumboots and stinking mud..every time the ground even starts to dry a bit or drain along comes another soaking;-(
    you’ll gather I am just a wee bit over it right now.
    yes we will need subsoil moisture for summer…and yes it was a dry start to winter..but its well n truly caught up and gone over the avg rainfall already, and i am sick of going from slippers to gumboots to step anywhere outside. grrr;-)
    and imagine, if you can, the amount of mud that four large dogs who love the stuff to play in, can bring inside every day!
    the chickens are thinking about learning to quack i swear;-)

  2. You sure would not hear fraudulent NOAA talk about this! Just like they don’t show the cold conditions in Finland!

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