Australia cherry crop decimated after unseasonably cold weather

Cherries from Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia will be the “most expensive ever grown in history”, says Tom Eastlake, president of the Cherry Growers Association of Australia.

Farmers on the eastern seaboard have been hit hard by continued rain, unseasonably cold weather and low pollination spread which has reduced the annual harvest to just 40 per cent of the previous year.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before across every production region in [eastern] Australia,” said Eastlake. The situation is “unprecedented”.

“This will be the most expensive crop per cherry grown in history,” Mr Eastlake said.

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5 thoughts on “Australia cherry crop decimated after unseasonably cold weather”

  1. I’d like to ask a question of the readers. My home is in Sydney, on a large block with lots of trees and a somewhat overgrown garden. Normally in summer I have to put the cat food bowls in a water tray, otherwise they get immediately overrun by ants – the small black kind, also even smaller brown ones. Usually they make pests of themselves indoors too.

    This summer so far I haven’t seen any ants at all.

    Now, is it just my place? Maybe some d*ckhead neighbor used a lot of insecticide and killed them all? Is anyone else noticing an unusual absence of ants this summer in Oz?

    • It might be that because of the additional rainfall and wet conditions, the ants have plenty of other food options to choose from and don’t need to gronk up the cat food bowl.

      That would be my bet, at least.

  2. I am almost certain it isn’t ‘unprecedented’. It usually isn’t and is either deliberate scaremongering or lazy use of the word to mean ‘it has never happened in my lifetime’. Not being Australian I can’t be certain.

  3. hmm?
    well $18 a kilo is a bit higher than the normal specials prices you sometimes get at xmas that was today at my overpriced local small grocery in Vic.
    but yeah a LOT colder than normal apart from a few hot(ish) days last 2 weeks.
    today after 35c yesterday I am in quilted flannel shirt again, with heater on!
    in Dec even in this part of Aus thats weird.
    sweetcorn seeds just come up
    pumpkins just started to sprout , peas of 2 kinds failed at proper time, replanteds just peeping through soils,
    iffy on the pumpkins managing to set or complete growth before the cool weather in april may at latest.
    weirdest so far is radishes and mustard(leaf types) both bolting to seed within 5 weeks of planting in COOL weather;-(

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