Australia – Coldest and snowiest in 15 years

Major cold front now sweeping Australia.

New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria residents are bracing for damaging winds expected to reach blizzard intensity in the Snowy Mountains over the weekend as the country experiences some of its coldest conditions in 15 years.

The temperature plunge is expected to produce up to 50 cm (20 inches) of snow in the NSW ski resorts.

Mick Logan, a meteorologist with the NSW Bureau of Meteorology, said it could be the most impressive widespread snowfall since 2000, with five to 10cm of snow expected down to altitudes of 700 metres in the southern and central ranges, and down to 900 metres in the northern tablelands.
“Probably for much of the week we’ll feel much colder temperatures than average,” said BoM spokesman Francois Geffroy.

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    • I like the way the media shows images of folks enjoying themselves in the snow. It’s just a ‘cold snap, everyone is having a wonderful time’. We get one day of warmth in the UK, and we are shown pictures of people frying in the heat, with words of advice from the ‘experts’ as to how to cope with it.

  1. ‘Antarctic Vortex’ blankets state in white as ski resorts get dumped on. JULY 12, 2015
    THE state has shivered through an Antarctic Vortex and endured a night of “thundersnow” but it seems the worst could still be yet to come for NSW.
    Another low pressure ­system is moving in to deliver more frosty conditions this week.
    The snow followed a night of storms that battered the Sydney region, and a dramatic thundersnow event — where snow falls during an electrical storm — in the Blue Mountains.
    Hours later the state awoke to temperatures, as low as -4.5 in Sydney and a state-low of -5.8 at Thredbo.
    Thredbo Resort communications manager Susie Diver said temperatures lingered about -5 for most of the day.
    And with a 22cm dumping of snow, Ms Diver said it was by far the day of the season on the slopes with some branding the weather event a “Snownami”.
    “When we woke up this morning, the village was just blanketed in white,’’ she said.

  2. 7:00 am – 3 degrees C with calm conditions here this morning making it the coldest day this year.

    Will reach 18 to maybe 20 degrees C by say 1 -2 pm providing the wind stays away.

    15 degrees C worth of warming in say 6 – 7 hours – and they say the Sun can’t possibly be responsible for global warming !

  3. I stayed in Orange NSW on the the night of the 11/7/2015 and work to 5-10 cm of snow yesterday.

    I did not expect to be making a snowman yesterday.

    I read Not by fire but by Ic 5-6 years ago and every year what Robert Felix has been saying becomes more true every year.

    Where I live in Sydney is 160m above sea level and on the weekend before when I woke we had -2C and then -1c on the Monday and Tuesday.

    How many years till ice fairs on the Thames again?

    • Good lord where do you live emu plains or something, was 5c in cronulla monday night not minus. Tuesday night was 8c

  4. A bout of snow at Bathurst NSW (~30degrees S) is not uncommon but the pattern of weather is note-worthy. If you look at the jet-stream progression here
    you get to see one frame which has a stream heading due N from Antarctica into the Great Australian Bight where it does a 180 and heads straight back again. This finger of polar air is the source of the low which is causing these cold winds.
    Winter is (or was) traditionally sunny and dry around here so this definite snowy spell is a novelty and my children went out in the bush in their 4WDs and got a bit stuck.

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