Australia – Coldest start to September EVER

Record cold and record Spring snowfall …  Up to 250 cm (more than 8 ft!)  in some areas, which is massive for Spring.

“Victoria has been blanketed in thick snowfall, including coastal areas like Lorne,” says The Daily Mail.

“Falls Creek, Hunters Hill and Thredbo Village had coldest September days ever.

“Towns at sea level turned white with alpine areas receiving up to 30 cm (12 inches) and the temperature dropping to as low as -7.5 degrees.

“The cold snap caught out two men who found themselves stuck in their vehicle high in the alps for three days before being rescued by the Victorian SES.”

Record cold and record snowfall, and they call it a ‘cold snap?’

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9 thoughts on “Australia – Coldest start to September EVER

  1. Don’t forget, Australia is a big place.
    Northern states, NSW and Qld have had very warm winter daytime temps (+1 to 2 deg) although overnight temps have been about average (so much for CO2 acting as a ‘blanket’ to keep night temps up).
    Southern states, Vic, SA and Tas have been hit by weather fronts from the southern ocean, much colder than usual.

    • Thermodynamics says radiation ie photons cant be ‘trapped’ (unless you are a warmist) Any trapping is done on the convection level, clouds etc contribute. Air losses heat by convection as it rises hence the normal atmospheric lapse rate, known to real atmospheric physics (not the fakers).

  2. I travel through Adelaides huge market garden zone on the outskirts of the metro area each day, months of rain has produced standing water in the furrows of the empty fields and its been there seven days. The long roadside puddles have been there a month. There will be no Spring planting anytime soon. 1st Sept. is Spring here.

  3. the snap term covers what happens when you touch anything;-)
    its so cold its likely to snap!
    last 2 days away from the mountain areas have been better, ie no gale force winds and heavy showers or sleet.only warm in the sun in the car though as its still got a bite to the breezes. we are at least 40mm over the year to date rainfall with some days to go to end of time they measure it all. our local lakes such as they are are almost all full first time in decades!
    local Lake Wallace has some to go but a jetty they built over 11yrs ago had never seen water near its actually getting wet
    might be funny if the termites have been busy while it was dry..
    Yabbies(small freshwater cray like critters)are fairly abundant as are redfin and trout they released a couple of yrs ago when we got decent water infills.
    I like the town quiet, looking like tourists will be like blowflies down here this yr;-(

  4. Shoddy headlining by the Mail since it only a part of Australia but then over here snow in London will get ‘UK in giant freeze shock horror’ headline. Journalists are generally some of life’s failures these days.

    Much the same as climate scientists are since during the warmest year the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has evah created’ there should not be any snow. Unless somehow the extra warmth causes the cold and the snow.

  5. Snow, heavy rain and thunderstorms to hit, 9 Sep, 2017
    In the South Island, heavy snow warnings are in place for southern Westland and Fiordland, where snowfall has closed three state highways.
    MetService has issued a warning that heavy snow could also damage trees, power lines and cold conditions may cause stress for livestock.
    State Highway 1 Goose Bay to Peketa, Lewis Pass and SH94 Hollyford Valley Rd intersection to Chasm Stream Bridge are closed until further notice.
    Up to 40cm of snow was expected to accumulate above 400 metres in Fiordland, with lesser amounts down to 200m.
    The heaviest snow was expected in the area this morning, where between 10cm and 15cm could accumulate in a six-hour period.
    Those in Harihari, Westland southwards could expect between 20cm and 30cm of snow to accumulate around 500m, with lesser amounts down to 400m.
    There was also a high risk of thunderstorms and hail for Fiordland as a cold, unstable westerly flow continued over the South Island this morning. A moderate risk of thunderstorms was in place for Westland for this afternoon and evening.

  6. I’ve got friends in Darwin sitting outside drinking beer in 37 degree C heat. Mean while here we are in the lower part of Aus. freezing our nuts off.

  7. I have friends currently in Darwin & are sitting outside in 36 degree C heat drinking beer. Meanwhile here in southern Australia, Victoria we have been freezing our nuts off this past week (hail stones & rain for most of it). So yeah we got it pretty severe on our side of the country.
    I know some one that once looked into taking over a business in the Victorian Alps years ago but decided against it because they were worried that there might not be any snow there in the future according to what they been told.
    Look at it now.. It just keeps getting better & better.

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