Australia – Coldest Winter Temperatures EVER Recorded

A cold snap – they love using the words “cold snap” – has extended across Australia’s eastern states.

New South Wales felt the brunt of the brutal wintry conditions, with the mercury in some areas around Sydney plummeting below zero throughout the night.

Dubbo, in the state’s Central West, recorded a record-breaking low yesterday of -6 degrees – a minimum not seen in 78 years.

Camden, west of Campbelltown, experienced its coldest night on record since 2002 with a minimum of -4.9 degrees.

Richmond notched up a chilly -4.7, its coldest night since 2010, while Penrith felt a brisk -1.8 and Bankstown -1.4.

The icy conditions come just a day after Parkes and Cowra set new all-time coldest temperature records with readings of -6.6 and -5.8 in each of the NSW locations.

Those were the lowest temperatures that have been seen since the weather recording sites in each city were opened back in 1958.


“It is amazing that the amount of money on the table to justify global warming which is all about raising taxes for carbon emissions is placing us at a greater risk for it is distracting everyone from the real threat – global cooling,” says armstrongconomics.

Thanks to Jack Hydrazine, Greg C and John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia for these links

14 thoughts on “Australia – Coldest Winter Temperatures EVER Recorded”

  1. yes it is bloody cold terry hills Monday morning 1.7 deg forcast for wed thur friday very severe weather event

  2. Surely not, not in the hottest year evah! The respected Joe Bastardi has commented on the cooling of the oceans recently as a sign of things to come.

  3. Robert, I’m still looking around in order to find the reason why you used the title of ” Coldest Winter Temperatures EVER Recorded”. Ever Recorded? Come on, you are getting all over others for acting irresponsible, and then you post a title like this?

    Please show your faithful, of which I have been for years, that what you are advertising, is true, or just ‘used car salesmanship’.

    • Guess you didn’t look too hard, John, there are clear mentions of the coldest temperatures ever recorded, but the recorded histories are a little short. I will agree that the headline had me expecting it to be a more significant event, still, when your site is only 30, 40, 50, 0r so years old, IF that recorded temperature is the lowest you have ever recorded, it fits the headline.

      As for Robert’s “faithful,” we actually are all capable of reading and independent thought, and we are more concerned with the material than the headlines. I will admit, though, the headline did get me to read this article before others.

      • Though there have been a few cold mornings around N.S.W and Queensland, to be expected in July with even a couple of records broken this is far from the coldest winter on record. Sydney’s average maximum for July thus far has been 19.1C, 2.7 above the long term average mainly due to a lack of cloud producing warm sunny days. In fact the coldest maximum temperature in Sydney this winter has been 14.7C – very mild. Last weekend saw some low overnight readings across Sydney even dropping to -5C in some places. Penrith and Campbelltown’s weather stations may have reported record low readings however these stations have only been reporting for 20 and 10 years respectively.

        • “Penrith and Campbelltown’s weather stations may have reported record low readings however these stations have only been reporting for 20 and 10 years respectively.”

          That was exactly my point, but perhaps I didn’t make it clear. But in reality, this is not all that much different than “the hottest year ever” when it is based solely on the satellite era. John was right when he complained about the headline, but most of us have long learned that headlines are to catch your eye, and the meat is in the article body. But in this particular case, using these two stations, the headline isn’t quite as misleading as “the hottest year evah” is.

  4. The BBC ‘World Cities’ temperatures for Canberra indicated a minimum of -6C recently. That can’t be far off the record for that city.

    • Canberra reported -7C over the weekend which is not unusual for mid winter. Last winter which was particularly mild (as have most been across S.E Australia in recent years) it fell to -8C. The lowest on record there is -10C.

      • This is the same in most places. We only have generational memory, if you will – what happened during this generation must be what “normal” is supposed to be. I lived in Maine, USA for many years, and as a teen, in the late ’50s, saw temperatures outside my house in the -35 to -40F readings regularly. As a young adult, in my late 20s, temperatures didn’t come within 10 degrees of those, and I suspect that even now they aren’t that cold there – moved to the desert southwest. Most people just don’t realize how cold it was in the 50s nor how hot it was in the 30s. Again, today must be “normal” since it has been that way “all my life.” Nope, there is no such damn thing as “normal.” That’s what makes living on this big blue marble so much fun. “Normal” is a moving target.

  5. Australia must have fixed the weather stations that automatically forced a minimum temperature of -10C. Now we are seeing the real weather temps

  6. Was going to go to Lithgow west of Sydney on Sunday. Checked out Weatherzone which derives it’s temperatures from the Met Bureau. At 8 am it said it was -10.2C and looked at the last 24 hours and temp had bottomed out at -10.6C an hour or so earlier. 2 days later the historical data said the coldest day this month was -9.3C That’s our met bureau all over they regularly add a degree or two upwards in both mins and maxs a few days latter so to maintain their AGW rhetoric. That’s why 2018 will be the hottest year on record like the last few. Absolute bullshit

  7. Just checked July data with 120 years of records. Minimum 1.3 lower this year, maximum 1.3 higher. Both will be higher by the end of the month.
    The last 20 years has been 1.0 hotter than the previous 100, despite the recording station being moved away from the urban heat island. These figures are climate, not weather.

  8. As far as I am concerned the weather this winter has been colder & I am unable to keep warm at all. 10.30 am this morning, Monday 23 July it was still only 8 degrees at the front of my house which faces south. I live on the northern side of Penrith which is at the foot of the Blue Mountains.
    We have been having frosty morning starts which is unusual for us as we live on the side of a hill & it rarely frosts this high unless real cold. So I don’t think my little bantam rooster is enjoying it too much. He is a stray that has decided to live in my front garden.

    We are also desperate for some rain as it has been quite dry in our area since 2016 & so we are having significant structural damage to our two story house which is on a slab unfortunately, so I can’t put the hose under it. This is another reason it has been so cold out here. No cloud cover at night.

    Though I am sure that by the end of the year they will tell us it has been our hottest again because they are trying to convince us that we are the crazy ones who can’t tell if we are hot or cold…

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