Australia – Dozens stranded as snow blankets Jenolan Caves

“The reason that these people got trapped was simple,” says Australian reader. “They kept getting told such events were a thing of the past…”

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Around 80 people have been stranded in freezing conditions near the Jenolan Caves in NSW’s Blue Mountains after their vehicles were bogged in heavy snow.

The seven buses and seven cars the tourists were traveling in were stranded after they slid off the thick snow on the road.

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“It’s Winter here but to listen to the Main Stream Media it’s heat from one end of the place to the other,” says Oz. “Then there’s reality.”

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  1. South Africa: Missing shepherds safe and sound in the snow. August 2, 2016.
    The 45 shepherds reported missing in the snow-covered mountains near Mount Fletcher are safe.
    Three herdsmen died after heavy snowfall in the Tabase area in Joe Gqabi district last week.
    A huge, collaborative search-and-rescue operation was launched involving emergency experts from the SAPS, SAPS air wing, Joe Gqabi disaster management, fire and rescue teams and the SANDF.
    The 45 herdsmen were trapped in high-lying areas above the villages of Vuvu, Satube and Lundini, where 50cm-deep snow blanketed the mountains.
    The operation was called off yesterday.
    Joe Gqabi director of community services and disaster management Fiona Sephton said rescuers found many shelters vacant after herdsmen managed to get off the snowy slopes themselves.
    But most shepherds opted not to abandon their livestock and only one shepherd was evacuated.
    “They wished to remain and care for their sheep. Additional blankets were given to them.”
    She said rescue teams saw live sheep, cattle and horses on the mountain. No dead animals were spotted. The department of rural development and agrarian reform delivered animal feed to Mount Fletcher, she said.
    At the luxury Tenahead Mountain Lodge at Rhodes, eight weekend guests who ended up being snowed in for seven days, finally made it off the Naude’s Nek Mountain on Sunday.
    River Hotels operations manager Justin Bester said the stranded guests, who checked in on July 22,were due to leave on Monday 24, but heavy snowfalls forced them to “extend their stay”.
    Bester said although there was enough food, the lodge ran out of gas for gas heaters and frozen pipes meant taps ran dry for eight days.
    “Water was our biggest challenge. We melted snow which was used for toilets and baths.”
    He said while electricity was down, generators kicked in in the mornings and afternoons and guests huddled in front of fires in their bedrooms to keep the freezing winter chill at bay.
    Guests in four vehicles who were eventually towed out, would never “forget their experience”.
    At Tiffindell Ski Resort 170 guests and staff were holed up from Monday to Saturday. Owner Lew Campbell urged the public not to attempt to go up the Carlisle Hoek Pass between Rhodes and the resort.
    Sephton warned of the possibility of localised flooding when snow begins to melt.
    l Another fast-moving strong cold front will drop more snow on the mountains tomorrow evening, said forecaster Garth Sampson.

  2. “It’s Winter here but to listen to the Main Stream Media it’s heat from one end of the place to the other,” says Oz. “Then there’s reality.”

    Actually reality this year is that over half of Australia is warmer than average when the pressure systems divert tropical air as far south as Brisbane which has been the norm this year. Over half the Australian continent is north of Brisbane and this has experienced slightly warmer temperatures for the whole of 2016.

    They are not lying when they report this – it is true.

    However, no one is attributing the warmer than average temperatures to the real cause – the now fading El-Nino. And it is rare to hear that it is only minimum temperatures which are higher than usual.

    That is misleading.

    • Yeah so? What the hell are you trying to say? That we the people are the result of all this!? If you are then you sure need to get your brain checked because something is seriously wrong with you! Just because half of Australia is warm doesn’t prove shit that man is responsible for it! They are a bunch of fucking liars and they are trying to suck people like you into it so they can promote things like carbon taxes! On average the earth has cooled since February in fact the last four months recorded the steepest drop on record in over 100 years! And yet you claim they are not liars! Wake up you clueless moron!

      • I’ll say it again moron – Most of the Australian continent has experienced above average temperatures for the period from late 2015 to the present and it is obvious to any honest person living here without even listening to the media.

        On this fact alone they are not lying and no amount of mindless raving by you changes this indisputable fact !

        I NEVER said it had anything to do with so called climate change or anything to do with man or CO2!

        I clearly said it was due to pressure systems diverting hot tropical air south in an unusual pattern due to the 2015/16 El-Nino !

        Apparently your talents do not extend to actual comprehension of the written English language you cretin !

        Only idiots like you just make up insults to make a stupid point. I actually never said any of the things you claim in your stupid rant !

        If you’d ever seen any comments I have made here you would realise I do not believe in the MSM climate change “settled science” bullshit !

        I have always called out Australia’s BOM for their deception, however when I see something that is real I will acknowledge it.

        I disagree with the statement – “It’s Winter here but to listen to the Main Stream Media it’s heat from one end of the place to the other,” says Oz. “Then there’s reality.” – because it is wrong – simple as that !

        In the middle of winter it was over 30 degrees C a few weeks after the winter solstice here. It should have been 18 -20 degrees C.

        The maximum hasn’t been below 20 degrees C this whole winter and the minimums have rarely been below 12 C – mostly around 14 C.

        If you don’t believe that isn’t abnormal then you have no idea what you are talking about !

        Idiots like you that deny that minimum temperatures have increased over the period since the 1950s are simply stupid because they have – indisputably.

        Everyone who has lived through this time will acknowledge this.

        As for my brain – well I’ll challenge you to any debate over the “settled science” any day !

      • Hey ClimateChange4realz,

        Who exactly are you directing this liberal spooling off of profanity towards?

        Let us not pull ourselves down to their level.


      • I like this site because it is civil and constructive. People such as Rosco frequently make sensible contributions and without resorting to unintelligent language.

      • No one is claiming that La-Nina conditions currently exist – at most there is a “watch” currently.

        A La-Nina may not eventuate this year or next. After the 1997/98 El-Nino conditions were not favourable for a STRONG La-Nina event until 2001 – at least here in Australia.

        There is a large amount of heat yet to radiate to space and the rate of it radiating away has dropped dramatically.

        • At least 3 sources of no one claiming that La-Nina conditions currently exist comes to mind.
          Do you check all sources Rosco or just a hand picked few?

          Ocean and wind currents have been documented to date from reliable sources saying that La-Nina is in progress.

          Suppose it would depend on which sources(plural) one takes a peep at to get all perspectives. The more the merrier. Or is it just that the sources saying we are in La-Nina you do not find reliable?

          Personally I believe from looking at various different sources that we are nearing a full blown La-Nina!

          Have a good day sir :}

        • If you check the meter regularly at WUWT you would have seen the needle suddenly swing from El Niño neutral to La Niña neutral. Last week it moved to the border that shows the beginning of La Niña and an end of neutral conditions. Looking at the cold water expanding on an SST chart I would say that La Niña has made up her mind. We will know for sure in the next couple of weeks. It will be dwarfed for awhile by the warm water you mentioned.

          @concerned – whether you like it or not this may still be the warmest year on record. Before you lose it, however, that record only goes back to 1980, which is a piddling small record. Against the entire Holocene era, it appears that things are not even close to a record, maybe not even 9F degrees close.

          • Still says “neutral” though.

            Idiots like “ClimateChange4realz” don’t even understand what satellites actually measure.

            They measure a “brightness” temperature based on infra-red radiation to space.

            To say as that clown did “On average the earth has cooled since February in fact the last four months recorded the steepest drop on record in over 100 years!” shows he hasn’t any clue about anything – he simply spruiks what he saw somewhere.

            All that satellites have recorded is the large spike in radiation emitted to space that commenced with the El-Nino and the reduction in radiation emitted to space once it had peaked.

            This is not a measure of any temperature because there is no one single temperature emitting to space.

            To claim this BS is exactly what alarmists claim – I know who the clueless moron is !

            And as to what I said originally – the vast majority of the Australian continent has experienced well above average temperatures over the last 12 or more months entirely due to the El-Nino.

            This is inescapable fact and right on topic as the story was about Australia.

            I don’t bother with WUWT anymore since they advocate total BS science and fully support the “greenhouse effect” and conducted “experiments” to prove it only to display their lack of scientific credibility.

            WUWT advocate the greenhouse effect is real by advocating that heat transfers from cold objects to hot objects !

            I prefer to believe in :-

            The Second Law of Theromdynamics –

   – The Clausius statement:-

            “No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a cooler to a hotter body.”

            All of the people who defend their stupid thermodynamics blatantly ignore this basic principle of reality. Some are so stupid in defending the transfer of heat from cold to hot they cite microwave ovens where the magnetron is cooler than the food – obviously ignoring it is the electric current delivering the “heat” in the form of microwaves.

            Check out their arguments in support of this BS – and always remember:-

            “No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a cooler to a hotter body.”

            • A second law has been proposed. And the law is saturated is spontaneous events allowing for nudging of the Everything Theory which the last time one looked twas still a theory. And covers no basis for the dynamics of ocean tidal and jet stream current manipulation. We have seen events in weather during the last decade unprecedented in modern record keeping. All types of weather cold, heat, rain, hail etc. are undeniably breaking records world wide.
              We have seen the jet stream here in the States dip far into the east and southeast carrying river currents dumping into areas that if not recorded one would be called a liar. If this pattern continues through the winter and mixes with the cold we could see massive deaths due to the extremity of snow and ice. And not just here in the states but world wide.
              If this trend of the last decade continues on the same scale of deluges our worries have just began.

              See Ya

  3. “The reason that these people got trapped was simple,” says Australian reader. “They kept getting told such events were a thing of the past…”

    I completely disagree with this statement as well.

    Reality is that regular snowfalls in Australia are confined to a tiny proportion of the continent and for a few months at most.

    That is why people get caught out when they travel to the Jenolan Caves using a winding steep road – snowfalls are so rare and always have been that no-one prepares for them.

    This does make these events notable however.

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