Australia – Frost and freezing temperatures damage Wheatbelt grain crop

Likely wiped out hundreds of thousands of tons from the State’s forecast bumper harvest.

14 Sep 2018 – Crops in the south eastern Wheatbelt were hit hardest by temperatures which fell in some places to -5 degrees, just one day after the Grain Industry Association of WA released its forecast for a 10 million tonne wheat and four million tonne barley crop, provided severe frosts could be avoided.

GIWA spokesperson Michael Lamond  said barley would be worst hit because these crops were most advanced in the flowering, with some crops being severely affected.

Record cold

CBH chairman Wally Newman, who farms at Newdegate, said temperatures plunged to minus four degrees in his area – the coldest local temperatures on record.

Thanks to John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia, for this link

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  1. On the other hand, reporting from swampy hellscape of Big Apple, equinox morning @ 3am.Holding 72 degree and dewpoint almost 70.Nevermind ice age where’s autumn.Feel like I’m in dipsh*t Florida.

  2. You can thank the large coronial holes for the blocking Highs generating these massive drop in temperatures and very inconvenient frosts.
    Every solar minimum has these periods of large long lasting coronial holes as the Sun Spot cycles reaches the low points in the cycle, every Minimum has these SAW events which generate large blocking high pressure system which enhance the effects of the meridional Jet Streams.
    However during Grand Solar Minimum like this modern one we are now experiencing, the dip in energy output from the Sun is much lower and the period lasts far longer than the cycles during the warm period from 1950 to 2008.
    SC24 is forecast to end during 2019/2020, the next cycle energy output SC25 will be similar to SC24 and matches the last GSM Dalton SC5 and SC6.
    30 more years of early starting harsh winters, cold and wet Spring Springs, Short hot summers, and equally short Autumns


  3. bad news indeed as WA was doing best harvest probability wise;–(
    lower sw Vic and se SA might manage reasonably if we get follow on rains no locusts and none of the severe frosts, still having most nights well below 10c with 5c being the avg, days under 20c still doesnt promote fast growth.

  4. one thing ive noticed with all these weatherblogs and videomakers is that they all shill for cryptocoins, only one I know of who report on the weather and isnt promoting cryptos is robert. why is that? is everyone controlled opposition? cryptos is if you ask me a goverment scam made to control people even further.

    there is something weird going on imo. I cant put my finger on it but something isnt right.

    anyone else noticed this?

      • its not ads, every person speaking out about weather going colder is promoting cryptocoins, and im asking why? are they all controlled opposition?

        as far as I know robert is the only one just being reasonable in this, he isnt saying the world is gonna end or that food prices is gonna triple like everyone else do and when 6 months has passed nothing has really changed with food prices.

        I just think its weird and that we should be vigilant.

    • crypto is anti govt;-)
      but i dont see them…adblockers are very useful
      apart from the annoyance you also dont pay from your bytes to be uploading their dross, especially the moving ones.
      if you use google and ever clikl a link or even hover too long they tag you
      then of course if you use alxa or other fluff at home or on phone you get permanently eavesdropped on , cos off…doesnt MEAN off to them!
      use brave or other browsers and try duckduckgo to search, or ixquick.
      stop feeding the vampires;-)

  5. With all this bad weather and crop damage the public might actually be in danger of facing reality at some point in the future.

    • you’d think..but the vast majority have no bloody idea still.
      it will take prices x 4 or more or none available to wake many up

  6. Mid Sept, thats like mid March here, how do they get to harvest a crop so early….must be a very mild winter there

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