Australia – Six inches of snow-like hail in mid-October – Video

One day after the mercury soared above 30C (86F).

Residents of a sleepy town on the southern coast of NSW (New South Wales) were treated to scenes resembling a winter wonderland after a freak hail storm blanketed a popular beach in snow only a day after the mercury soared above 30 degrees.

Local Allen Coulthard, 27, captured some of the spectacular scenes at Malua Bay Beach last night as his children used a body board to glide along the seemingly snow-blanketed shore.

“It was like a normal sunny day and I then it became overcast and all of a sudden,” he told ninemsn.

“We were in the middle of having dinner and then it started hailing. No warning at all.”

“They were looking around, kids were playing and people were throwing ice balls,” Mr Coulthard said.

The deluge of “marble-size” hail was even more unusual because it came after a day when the temperature crossed 30 degrees.

Source: Allen Coulthard

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  1. woulda been better if it dumped inland where the bushfires are. the high temps are due to inland winds heading east, lifting temps.
    meanwhile Victoria suffered a very cold sth wind at strength again with frequent showers and doubt it got over 15 at best.if that.

  2. If people and the media would know about the concept of convection they not only wouldn’t have wondered why it was possible to have a white landscape right after a warm day, they also would know why AGW is a scam.

  3. OT Tip..
    I also posted it on other a few blogs today

    This was posted today by notrickzone today and I do feel it is worth reading.

    Climatology Sees One Of The Greatest Scientific Reversals Of All Time – The Rise And Fall Of The Hockey Stick Charts

  4. The 30*C heat wave is just typical Australian weather. However such heat is only a temperature inversion layer on the ground at sea level. In the sky above the inversion layer the usual temperature is minus 50*C or colder. That cold air will always be looking for a way by which to go down to the ground, but usually cannot do so because the temperature inversion layer blocks it out. However there will be occasions when the colder air above makes it to the ground. Which is what has happened in New South Wales. So please do not get alarmed. One isolated hail storm is not the start of the Ice Age.

    • That is not the point. Robert is providing an example of how the weather can give a sudden dump of ice(or snow) as for example how many big mammals dies in the last glaciation onset.

      Technically speaking we are in an “ice age now!” 😉 – all it requires is one or both poles to have year round icecaps.

  5. It is true that 30˚C is very common in Australia, especially at this time of year. What is NOT common is that we’re seeing heavy snow in our highlands at the same time.

    • We have had snow at Christmas on the odd occasion in Tasmania, Victoria, or New South Wales- mid summer here in Australia.
      No ice age yet.

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