Australia – Spring seems to have frozen to a stall

BOM Review admits skeptics were right, but say “trust us” it doesn’t matter

“Australia’s spring seems to have frozen to a stall,” says reader Tom0Mason.

“I wonder how the Australian BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) explains this, or maybe they just do the usual and just do not admit it is happening. After-all their thermometers reading are ‘adjusted’ to register no lower than -10°C, regardless of the true temperature.”

“See just how mistaken a government bureau can be.”
BOM Review admits skeptics were right, but say “trust us” it doesn’t matter

13 thoughts on “Australia – Spring seems to have frozen to a stall

  1. Knoxville, Tennessee local weather reported this evening that we broke the record for the lowest daily high temperature on September 11, with a high of 61 degrees F.

    The old record of 64 degrees F for lowest daily high was set in 1880. A 137 year record was broken!

    I searched for a link but could not find one, probably because the day is not officially over yet.

    • I should also have mentioned that the average daily high for this date is 84 degrees, so temps topped out 23 degrees below average.

  2. we just had 3 reasonable springlike days…only to now have another coldfront moving in and fcast for snow in Vic alps to 600?metres
    which means its going to be damned cold everywhere else also;-(
    gardening? well if the sucking sound as you try n lift saturated to stinking stagnant soil over is gardening for spring planting….im giving up just now:-(
    i think my frogs have drowned its that wet!

  3. News Weather Folks are Fudging the Data..
    5:08 AM: Upton, (Suffolk County) Long Island, NY – Low 48.2°F
    It was Cold this AM..
    Weather Reports/Forecasts of Low Temps are in the 60’s

    • Here in Virginia over the weekend it felt like October in upstate NY. Unbelievable weather. I love it! It’s usually hot and humid.

  4. It don’t matter anyway, the ozone is being rapidly depleted, the sky here is overcast with chemicals. there is NO cosmic ray cloud forming ,that’s BS. LIARS put out there on your side to get you to accept it. The sun burns off clouds at any level and drys it up. When it’s cold is when the clouds don’t go away and then it stays wet. Svensmark’s a liar because contrails from ships do not make clouds, you gotta be an IDIOT. Dubyne is a liar because the sun doesn’t make clouds. Fear mongers who plan on thriving at the death of billions.And NOBODY should be dying from cold in this age or any ice age with current knowledge and Tech.

    • You have just misstated just about everything each of these people have said, not to mention setting science back about two humdred years in your statement.

  5. Nothing you can’t fix with some adjustment until you reach the point when it is so obvious that their data is wrong due to the piles of snow everywhere.

    It will cost many lives but a series of global brutal winters will wake the slumbering public up.

    • The southernmost point on the Australian continent is roughly equivalent to the northernmost point in Portugal and even the southernmost point of Tasmania would lie only a hundred or so kilometres north of Spain’s border.

      Australia never has piles of snow everywhere – snow at sea level as happened in Tasmania a few years ago is a remarkable event.

      A tiny percentage of Australia receives regular snowfall – nearly half of the continent lies in the tropics.

  6. The cold fronts are no longer having any effect on at least half of Australia – they were being blocked by warmer NW wind driven tropical air masses moving south.

    We had 9°C mornings a week or so ago at my home. Today the minimum was 18°C after being 13 – 15°C for most of the past week.

    The winds today are southerly again but nowhere near as cold as a few weeks ago.

    SE Queensland remains very dry, not unusual as winter/spring is often a time of low rainfall, but this year is very dry. Lawns do not usually look this brown until November. The only good thing is that while fire potential is high fuel loads have not built up due to lack of rain.

    And the usual idiots have already been lighting fires either deliberately or by carelessness by those who have a cylinder with a fire at one end and a fool at the other in their mouth.

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