Australian animals struggle to cope with Antarctic blast

Australian animals struggle to cope with Antarctic blast

Freezing weather shocks the country – Also see video of nude man cavorting in the snow

“Even Australia’s most iconic animals couldn’t escape the Antarctic blast that blanketed parts of the country in snow on Friday morning,” says the BBC.

So far so good.

But then, the BBC tries to make light of the “unusually cold conditions” by talking about the “adorable pictures taken” of the animals, photos of kangaroos, emus, wombats and Tasmanian devils.

They also try to downplay the unexpectedly huge snowfall by talking of people crafting make-shift toboggans out of signs and boogie boards, or building snowmen and sharing the pictures online.

So heartwarming, aye?

They even include a video of a naked man cavorting in the snow.
(video here)

Across central New South Wales, towns such as Blackheath and Bathurst were smashed by the weather.

See “adorable pictures” here:

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13 thoughts on “Australian animals struggle to cope with Antarctic blast

  1. When it’s a drought, heatwave, or wildfire it’s front page news on the MSM. But where are the live satellite feeds, yellow journalism, and hype-machine when the snow is falling and temperatures plummetting? Nowhere to be found.

    Where are the pricipled scientists and reasearchers genuinely interested in facts? They’re all starved to death because their funding has been cut and reappropriated to promote the green agenda at any cost, incluing truth, science, and common sense.

    • Poor guy. Must have been one of the many gullible folks who sold all their clothes after reading about global warming. 🙂

  2. Here in Australia, I work with many principled scientists which would never sell our professional credibility on a political and social ideology like AGW. However, we are not environmental scientists and don’t work in Climatology, we work doing real science.

    With regards to all those Australian animals listed, they are all well adapted to living in snowy conditions, frost laden fields, and cold nighttime temperatures.

    The Australian bush in Katoomba, Blackheath and Tasmania all are in mountainous regions above 3000 feet and therefore regular cold temperatures and snow is usual in mid winter. It is just that this winter the temperatures and snowfall has extended all throughout the state of NSW and up to QLD and is unexpected because the public has been conditioned to think that snowfall would never occur again, and that winters were going to get warmer and warmer; and as those of us here reading this realise, the exact opposite awaits us.

    • Climate science relates to real science the same way astrology relates to astronomy, a wacky, greedy crystal ball gazing inbred cousin.

    • With regards to the animals, the point was that the severe cold has occurred before they have had a chance to fully develop their winter coats. In the U.S. two years ago a September snow killed about 250,000 cattle in a matter of a couple of days for the same reason. It has doubled the cost of even ground beef and it will be awhile before prices reduce.

  3. Also to add to the comments a large number of Australian native trees hate the freezing temp we have had in the last 5 days the trees sap freezes and the weight of snow on the branches snap off due to the weight of our snowy mountains the gums are not effected so much.

  4. Lol Jay 😉
    curiously todays advertiser ran an item re melbournes coldest morning for 18yrs…point6 or course UHI factors in
    and other areas supposedly also NOT city UHI
    out in the Wimmera where we DO get pretty savage below zeros n heavy frosts?
    it was(for recently) a fairly mild night as I didnt burn too many logs and at 730am there was not a trace of frost..last week water in a bucket under a porch was iced over!
    thats damn cold.

  5. But when Tasmania (along with the South Is of NZ) are covered in 1000′ of ice they may wake up! Possible LIA or worse in 10-20 years?

  6. WELL, Its clear to me. That poor Austaliannn Animal is indeed in serious pain and suffering. Didn,t have time to grow any fur, before the unexpected “Surprize Global Warming snowfall event.”

    Better get that complaint in to Al Gore and Obama right away. They have a large supply of Tiger Torches they can send you to melt that snow. Ooops, wait a minute – is Propane a Fossil Fuel?

  7. This guy really needs to get in better shape if he’s going to do this.

    Incidentally, it appears that what Australians call a “nudie” run is called streaking in the US.

  8. Perhaps the excess radiation from lack of magnetic protection has taken effect? Looks like the fellow that conducted the Colorado theater shootings.
    A really bored fellow to be doing such at his age.

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