Australian internet carrier blocking iceagenow website

A couple of days ago I received a disturbing message from a reader in Australia.


I’m a long term but previously silent reader in Sydney Australia. For most of 2016 your site has been unreachable for me, and I thought it must be down. Turns out it is being blocked by the Australian carrier Optusnet* (my ISP.) I’m now using the Tor Browser to access your site.

See my thread on an Australian electronics forum with trace route and ping details:

I don’t suppose you have set up a block on an IP address range from Optus? That’s the only other explanation. But it’s more likely Optus doing it, since they do have a government-sponsored site censorship system.

On my site:

Thanks to Guy Dunphy for this info

No, I am not blocking Optus. The blocking must be coming from them. I’ve heard from a few other Australian readers who have also been blocked. Now I know why.

Looks like censorship is alive and well in Australia.

*According to Wikipedia, Optus is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia.

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  1. Censorship of the truth is sad, and dangerous.

    But, the good news is this means you are making an impact, Robert!

    Keep it up, the more they try to censor you, the more folks will seek you out.

  2. At least they’re not suing you or putting you in jail like the US department of justice is considering for climate deniers.

    If this thought police keeps increasing, I will look forward to meeting you in jail, you for this site and your book and me for buying your book.

    • I’d like to know who their gonna get to enforce that, since they’ve sold millions& millions of guns trying to take them away from pissed off law abiding people, and most gun owners I know don’t believe in AGW. Next, they won’t enter a court room unless it’s run by all green Nazis because they could’nt produce any factual evidence.

    • Agreed!

      I just saw that information for the first time recently. I am appalled that the DOJ would even consider such a request. Tantamount to requiring people to “believe” in a state religion.

      I still feel bad for anyone who has an internet provider that is blocking this site or any other site a person chooses to access. In Australia do they have optional “child protection” on the Internet? Perhaps experimenting with turning that off if you have that on would help.

  3. “Looks like censorship is alive and well in Australia.”

    I actually think it is incompetence rather than malice.

    Optus customers have been complaining about incidents such as this for more than a decade – many people I know had major email problems with Optus and found many of their friends email addresses inexplicably blocked years before the government even contemplated their internet censorship. The problem seemed to be a computer in Sydney and requests to fix the problem seemed to be ignored.

  4. It seems that there are some dubious ip numbers around the Ice Age Now site.
    Maybe Opusnet blocked a too big chunk of the range where Ice Age Now ( ) happens to be situated, to protect its customers?
    I solved the problem to keep suspicious things out and keep in by allowing ( and then, after that, deny the range, thus blocking all except in the range

  5. Yep, I can only confirm this, I’m on Optus and going to your site straight doesn’t get me there. If I go through my enigmabox (, which provides an IP6 encrypted VPN tunnel, voila, all is good…

  6. I’m Syafiq Sapuan, ur fan from malaysia.. irade ur web since 2014. i hope iceage is near.. i wonder how the snow looks like in Malaysia.. its super hot in here.. everyday 34c and hardly sleep at night.. i had experience the snow twice in Indianapolis, US and roche de naye, Switzerland.. its really fun.. please pray for Malaysia to have snow.. or at least lower down the temp. Peace from me. Sory with my English.

    • Don”t worry about your English. Language is for communicating ideas. I understood what you were saying. Besides, your English is so much better than my Malaysian…which is non-existent.

  7. Well, you could alway open another site at another vendor and set up a mirror… Something like…

    The internet was designed to flow around defects, embrace the flow…

  8. There’s nothing funny going on with my download of and I live in NSW Australia. I look at it daily.

  9. Last year I reported a deliberate blackout on iceagenow to Robert, apparently installed in British libraries to my surprise. When I opened the site, it appeared briefly and was then blacked out, so all information censured.
    Two months ago I tried again with the same result !
    Governments starting more and more to interfere with free information on the internet . Not a good sign.

    • I’ve just checked using a library terminal (West Sussex, UK) and I can view IAN without any problems.

      • I use the one in Midhurst, West Sussex when visting my mother and several times it blacked after opening the site, strange huh ?

    • err UK libraries are govvy setups?
      were you really surprised?
      they can and do block what they dont approve of
      aus libraries have hefty barriers on public use pcs
      obvious reasons re kids etc.

  10. Several fringe sites I receive emails from often come from Gmail with a “suspicious warning”, and I always add this si it not spam to counter it.

    There is a lot more censorship than people realise.

    here might be part of the reason.

    So far 53 trillion made off in revenue from climate change and a lot of it is fraudulent.

    If you are an australian I have complied a list of all lower and upper house emails by parties on an excel spreadsheet. Would anyone be interested in having that , and saving the time to have to do it as well, so they can start complaining.

      • virtual private network

        It is different from a proxy server.

        VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between yourself and who ever is running the software.

        After connection, you are using THEIR IP address, not yours. So it looks like you are coming from their server, and country.

        • Thanks for the info… though I have to admit it sounds like something that goes beyond my skill set.

  11. I too can’t access this site now from my optus phone. It has only started some time this year. I have no problems at home on my computer which is through telstra. I am not sure if it is being blocked but it is annoying because i never had a problem in the past. Even tried it on my mates phone cause he had an optus phone. Yep same problem.

  12. The global warming propaganda is designed so that the military industrialists can continue to build nuclear power plants with the desire for plutonium that they extract from the spent reactor rods. Plutonium for the nuclear weapons. Australia is rich in uranium deposits. They export the uranium. Their censoring operation against “ice age now” is so obviously their strategy where by to protect their uranium mining industry.

    Australia is covered in signs of massive Ice Age glaciation. There are also signs of massive super volcanoes too. During full Ice Age Australia is just like every other continent fully under ice and snow kilometers thick. The famous Ayers Rock in the central outback is an “erratic” deposited where it now sits after being carried there by ice sheets grinding northwards out of the antarctic. Such ice sheets migrate thus because of the centrifugal force of the earths rotation. Australians need to be told about what is going to happen. The cataclysm will come suddenly and with out much warning when some where in the world a super volcano will erupt. 75000 years ago Mount Toba of Sumatra erupted plunging the earth into the last great ice age which lasted right up until the past few thousands of years. During such ice ages sea level goes down by three or four kilometers so that every continent in the world will be well above the snow line all the year around.

    So that even if you live in the equatorial and tropics you still need to prepare for the coming return of the full ice age glaciation.

    • Finally some interesting information on previous iceage conditions in the Southern hemisphere, one never reads about, thanks. Never knew about naughty Mount Toba on Sumatra that caused the last major iceage.
      Just shows how ice CAN be caused by fire, a variation on the title of Robert’s bestseller: “Not by fire, but by Ice.”

  13. hmm I dont have issues with iceagenow. even when away from home using laptop and an optus wifi dongle last yr it was all good.
    the site that does sometimes get blocked is rense
    and prison planet..pretty obvious why theyd block that 🙂
    i do find the newer firefox updates have stuffed my ability to view any pictures Robert put in the main story headers and its also blocking the ability to rate this article on WUWT curiously.
    clearing your CACHE after a failed attempt is useful
    remove cookies also.

    • Interesting observation… I use Firefox myself and recently updated and yes, I see no pictures directly related to articles … although I still see all the pictures on both sides that are for various ads…. with a few exceptions. I thought it was a problem with the fact I live in a very rural place and cannot get high speed internet (still on dial up) and have problems with anything that is “streaming” graphic contents.

      A year or so ago I put a block on one type of streaming software because it was making pictures so slow to upload it was blocking me from being able to log onto my doctor’s website… which I use regularly to communicate with her.

      I also recently took off Kaspersky internet security since it was not working .. kept getting warnings certain parts had gotten turned off by Firefox as incompatible… and also my license had expired and they now only allow renewal by download. My attempts to download most software crashes as it times out, or in some cases takes more than 12 hours to download. I replaced it with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium (which I can get with a disc) and Microsoft Security Essentials… as suggested by my local computer experts store (little store with excellent service).

      Perhaps someone with more IT expertise can look into this for those of us having problems and make some suggestions on a work around?

      • I should add… I just now got a malware warning while on this site (from the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software I just mentioned)… I have noticed this happening every time I have been accessing any type of alternative news or blogs… but at least they allow one to add an exception for a specific IP address or domain (which I now just added for this site)…

        Robert – do you have any idea if you have had a problem with someone putting actual malware on your site somehow? Do you have a way to check and block for those types of problems? Thanks! ~ Jean

        • About four years ago someone succeeded in installing X-rated malware on the site. That was removed, and I have instituted blocking measures (I won’t say what they are) to prevent that from happening again. I also have a website expert who checks for any potential issues daily.

          • Thanks Robert for the response, and thanks for doing that.

            I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates that you protect the site as best as you can. And also for having the blog… it is so refreshing to hear some real conversation on the topic instead of the normal media spin.

          • Something else that may need to be looked into on your site: I have also been using the tor network, which flags your pages as having HTML 5 content that appears to attempt the taking a “snapshot” of my system, presumably for the the purpose of tracking. I simply can’t see that you would deliberately set out to track your readers, so I can only assume that it has been placed there by nefarious means. Interestingly, it’s showing up on many of Jeff’s links. At least, on this site, I don’t end up on a “captcha” page, where many of the links on Jeff’s site take you now. In that area, I can can understand why web site holders would want to protect their sites from bots. The trouble with it is that “captchas” appear to be a Google service. Unfortunately, Google appears to have an extremely poor reputation for maintaining their clients privacy, especially considering their link to UTube, which just happens to be linked to the thought police. Regardless, I will continue to visit your site, for data that I can utilize for the purpose of debunking the gw myth among people that are close to me. Kudus, for the great work.

      • Browsers like Firefox you can disable downloading of photos, to help reduce wait times for images to load on slow Internet connections. You might also try the Opera web browser, it has a “turbo” mode that compresses images before delivering them to your browser, thus you get photos of slightly lower image quality, but you get faster browsing speeds. Of course you have to download the browser, and depending on your download speed (file size is just over 32 megabytes) it may or may not be feasible. You didn’t state what Operating System, if you have Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 you can tame down (or turn off) the live tiles to preserve network bandwidth. You can also tame down these Operating Systems by telling Windows you’re on a metered Internet connection. Just search the web for more details.

        The internet Archive ( using the way back machine you can lookup for periodic snapshots. It’s not daily; you may only get two or three snapshots per month so you won’t get a complete picture but it’s better than nothing.

  14. No better censorship that government sponsored censorship. “We don’t want the truth or free exchange of ideas. We want to control what you are thinking.” (The basic definition of “to govern,” is “to control.” How much control do you need from a politician or bureaucrat?)

  15. The Guardian (10 March). “Dangerous global warming will happen sooner than thought – study”. Published in journal, PLOS ONE (Thursday). Researchers Ben Hamkamer (Queensland University) and Liam Wagner (Griffiths University). Concluded from modeling that temperatures could climb 1.5C above pre-industrial levels by 2020. I found not a stitch of real science in the article. My skeptical comment yesterday was removed by a moderator” because it did not abide by our community standards.” It seems the Aus researchers are desperate to justify their existence and continuation of research grants.

  16. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.

    Twitter and other social media have blocked very mild conservative comments while continuing to allow death threats etc. against Trump and others.

    Depending on who is in charge next year, sites like Ice Age Now may be criminally prosecuted as climate change deniers. The US attorney general has admitted they are looking into that right now.

  17. Yeah they want to keep that new carbon tax alive in Australia so that is Probibly why they are blocking the site.

  18. RE: the comment on throwing us in jail, I guess they do like to make an example of some, I wonder how many deniers would be out in front of the courthouse in support of who ever they decide to pick on first. If you think your gov. will help cattle ranchers , think again, fbi just killed another American patriot who stands for farming rights and it all stems from the green BS of saving our lands.

  19. I was one who advised you Optus blocking site some time ago. In Oz, the legislation allows blockage without warning or appeal. (their is nobody to appeal to!) It is also forbidden to release information or lists on who or what has been blocked.
    The FBI has been co-operating here on the child pornography problem, with considerable success. I would not be surprised if the legislation here is a trial of what will or is now happening elsewhere. Preventing the distribution of blocked sites is a very effective way of keeping citizens ignorant of vital information that contradicts policy. The next step is adding penalties for anybody who tries.

  20. Re: The Bundy incident in Oregon.
    The only way the states have a ghost of a chance of standing up to the feds is if they do it TOGETHER.
    All of the states that have militias need to stand together. All of the governors that believe in states’ rights need to stand together.
    Of course they are going to get picked off if they go up against the feds one at a time.
    I despair of human intelligence! The human race has surely been dumbed down!

  21. Hi Robert from another Robert.
    Definitely blocked by optusnet.
    Optusnet has about 35% of the internet user market in Australia

    I got around the block by installingTor Browser.

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