Australian weather bureau admits to ‘homogenising’ temperature records

Australian weather bureau admits to ‘homogenising’ temperature records

In one simple graph, Jennifer Marohasy exposes the deception.

“EARLIER this year the Australian Bureau of Meteorology declared 2013 the hottest year on record,” writes Marohasy. “All of this was reported without any discussion of the actual temperature data. It has been assumed that there is basically one temperature series and that it’s genuine.”

Pre- and post-homogenization

But a feature (page 20) and a news piece (page 9) in The Weekend Australia things have changed that mistaken belief forever, says Marohasy.

“As many skeptics have known for a long time, while the raw data may show a pause, or even cooling, the truncated and homogenized data often shows dramatic warming.”

According to Marohasy, the Bureau has not disputed these calculations.

“This is significant,” says Marohasy. The Bureau now admits that it changes the temperature series and quite dramatically through the process of homogenisation.”

She repeats: “The Bureau has not disputed the figures. The Bureau admits that the data is remodelled.”

I love that! The data has been “remodelled.”

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17 thoughts on “Australian weather bureau admits to ‘homogenising’ temperature records”

  1. Sure, why not admit it. Not like it means anything. Not like anyone cares. Not like anyone will be penalized for it.

    To people in power, attacking others in power, or holding them responsible puts too much of a light upon their own activities. They don’t want that. So, they say a few harsh words and then move along.

    How often over these last 8 years has anything changed in the US gov’t? Has any bad policy been changed? Has anyone been fired?

  2. They are part of the circus, clown of the USA.
    Examples of lies only for money nothing else!
    Ozone and CFC’s-USA
    Carbon footprint-USA
    Solar Max storm-USA
    Crude oil is peaked out – USA
    Just shows you how powerfull these liers can be?

  3. on UWT , they finally…after this hit msm..:-)
    printed a sort of excuse.
    and its a real pathetic one
    they said seeing as Amberley was a RAAF base they “might” have??? changed sites.
    they didnt know, it could be a “secret”
    so why not ask?
    why use temps from area a long way from there to “adjust” what would have been a very very strictly and impeccable prior record?

    and then..
    this gem from yesterday

    No, the Bureau of Meteorology is not fiddling its weather data
    Lisa Alexander & Andy Pitman
    Australia is a leader in the complex data-adjustment techniques needed to correct historical temperature records and our bureau’s overall changes have, in fact, tended towards less warming.

    NO comments allowed
    its an Opinion piece…

  4. It amazes me how Governments wonks continually think that average people can’t read a thermometer. In the US our Government weather buffoons, told us 2012 was the hottest year on record. Only to recant it later, when enough real scientist called them on it.

    • It was darn COLD last year. We had one day that reached 95F (35C) and a few that reached 91F (32C)

      I thought I was back in New England and not the Sunny South!

  5. Standards have slipped. Once peer review was merciless, now we have collusion. Once a Government Ministers who got it badly wrong would immediately resign but not anymore.
    The real story is at the UN where next year a binding agreement concerning the end of the world due to Climate Change will be signed.
    There is a surreal inevitability about all this accompanied by a subliminal sound of shrieking danger.
    Every dog has it’s day and this one will end in disaster, nothing surer.

    • Dishonesty has become the new norm disguised as “being a team player” aka a whimp who won’t rock the boat – pathetic!

  6. If just one newspaper featured stories, covered by the skeptic websites, on an ongoing basis in the same way they used to feature every half baked story about climate change, we might get somewhere.

  7. In a mythical time the “news” agencies would vet their stories before blindly printing whatever they were told. Now “news” is all lies and crapola.

  8. If I understand the homogenization process properly, if Amberley went from 1 C cooling to 2.5 C warming through homogenization of temperatures, that is a difference of 3.5 C upward. Does this mean that the surrounding areas of Amberley exceeded well over a 3.5 C rise in temperature in the same time-frame? If that is the case, then perhaps the missing hotspot has been found – it resides in Queensland, Aus.

  9. Remodelled! Think of the possibilities. If they take your children, they were justifiably reparented. If they stole your money, it was justifiably retitled. And if they take your life, you were lucky to be released. Most criminals use semantics to excuse heinous acts by describing them as acts of virtue.

  10. When you travel around the world, you will find statues of great individuals, not the majority that disagreed with them. Great things come from those who stand out from the group not the group. Creating concensus is just a security blanket for activist, second rate scientists.

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