Australians brace for dual cold fronts, snow, rain, storms

7 May 2019 – Multiple states could experience snowfall as dual cold fronts are expected to cross the country.

The cold fronts will cross south-eastern Australia between today and Saturday, each bringing a burst of showers, storms, chilly wind and snow, Weatherzone meteorologists have said.

The first, weaker front will cross South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW today and tomorrow, producing a wintry mix of showers, damaging winds, storms, small hail and snow in multiple states.

Parts of central NSW could see the first snow of the season on Friday.

Further south, the alps are likely to turn white as 10-20cm (4-8 inches) of fresh snow blankets some of Australia’s ski resorts.×0/smart/×0/smart/

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5 thoughts on “Australians brace for dual cold fronts, snow, rain, storms”

  1. All the dingos on the ABC will be spinning this as absolute proof that there is global warming because if it is THAT cold here it is bound to be much hotter somewhere else. This argument has been expressed to me– I kid you not.

  2. Standing at the chemist a couple of months ago, somehow the subject of solar power came up, I mentioned we had 20 solar panels and 5kw inverter, and our power bill was on the low side. Staff member mentioned also they have solar power 24 hrs, not unless you have a battery system you don’t I replied, Yes I do she said.
    My hackles rose, and I asked her outright where she was getting her solar power from at night, she said the sun.
    Funny I said the sun don’t shine at night, that raised a laugh from senior chemist who told her not to argue with customers, and gave me the nod and wink.
    I really wonder about some people and where they think their night time power comes from, its called coal in most cases in Australia.
    But of course that’s a nasty product that must be eliminated at all costs.

  3. Oh its sooo nice to be cold wet n soaked to the skin;-)
    crazy but after so long dry….bliss
    had to find my gumboots to go collect wood in the rain;-)
    my 8 wk old puppies are mystified by water and mud , and despite the mess it’s fun to watch them enjoying it. everyone is grinning like cheshire cats and the farmers who took the chance and dry sewed grains will be well ahead especially if we get a follow on. I see the ENSO did a swing back to neutral a little bit on yesterdays update so thats cheering for more rain possible too.

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