Austria “Day of Sun” called off because of bad weather

Yesterday’s “Day of the Sun & World Loading Day” was CANCELED due to bad weather,”this article reports. I don’t know if “bad weather” means snow or not.

Right now, 5 May, at 2:30 pm Central Time in the U.S., the weather report says it’s 29F in Baden, with rain.

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  1. Norway, 05.05.19 In Trøndelag it has snowed up to 35 cm in the last few days. There has been a lot of precipitation in Trøndelag this weekend, and in Oppdal there has been the greatest snowfall in May. In three days, 31 cm snow has fallen at the Ångårdsvatnet station in Storlidalen, writes Adressa . The previous snow record in the same place was 22 centimeters of snow from May 26 to 27, 1990, the newspaper writes. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has also issued a hazard warning. They warn about difficult driving conditions and lots of snow.
    It is in the higher regions of Trøndelag that all or part of the rainfall has come as snow. All eleven measuring stations in the county have recorded large amounts of snow this weekend.
    Read the weather forecast from here .
    In Kluksdal on Meråker, the snow volume increased from 8 to 33 centimeters, from Saturday morning to Sunday morning. There is also a new maik record, writes Adressa (behind payment wall ). The snowfall this weekend is actually so unique that it is the winter’s biggest snowfall in the area. (..)
    The snow comes to Eastern Norway
    Both in Oslo, Akershus, Oppland, Buskerud and Vestfold, yellow color warning has been sent out, and it is expected up to 25 centimeters of snow in some places on Monday.
    – The low pressure brings with it a lot of cold air masses, which also have some moisture, and this will fall like snow. This will be around Monday mainly, and there is a danger that the snow may remain for a while, a few hours. However, we are talking about the fact that the temperature in the middle of the day in central Eastern Norway is approaching ten degrees, says state meteorologist Marit Berger to NTB.
    – Snow will be able to provide locally difficult driving conditions on Monday 6 May. Keep in mind that if you are going out and driving, the car must be shoddy. Show consideration and drive carefully, urges the Road Traffic Center East.
    LOTS OF SNOW: It looks like this in Hogsdalen Sunday afternoon.

  2. yea well after unseasonally warm April here in central EU we now have an unseasonally cold May, as it was snowing here yesterday 🙂

  3. Here in Italy did not snow so in May from 70 years!
    The snow began to fall more than 150 meters in central-northern Italy in regions such as Emilia Romagna

    Microsoft translation from Italian above post.

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