Austria – Heaviest snowfall in a century brings chaos to ski resorts

Three meters of snow (almost 10 feet) fell in just 48 hours in parts of the country, with another three feet – or more! – on the way.

Another meter or more (more than 3 ft) was forecast to fall on Saturday and Sunday alone.
Towns and villages cut off

The resort of Obergurgl was inaccessible earlier this week because snow overwhelmed efforts to clear the roads, according to James Cove, editor of snow sports news site, Planet Ski.  Cove added that some lifts in nearby Ischgl were stopped because they were completely buried in places.

Which would you prefer? Austrian Alps-12Jan19 – Courtesy Planet Ski

With roads closed and rail lines shut down, ski resorts are inaccessible, stymieing both arriving and (non) departing skiers.

Yesterday the army was brought in to help with clear-up and to deliver supplies to towns and villages that were cut off.

See video:

Since New Years Day, there has been an “unprecedented” amount of snow.

Ski resorts are cut off

See amazing photos and videos on planetski facebook page:

They’re calling it ‘snowmageddon,’ sometimes dumping 20-30cm (8 to 12 inches) of snow in just a couple of hours.

Austria snow: what it’s like in ski resorts after extreme winter weather hits the Alps

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  1. If my memory serves me correctly, during the last magnetic reversal we experienced 6 feet of snow per hour (9 stories per day) and that went on for weeks across the north. The wholly mammoths went extinct because of this!

    Nobody in this country is preparing for it and people get even more “dumbed down” when they listen to someone on TV saying that snow will soon be a thing of the past because they have NO clue what HORROR is awaiting every one of them. They BETTER watch it!!

  2. First off, my sympathies to the victims who died in skiing accidents and those avalanches.

    Secondly, congratulations to the Austrians and Swiss (as well as the Tirol Germans, etc.) who weather this kind of, um, weather with the atypical stoicism and resolve of seasoned snow season residents. Unlike in America where an inch in certain places would bring entire cities to their knees, these people are time-worn experts on dealing with all this snow.

    Thirdly, and I cannot stress this enough, there had better not be ANY bitching by the AGW antagonists who proselytize that Alpine glaciers are doomed, doomed, doomed unless we eliminate our CO2 emissions. I am so tired of the endless lies spewing from the likes of Steyer, Mann, Schmidt, Gore and their ilk for pretending that (a) the future can be known and (b) rapid change to the colder isn’t possible. It is! It’s how I believe the northernmost latitudes could become snowed over leading to a new ice age. None of the so-called climate scientists even want to study the mechanisms behind how a new ice age begin. They’re only focused on potential teleconnections between CO2 levels and warmer weather disasters. But there is every reason to believe it is possible that NORMAL conditions could come together in just the right way to lead to year-round snowpack that, through albedo feedback processes, continue their thickening into actual ice, or firn.

    The EU has been one of the most vocal proponents about eliminating fossil fuels to stave off the most dire consequences of our modern fossil-fueled society. Most of their commerce is shipped by river, much tourism is dependent upon adequate snowfall high in the Alps, all the residents are dependent upon adequate meltwater to replenish groundwater, and for these reasons an event of this nature should be proudly celebrated. Snow in the Alps brings life! It renews glaciers! It adds to necessary albedo as Arctic albedo declines! And snow in winter is NORMAL, even these kinds of events. Let the AGW freaks spin this as evidential of mankind’s insatiable desire to improve life, but for those who really are in the know, this is simply normal weather with many positive effects in the region overall.

    • well said!
      i was wondering how well those birdshredders are doing all over EU right now??
      buried Id guess
      wonder how much snow weight a solar panel can take?
      some pics of turbine towers under snow would be fun;-)
      anyone live near some over there reading this…if you can get outta the house? snap pics and post em here and online for giggles

  3. The floods in Europe are going to be biblical this year. This is only January 13. The snow will keep coming for at least two months – won’t all melt, If it all does, until late spring. The socialist government of Vienna spent the money to protect Vienna from floods, while the conservatives opposed it. So while there will be record high water in Vienna, theirs will be manageable. The conservative towns in Austria, the rest of Europe and the world, that refused to spend the money to be prepared, are going to be deep under water, up the creek without a boat or paddle.
    P.S. Not all socialism is bad – not all conservatism is bad. All labels are bad.

    • That’s why they need to dump gigatons of coal dust on top of the snow. That would extend the season for snow melt, add precious heat to the planet and improve the soil. That’s what i call socialized conservatism.

  4. This is possibly is the first GSM winter experienced in Western Europe since the winters of the Dalton GSM and in particular the 1811/1812 winter which destroyed Napoleon Imperial Army at the gates of Moscow.
    The previous two winters have seen the Blocking high much further East than this year with the Northerly cold down flow moving South East from Murmansk towards the Aral Sea region.
    This winter, the blocking high has been over the Eastern Atlantic generating the cold Northerly flow over much of Continental Western Europe with a Low over Eastern Scandinavia.
    This Air steam will continue for much of January with a significant Arctic Low moving from Northern Greenland around the 21st of the month to centre on Southern Finland, significant snow fall should be expected for the Southern Baltic States and Alpine regions facing the Northerly/North Westerly air stream as from 24th January.

    Northerly hill snow is also possible for much of northern British Isles as this low transitions South East and then East into Northern Russia

  5. Sorry but I think European countries can be more prepare for the snow storm in the future. I live now in Kazakhstan here in one simple night snowing more than 20 centimeters of snow and another day everything work very well. They have a simple employees to maintenance all and in a feel hours all Ski resorts l
    Roads and cities working normally. Whats happen all the time in Europe. They have money and condition to maintain everything. Why they don’t do it????

  6. This is exactly what I wrote about a few months ago.

    Imagine this “record” snow, but it does this every week for 4 months straight. Then what?

    “Modern Man”, in the last 100 years, never had these yuppy ski resorts way up int he mountains. They really don’t belong there. …………………….The snow does, but not the people.

    Driving cars up a mountain? Really? This is not natural and the coming snowappolooza, especially next winter, is going to make it absolutely impossible to get up or down these mountains.

    Modern Man will not be able to live up there, for about 200 years, beginning next winter, so enjoy your Ski Vacation, or perhaps start looking for a location way down lower, ok?

  7. HB Schmidt those of us that live in snow country in the US have no issue with large amounts of snow falling. You apparently don’t understand America is a huge place. When you say “Unlike in America where an inch in certain places would bring entire cities to their knees, these people are time-worn experts on dealing with all this snow.” first of all, you are watching media that hypes everything. Then of course where this is happening it probably has not snowed in 30 years. Therefore those people are unprepared.

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