Austria hit by unusually heavy snow

Around 15,000 tourists and locals snowed in on Arlberg mountain ski resort

Up to 1.2 metres (4ft) of fresh snow in some areas since Thursday.

Major railway route shut in west of country.

Some villages and tourist resorts cut off.

Probability of avalanches extremely high and widespread.

More heavy snow  predicted over next few days.

Thanks to Marc Morano and John Brown in Ardrossa, Scotland, for this link

6 thoughts on “Austria hit by unusually heavy snow”

  1. I live about 100 km from the Austrian border and I must say that this winter has been less snow than usual, at least in the southern side of northeastern Alps. I think the winds and air currents are changing and so the cooling is not uniform, at least in these early stages of glaciation

  2. And 1.000 Km to the North west we are have high temps, + 5 degrees celsius at minimum. No winter weather in Holland.

  3. this just had me laughing..the local radio just ran a report saying the “warmists” reckon the folks in the alps will run out of land as they have to keep going higher to farm?? yeah a WTF? moment indeed:-)
    like to see anyone trying to go higher in swiss alps or austria for a fair while:-)

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