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I’ll be appearing on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory on Thursday night, Nov 17. Please join us.

My portion will run from 10 pm to midnight Pacific Time.

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19 thoughts on “Author to appear on Coast-to-Coast AM”

  1. My ears will be tuned for coast to coast.Im hoping to hear some extra ordinary facts/theorys discovered recently in the study of earths past iceages.Some we know ..earths orbital changes ,perihelion occurs dec 21st and some we dont ,…comet strike,an unknown phenomena of our sun,pole shift,atmospheric loading from lets say a collapsing earth mantle(siberian traps),suns electrical properties?Just wanna hear a bombshell..greenland icecores!I know it will be a good show.

    I dont wanna be a nuisance but im just refreshing memorys of the 1977 blizzard where buffalo was hit as if it were an iceage in the making..Facts -40 to 60 below freezing.30 to 40 foot snowdrifts with concrete like properties,dozens of people frozen to death in their cars burried by snow,lake erie frozen right over by mid dec!!..4 years of worriesome winters.Yes i know, weather is not climate but the 2 work together ..the 4 years of brutal 70s winters will not be forgotten easily.

  3. Greenland Blowing Away All Records For Ice Growth
    Posted on November 14, 2016 by tonyheller
    Greenland’s surface has been gaining about 3.5 billion tons of ice per day since the first of September. This is about 50% above normal.
    Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI
    This is occurring just as global land temperatures are cooling at a record rate.
    Meanwhile government funded experts fraudsters are telling the press that Greenland is melting at catastrophic speed.

    Alert! Greenland’s Ice Now Melting At Catastrophic Speed : News : Nature World News
    One of the top priorities of the Trump administration should be to root those responsible for this fraud out of government.
    JimBob comment:
    There is a second suggestion from realclimatescience:
    Solving The Global Warming Crisis
    Posted on November 14, 2016 by tonyheller
    President Trump can solve the global warming crisis overnight, by simply replacing NASA’s Gavin Schmidt with a competent scientist like John Christy or Roy Spencer.
    Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs
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  4. Congratulations. It is nice that you get some recognition. However along with it you likely know you’ll get some guff from the usual suspects. Hang in there. In the end Truth will prevail.

    Thanks for working so long and hard to give us this site for free. It has been a blessing, and what seems like a lantern during a long, long night.

  5. As I am so far out in the desert AM signals to not reach me. Will this be avaiable someplace on the internet? thank you, Gary

    • Gary, have you tried all of the 50,000 watt stations? 640, 780, 850, 890, as a trucker, I learned that faraway clear channel 50,000w stations carry much farther than you can believe. You do have to turn off all scanning and manually seek them. Your best tuner is your car radio, so do not give up! 1530 Sacramento is another good bet. I would set them all, and when the wavelenth fade occoured, i would only hve to punch s button to pick up another one. When you do this, you will also find out which stations “scrunch” their audio to get more advertising in! Good Luck!

      • you can go to the website of any radio station that carries the show (KTRH here) and listen to the show via their live feed.

        I say this as Robert’s segments are coming to a close….

      • Manual tuning radios work the best. The newer digital radios are not as good for DXing(long distance tuning) as they only want to lock in on the strong signals. Long wire antennas help if your radio is equipped with an ext. antenna connection, as does orientation of the(radio itself) internal ferrite core antenna, and/or select-a-tenna which can be easily homemade. All you need is a variable capacitor and a few turns of magnet wire.
        Listen to the archived show here:

  6. I’m listening right now to Thursday night broadcast with George Noory! AWESOME! THANKS!
    Robert William Gruhn- Poet Of Poets – World Wide Internet

  7. I’m currently listening right now. Coast to Coast is how I found this website. As one who has studied meteorology, both academically and as an amateur, I find what you speak of to be highly educational. Thank you for taking the time to be on Coast to Coast and helping people learn the truth of what’s actually happening.

  8. When the end comes it will not be from fire or ice but from simply running out. By the end of this century most industrial infrastructures on Earth will fail due to nonavailability in fossil fuels coupled with a larger population base (over 11 billion humans on Earth by year 2055). In promoting the idea of constructing a new generation of nuclear power plants I have been running into constant headwinds, the irony is that when the end comes participating becomes optional (at least if we start preparing soon enough)

  9. Good job on Coast to Coast.

    I am so glad you emphasized the role of the earth’s magnetic field plays when it comes to the climate. This is constantly being dismissed by many people and the evidence suggest otherwise.

  10. Great show!
    By bthe way, has anyboby made a correlation between all the underwater volcanoes you say are occuring and raising sea level? If you put rocks in a bathtup, water will rise. Just another common sence fellow Architect.

    • You have to take into account plate subjuction,
      For what hot stuff comes out, cold stuff goes in, as rifting takes place the newly errupted plate folds and sinks you can see this as a series of steps in the wall of a rift valley .
      The majority of volcanos in the Cascades errupt material which has remelted, together with new mantle material.

  11. Too funny … the work of both Robert Felix (FB – Ice Age Now Robert Felix Not by Fire Magnetic Reversals Evolutionary Leaps) and Anthony Peake are followed at this end … and there you both are in back to back shows on CtoC Radio …

    There’s actually an irony in that … there is a theory which suggests that when there’s a mass extinction, that occurs when a collective of consciousness departs via its own ascension … or, a return to a higher (healed anyone?) vibration rate of the consciousness that embodies here, which entails dropping the physical bodies here, of course … as they, the bodies, can’t sustain such a higher level of energy or rate of vibration, apparently … well, when there’s a mass extinction … an ice age follows … this theory suggests, at least … not the other way around …

    In that scenario, that consciousness which was embodied, carries on though; for it’s eternal; one of the things that happens, though … as such a collective of consciousness (previously fragmented consciousness, here, apparently … until raising up in energy or vibration, from that fragmented state here) departs … or so it’s suggested … is that the energy level of what or whomever is left behind … drops … i.e., looking back, when a wave of consciousness ascended or rose up in energy or vibration eons ago … that collective of consciousness departed … and, dinosaurs went extinct … see the species extinction note that follows below, about that …

    In any case, in that case, an ice age followed the departure of that collective of consciousness … .so, the moral of the story perhaps … that story, at least … do expect an ice age to follow the departure of the collective of consciousness here that may be in the process of soon departing (soon = by 2100 or so?) …

    Also, as parts of that collective depart … watch for species here to go extinct … i.e., as the dinosaurs did … for it’s also suggested, in that theory … that the parts of us that don’t embody collectively create various species here … and if that collective of embodied consciousness departs … so go the species being co-created by that collective … i.e., they die off …

    Oh , yes, and that theory or work goes into great detail, as well, about how it’s all a holographic dynamic here … created so that thoughts can be experienced … suggesting, too, that work … how that may work; aye … a strange juxtaposition, at this end at least … these two shows … back to back …

    Hmm … might be worth the price of the membership to catch each show there … an odd juxtaposition … in any case.

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