Author Interview by Diamond of Oppenheimer Ranch Project

A lively discussion about prepping for the coming Grand Solar Minimum, Ice Ages, Magnetic Reversals, Magnetic Excursions and MORE!!’


Diamond, of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project, is an Ice Age Farmer putting into practice permaculture philosophies in a high alpine environment with a challenging growing season.

See the Openheimer Ranch Project YouTube channel:


5 thoughts on “Author Interview by Diamond of Oppenheimer Ranch Project”

  1. Thank-you Robert excellent broadcast.
    I’m glad you pointed out that climate variations are regional, local to the place. This will mean that the cooler time ahead will be patchy. My research of just how the last LIA in the UK began shows just how local the effects were, some areas awash with unseasonal snow, rains, and frosts, others parts of the country having long dry spells.
    The major problem was, and will be, growing enough food. Yes we may be better at predicting the weather but this will do little to protect the shortening growing season, or the likely shortages of basic foodstuffs.
    A couple of bad seasons in the major food growing areas of the world and people will get very defensive about food availability. Add in a few price shocks and shortages, and conflicts will occur.

    Are any Western governments prepared for the social mayhem that is likely to ensue? Do any government officials and bureaucrats really care enough to have the necessary planned and tested contingencies with stores of fuel and food, the means to distribute, and keep law and order? Or will it be just survival of the fittest, and the ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude of the elites, ensuring the majority suffer and perish?
    What will anyone do when the current modern ‘just in time’ delivery method fails to a ‘just too late’ reality?

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