Author interview tonight on Coast-to-Coast AM


I’ll be appearing on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory tonight, January 16. Please join us.

My portion will run from 10 pm to midnight Pacific Time.

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7 thoughts on “Author interview tonight on Coast-to-Coast AM”

  1. Just a note to inform you how “word” is getting out.

    I work for/with an Optical company. We make glasses, which means we need lots of “stock” lenses in stock.

    Since we all talk about the weather and such, the “boss” man has agreed to ORDER up and expand our inventory. When we noticed every company that ships us “uncut” and “unsurfaced” lenses is UP NORTH, we don’t want a shortage down here due to snow making shipping impossible……………which is coming.

    We have decided to carry at least 3 weeks supply across the inventory line. I suggested 1 month. Anyway, orders have been put out to staff to make a list of EVERYTHING we use and to maintain at least a 3 weeks supply.

    We started ordering today!!!

    I can see the day, soon, when products will NOT be able to be shipped out of any northern state, for WEEKS, when everybody (police, truckers, rail-roads, etc.) can’t move due to 15 foot high snow.

    • But if it becomes more common and widespread, snow clearing equipment will be bought and as humans do, we will adapt. That is something every warmist scare story omits, adaption.

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