Author interview tonight

Robert Felix, author of “Not by Fire but by Ice” and “Magnetic reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”

Heather Wade will be interviewing me on The Kingdom of Nye (talk radio) tonight (Wednesday, May 27).

Show runs from 9:00 pm to 1 am Pacific time. My segment will run from about 9:30 pm to 1 am.

Please join us.

The Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade
Monday to Friday 9 PM to 1 AM Pacific Time

10 thoughts on “Author interview tonight”

  1. In case you run out of interesting things to talk about… from MSM:

    Rats (both kinds) may become “aggressive” due to COVID-19 restaurant shutdowns/food shortages, CDC warns

    Another obvious Covid death and instigation of a race war:

    Taiwan tyranny, obedient populace, contract tracking and pandemic prepping for the possibilty of contracting a cold for 17 years saved the day.

    • Bob, really looking forward to seeing how much you will be able to talk about in this censored world – looks like the right venue for the infamous on Rationalwiki. Break a leg Amigo.

      • Revenge of Nerd, what I don’t understand is why they kept burning up their own grocery stores. At least setting fire to the police station was relevant. Pretty sharp that onlookers were able to identify the responsible officer & got it on tape. Hard to defend against onlookers imploring him to check for a pulse.

        When fire dept responded the victim had been moved, so there was a further delay in resuscitation. Also fire dept report says there was a “mouth injury.” I bet the other officers are praying they aren’t identified by the crowd; there are worse things than being fired.

  2. Corbett Report
    Meet Bill Gates – 4/4 of four part series on Gates/eugenicists – most important Corbett Report to date

    RWF there are only two guys on the planet who are in the best positions to tie GSM/cosmic rays/astrophysics/magetism/elecroverse/underwater volcanism/Not by fire, but by Precipitation (Ice) and… eugenics… together… with logos…
    Herr Robert Felix and Herr Rolf Witzsche.
    This very timely interview could be epic and could go viral.

  3. I was unsuccessful tuning in & can’t find a podcast of the show either. Any suggestions? I have Windows 7

      Try the link above, I only use W7 too… worked perfectly. It was a great show. Heather is a smart cookie too. RWF/IAN as always, like a duck, all calm on the surface and paddling like hell underneath (below the radar) with full spectrum info and links right here, right now, Remember that some things occur “abruptly” … the physics that few want or are able to grasp. If you haven’t re-read, “Not by Fire, but by Precipitation (Ice)” you can do it in about the same time as the interview with Heather Wade. Great show Bobert!

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