Author interview with Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers interviewed me on Friday, 9 March 2018.

See Ben’s website:

4 thoughts on “Author interview with Ben Davidson”

  1. AWESOME, Robert! This is music to my ears; and I sent a letter to MIDNIGHTINTHEDESERT.COM After the demise of Art Bell, Midnight will carry on his great work of opening the dialog! You two are a force of disclosure on such an unheard of level, I can’t wit till Heather interviews youse guys! Time to “Take aRide!” Folks,
    You can support Heather by going to! She, at this time, REALLY needs our support!

  2. Hi!

    Would it be possible to conciliate Randall Carlson’s investigations about multiple fragmented comet impacts in the so-called Younger Dryas Extinction with those of Robert Felix’s Magnetic Reversals?
    Such a catastrophe, comet impacts, could trigger Magnetic Reversals and/or the power (I do not think so anyone can even guess such planetary magnetic power) of such Magnetic Reversals could attract like a mega-magnet (destabilizing its orbit) any of those dangerous celestial bodies which so often rub “Earth’s hair”
    I apologize for my broken English.

  3. I know that Ben Davidson is aware of and has been involved with the electric universe Theory. Is Robert Felix aware of or a student of the electric universe theory?

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