Author interview with Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers interviewed me on Friday, 9 March 2018.

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  1. Holy S#*T!!!! Brookings would probably say, “Shh-hh!!” What ever you do, DO NOT AWAKEN THEM!!! Makes me a believer about the Wal-Mart tunnels.

  2. Follow both sites, the SO site, and this one …

    1:55 … a pending phase shift, perhaps … as the solar system transits from one area of the galaxy to another; no earth pole shift vis a vie the sun, to take place, but perhaps a relative pole strength shift?

    2:55 (here: … re: recent “Earth Magnetic Flip” series of videos …

    A Miles Mathis Feb 2018 paper here: does quite a job of identifying or suggesting, at least, that solar field flips every 9 – 12 years are actually Solar System Field “polarity reversals” and not pole flips there of the actual poles of the Solar Field itself; see the paper for that.

    NB – a 2014 paper is linked to within that first paper, that paper a bit longer in length, yet it is quite an interesting paper on the Solar Cycles; those 9 – 12 year Solar System Field “polarity reversals”, tying into solar minimum and maximum of sunspots, seemingly linked to positioning of the four largest planets as per that paper; see

    It seems suggested there, as well, i.e., in the Mathis’ Pole reversal paper/article, that there are overall shifts of the field dynamics of the earth and sun that “would” be seen as being in sync, pertaining to shifts related to the areas of the galaxy the solar system is traveling in; those areas or zones being transited perhaps differing in being predominately photon or predominately opposite spinning anti-photon, in photon/anti-photon density; polarity and magnetism coming from overall photon and anti-photon spin and collision spin up or spin down dynamics, in the field.

    Bottom line question there, then … it seems, is … if the field is weakening here, is the solar system itself approaching a zone shift from an area more photon dense than anti-photon dense (our present situation, as per the Mathis pole paper) to one less photon dense and more anti-photon dense?

    It seems the boundary area, or transit time between such zones, would indicate a place of balance or equality in those two (photon/anti-photon) or their respective densities, i.e., where photon/anti-photon densities being more in balance, spins cancel and magnetism dives into a trough (the electrical indicated to be viable throughout, it seems), at least until the photon/ anti-photon density ratio dynamics in the new zone kick in … if you get the zonal drift there … AND … IT SEEMS … some seem to be predicting a zonal change of one kind or another. One might wonder, then, if there is a connection there.

    IN THAT CASE, the earth’s magnetism going into a trough, to be expected (?) … thereafter kicking back up … as the new zone dynamics then begin to drive things; the N pole on earth still North here, however, and the South pole still South, in relationship to the sun … BUT … if antiphotons dominate in the new zone, the strength at the North pole increases (more anti-photons in there than at present) and at the South pole here, decreases (fewer photons in there, than at present) … NOT a pole flip, per se … but certainly a pole strength differential direction flip, it would seem.

    Referencing that Mathis pole reversal paper … see this excerpt:

    “After the reversal, the photons are still going in the south pole and the antiphotons are still going in the north, so there is no need for any overall spin reversal. The larger mechanics is unchanged. What changes is the relative number of photons to antiphotons. After the reversal, antiphotons will outnumber photons, so the north pole will become stronger than the south. The aurora borealis will then be more impressive than the Aurora Australis. Other reversals will also occur, but not an overall spin reversal or planetary flip.

    “The important thing to understand is that the Earth is always going to orient to the Sun and outer planets, so it will never flip in any way unless they do. It may be that the entire Solar System flips relative to the galactic core, but the Earth will never flip relative to the Sun. It simply can’t, short of a major planetary collision. The Earth can only respond to the greater charge fields around it. “ – page 4 at

    Would it seem then, that any earth pole “reversals” talked about are actually relative pole strength reversals N versus S rather than either planetary polarity reversals such as those Solar System Field “polarity reversals” seen on the sun every 9 – 12 years, nor actual pole reversals here, but rather relative pole strength reversals; it seems those sun “Solar System Field” polarity reversals being peculiar to the sun only, as well?

    In other words here on earth, N will be N and S will be S … one (N), will always take in anti-photons … one (S), will always take in photons … and what’s found in the volcanic rocks perhaps simply indicates a strength differential direction, then, locked in the rocks, as between the two poles … at a particular time? In which case, was there never a pole reversal, per se … on Earth; but, rather, a relative pole strength differential change … that can be subject to change; albeit, the “chron” periods being unpredictable?

    The same change having taken place on the Solar Field overall, as well, i.e., where galactic zonal changes have dictated a zonal change from a zone of predominately photon dense versus anti-photon dense, to one the opposite?

    If so … why call it a pole reversal, at all, I wonder? That seems to be misleading and confusing; if, that is, it’s relative pole strengths that are involved, or changed on earth; or on the sun, in those cases where the area of the galaxy the overall system is within changes vis a vie the photon/anti-photon density ratio involved?

    In other words, the earth will never experience polarity reversal like the sun “Solar System Field” does, in its (the sun’s) 9–12-year cycles; it will, however, experience troughs of lower magnetism depending upon the galactic conditions the solar system is moving through, as a whole … changes there tying to periods between shifts to a different relative pole strength here on earth … that differential of pole strength, being subject to change, depending upon galactic zone dynamics with there being magnetism troughs between such changes … troughs only, though … NOT earth pole reversals … OTHER than N and S
    relative strength reversals?

    At the same time, where the latter trough in magnetism at earth arises, it would seem, the sun Solar Field itself would also be experiencing the same troughs in magnetism the earth would … for a time, i.e., when going through the galactic zero magnetism vis a vie a photon / anti-photon density zone boundary between what are otherwise zones of more or less of one or the other?

    NB – in which case fear of earth bombardment from magnetic field strength flows from the sun gets lessened there, in any case (?), at those times; i.e., one might ask, would the earth’s drop in field strength not be falling in lockstep with that of the sun, when the solar system transitions such a boundary at the time when it does, between different zones of photon/anti-photon relative densities?

    Addendum: Another couple of thoughts also came to mind.

    First, some seem to be heralding a drop off in the Earth’s magnetic field strength at the moment … fearfully, it seems; yet that, if happening, would simply seem to herald an approaching galactic zone change for the solar system … i.e., zone differences pending there, then, at least as between the relative photon/anti-photon density dynamics of each zone; in which case, it seems, such would be expected, would it not, before the new zone dynamics start to display and kick the field back up again; albeit, likely with relative pole strength changes here?

    Second, some seem to herald movement apparently being tracked of the N and S Earth magnetic poles as indicative of an earth N / S pole shift, again fearfully, it seems; but based on the info in the Mathis’ pole reversal paper, perhaps that local shifting or positioning may also simply be tied to the positioning dynamics of the same four large planets, which relative positions to the sun appear to dictate Solar System Field “polarity reversal” cycles; but which here, on Earth, may simply be something that’s always been going on … i.e., the poles wander in relationship to the positioning of those four large planets … YET… such wandering wouldn’t dictate nor indicate an earth pole shift, per se, i.e., the way the Solar System Field polarity reversals take place.

    All of the above, noted, if indeed there are upticks taking place to the photon/anti-photon mix solar wind streams coming our way, that, it seems, perhaps heralds other changes; that said; perhaps NOT changes that involve an Earth Pole Shift, per se, at all; perhaps only a relative or differential pole strength change following a trough in magnetism, ie.., whilst a galactic zone boundary of zero magnetism is transited as noted might be expected from time to time, in the Mathis Pole Reversal paper?

    In any case, all fascinating things to consider.

  3. Great interview thanks Robert. I would concure with the reversal problem. Consider..Landsheidt (orbits of the gas giant plants influencing the solar output) producing solar minimums -> produces ice periods -> precession od the earth axis -> reversals. All adding up.
    Personal opinion, origin of life is in supernova -> reminants produce interstellar organic molecules then interstellar RNA , finds planet, evolves into life.

  4. These magnetic excursions are key when it comes to the climate especially when working in tandem with the sun.

    As you said there have been many magnetic excursion let alone magnetic reversals and the two items to watch as the solar/geo magnetic fields decrease will be a further increase in galactic cosmic rays and an increase in volcanic activity.

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