Avoid Crocs and Crooks

“The promise of ‘free energy’ from renewables like wind and sunshine is turning steadily into a giant money-sucking pit, full of crocs and crooks.” – Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Avoid Crocs and Crooks

Ever tried to swim in a Floridian swamp, no? Not even dangled your toesies in one? Neither?

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

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Good choice! There are “crocs” (including gators) lurking beneath the water’s surface, invisible to your eye. And they are hungry — all the time! Even being on the shore and close to the water’s edge may be challenging your fate.

Danger is Lurking

Danger is lurking all about, no matter where you go or what you do. As remote as danger may be, there is no place on earth that’s absolutely safe, no activity that does not come with some possibility of mishap. Even snoozing on the couch may be less safe than you think. A croc may wander about and think highly of your delectable toesies.

Clearly, the crocs’ problem is a lack of proper progressive education, AKA indoctrination. If they had been trained to feed solely on carrots and veggie-burgers, there would be no problem for you, none at all. Surely, if rabbits can live on carrots why couldn’t crocs do so too? Then, you could go swimming to your heart’s delight, wherever and whenever. How come the crocs have not adopted the new vegan lifestyle that the crooks are telling us to be in vogue everywhere?

For example, as the TagesSpiegel reports, in Germany, even the government is getting involved: Agriculture-Minister Christian Schmidt wants a clear labeling of what is and what is not made of actual meat. No wonder, some shops advertise their deli as a “Vegetarian Butcher Shop.” If you really prefer rice patties over a sirloin steak that’s fine – but don’t try to sell me the former as the “new or improved” latter.

Terms like “vegan schnitzel” are contradictory in themselves. A schnitzel is, by definition, made from meat, most commonly pork or veal. Just look at Wiki’s explanation, it says so right up front and who could doubt Wiki’s veracity. Really, the problem with “vegan schnitzels” and related terms are not the items but the false advertising that frequently comes with them.

Swimming in the Big Pond

Swimming in the big pond ought to be fun. Certainly the mainstream media (MSM) would like to tell you that, day-in and day-out. No “crocs” anywhere, just all bliss! If need be, bend the rules a bit, use established meanings of common words in novel contexts, with new and unknown meanings, contradictory terminology, and so forth. In no time flat, you’ll have a thriving business that befuddles the unsuspecting customers and makes you rich.

It appears that many governments have adopted that crooked, evolving language too. They’ll give a “rebate” on your rapidly rising bills, a “largesse” that wouldn’t be necessary if they had not used previous years’ tax receipts to funnel large amounts into medieval technologies, like windmills and other silly ideas, in the first place.

As of Jan 1, 2017, in many states and provinces on this continent, gasoline prices and household electricity bills will rise due to new levies of various kinds. In the Province of Ontario, it’s a “cap and trade” charge that’s supposed to save the climate. As if it wasn’t cold enough yet. Many people are already forced to choose between buying food and paying exorbitant energy bills. Those that need to commute to work will be affected too, whether they use public transportation or not. And despite the generally rising level of taxation, government budgets are still sinking deeper into negative territories, nearly everywhere. And where does the money go?

Free energy

The promise of “free energy” from renewables like wind and sunshine is turning steadily into a giant money-sucking pit, full of crocs and crooks. For example, some places in Europe are proudly experimenting with roads covered with solar panels. The cost of installing and maintaining them is orders of magnitude higher than the value of the “free” electricity to be obtained. Some of such roadway surfaces are covered with glass. That ought to give the cyclists ample opportunity to wipe out, particularly when wet — perhaps it never rains in France and the Netherlands. But the progressive-minded crocs are feeding well on governments’ troughs that are funding the idea.

But no expense or collateral damage is deemed to be too large to achieve the UN goal of “climate justice.” After all, both Pres. Obama and Pope Francis have elevated that to a nearly sacrosanct status. The “war on carbon” is just one major consequence of that. And if need be, you are allowed to do some false accounting to achieve your proclaimed goals, like in Germany.

False Accounting

Germany used to produce a lot of hard coal, also known as anthracite. In fact, it produced around 60 million tons per year, all used for steel and power generation in the country. In order to fulfill the goal of reducing Germany’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coal, the government decided to close down all the coal mines that were getting the anthracite out of the ground; the last operating mine is scheduled to close in 2019. Voila, Germany will then no longer emit “Germany-made” CO2 from coal.

Believe it or not, the consumption of anthracite in Germany though will remain around 60 million tons per year – but that will no longer produce “German CO2.” Instead, Germany will get its anthracite from imports, mostly from the U.S., and the CO2 resulting from that is not accounted for in Germany’s CO2 emissions.

Isn’t that a prime example of false accounting?

Not that CO2 has any effect on the climate anyway; that’s just another ruse to get you to test the waters in swampland and feed its critters.

In short: Beware of the crocs and crooks in swampland!


Dr Klaus L E KaiserDr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is a professional scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has worked as a research scientist and project chief at Environment Canada‘s Canada Centre for Inland Waters for over 30 years and is currently Director of Research at TerraBase Inc. He is author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and agency reports, books, computer programs, trade magazines, and newspaper articles.

Dr. Kaiser has been president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research, a peer reviewer of numerous scientific papers for several journals, Editor-in-Chief of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly a decade, and an adjunct professor. He has contributed to a variety of scientific projects and reports and has made many presentations at national and international conferences.

Dr. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at: mail@convenientmyths.com


19 thoughts on “Avoid Crocs and Crooks”

  1. The beginning of this article was BS I was just at a park in south Florida and I was 2 feet away from an alligator and nothing happened. Unless the article is referring to only crocs this article is a bunch of wish wash. They won’t attack you unless you provoke them or constantly keep feeding them. But yes I wouldn’t swim in the water because that’s Provoking it’s natural environment

    • Are you for real,,,did you ever think that perhaps the alligators in the park were not hungry,,do you think that an alligator is somehow like a pet dog?

      • Even so why would it attack you? If an animal attacks you some how or some way either it is so hungry that it will do anything to stay alive even if it means eat a human or somehow I thinks you are rearing to Attack it? I’m not a climatologist nor a biologists. This is just common sense that people cant seem to grasp

    • ClimateChange4Realz,
      Depends on the croc species & whether he’s hungry. US species of crocs are less aggressive than those in India & Australia, for example. In areas of aggressive species, they are known to attack people fishing from boats. If you’re wading in the water & get eaten it’s probably unimportant to you whether the croc found your wading at the water’s edge “provoking” or not.

      Even if the scientist was ill-informed about US crocs (& I don’t know that people are ALWAYS safe even around the US species), we can still respect his expertise about the climate hoax, and Germany’s history & intentions regarding it are a matter of public record.

      I’ve found that many people who have accepted the AGW hoax have adopted a religious attitude towards it, so that no amount of factual data is sufficient to de-bunk it. For example, rate of sea-level has been unchanged since the end of the last mini-Ice-Age, at least. Even the actual FALL of global sea level in 2011 & 2013 did not ruffle their faith. If only it were possible to attach that commitment to the project of finding the truth, instead of clinging to a belief that has been proven to be vastly subsidized & maintained by US oligarchs. See the Senate report The Chain of Environmental Command.

    • I would say you might just have been very lucky and met an already had dinner alligator?
      downunder we lose a lot of locals n tourists and pets,

      • Happens in the US too Laurel, just maybe not as often. And what they are here is alligators, not crocs… though similar (tho maybe there are some crocs here too… I just never heard of that). I have family that’s been in Florida for years.

    • Wrong, they won’t attack you if they are full. That gator probably had recently fed on some other swamp critter. A hungry gator is like a hungry shark. Looking forward to the next meal. Reminds me, where did I leave my sandwich?

    • In my opinion you made a dangerous and silly choice! Although American alligators have a reputation of being somewhat less aggressive than crocodiles… they certainly do kill and eat people. What makes you think we aren’t tasty?? There was a little boy a year or so ago who was killed at one of Disney’s resorts.

      As to us being tasty… there are documented reports that cannibals think humans are very tasty, and they are referred to as “long pork” for that reason.

      I have been in a park near Tallahassee FL where my family and I like to go on the glass bottom boats and see fishes & things (I saw manatees for the first time last time I was there). There is a tour guide on those boat rides that tells you what to look at and they told us there was a population of about 300-400 alligators in that river around where we went. A swim hole near the park entrance you couldn’t pay me enough to go in.

      And about 20 miles from there, in the park near St. Marks lighthouse were my brother and I went so he could do some sketching… there were signs all over the place about watch where you walk and stay out of and away from the water because of alligators. I almost hit one when it went dashing across the road when it started raining (and we could have ended up in the water)… the gator was “small” about the size of a medium size dog.

  2. Good, but I think it’s time for all water quality, health departments, DNR’s and all other environmental agencies to start testing for aluminum nanoparticulates and other chemicals that have been sprayed for 20 years and the 20 years were strongly repeated since july 2016. SO, there’s plenty of crap out there to find, maybe people who want to do their jobs can do them soon without being defunded or murdered. RICO for LIARS!

  3. Ponzi and ENRON would be proud of a scheme that magically makes CO2 disappear – along with the jobs those that worked in and with the German coal industry.

  4. A clown article. The world is awash in oil and fossil fuels but the industries still manage to keep gas prices at levels that have nothing to do with the current low cost. Why not solar for your homes? Anything that can give citizens a respite from predatory corporations and their predatory collusion with governments is a winner for the consumer. This guy sounds like an ex-Enron scamster. Don’t forget, a meeting between Al Gore and Kenny Boy Lay set up this whole carbon exchange. nonsense.

  5. Just in case the time stamps caused any misunderstanding, my previous comment (of January 2, 2017 at 4:59 pm) was meant to be in reply to the comment by
    “ClimateChange4realz” of January 2, 2017 at 2:12 pm .

  6. I suppose the 60 Mt/annum of anthracite that Germany imports from the US and elsewhere is transported by sail ships and solar driven trains with no “carbon footprint”.

  7. Looks like the website has gotten the attention of the AGW people. Alas!

    When I saw the title, all I could think of was the saying “That’s a crock of S&*t!) … applicable to the parts of the article describing things like vegan schnitzel. Or tofu “turkey” for that matter.

    Some people have a very naive idea about critters too… always some of them show up and make comments on articles like these about the poor little polar bears, nice grizzlies, charming wolves, and pretty mountain lions.

    I had a former neighbor in CA who had a coworker who was killed and partially eaten by a mountain lion, about 30 miles from where we lived (in Cuyamaca State Park)… she was out jogging by herself at dusk, in mountain lion territory… despite warning signs in the area. And the fact that woman was a teacher in a school that had lock downs from time to time… because mountain lions were seen stalking the playground.

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