Be aware! Geo-engineers are ‘playing God’ with our weather – Part II

“Extremely elevated levels of aluminum, barium, strontium and other metals and harmful chemicals that are showing up in recent lab tests of rainwater in Northern California.”

Be aware! Geo-engineers are ‘playing God’ with our weather – Part II

By Climatologist Cliff Harris

I’ve had a tremendous response to my column on ‘CHEMTRAILS,’ the heavy metal spraying in the upper-level stratosphere done in recent years in a combined effort by geo-engineers and the governments of Canada, the U.S. and many NATO countries to supposedly halt “runaway global warming that’s killing our planet.” (Their opinion, not mine.)

I agree with many people that there is an “eerie silence” across the media on this subject despite the mounting evidence of this very sinister spraying project. Yes, “the masses are indeed sleeping.”

In answering a reader’s question, geo-engineering is the science of artificial modification to the Earth’s climate systems. The geo-engineers current project involves spraying dangerous chemicals and heavy metals, especially aluminum, across the stratosphere in ‘chemtrails.’

The deployment of this spraying has been going on for several years. It’s been “hiding in plain sight” as Mr. Combs puts it. Few seem to care.

According to recent interviews with climate scientists and geo-engineers, they claim that they have been “very successful” thus far in at least partially cooling the planet by dimming the sun’s rays with their artificial haze clouds.

They point to Northern and Central California which saw the three coolest combined summer seasons on record in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

But, they didn’t want to talk about the extremely elevated levels of aluminum, barium, strontium and other metals and harmful chemicals that are showing up in recent lab tests of rainwater in Northern California, particularly around Mt. Shasta. Oregon, Washington, Idaho and other regions of the northwestern U.S. and southwestern Canada have also reported ‘tainted waters.’

My large Navy plastic rain gauge in the backyard is coated with ‘tiny sparkling white particles’ that can’t be washed out. These nano-crystals are also accumulating on the top of my plexiglass sunroom on the north side of the house. I have never in my 60-plus years of using rain gauges of various types seen anything like what I’m now experiencing. (My main rain gauge is a ‘tipping bucket’ that has not been greatly affected by these shining particles, at least not yet.)

Some tests of single rain events in Northern California have shown elevated levels of aluminum that are nearly 50,000 times higher than the normally accepted for good health rate of just 7 ppb (parts per billion).

I should also mention, which I didn’t last week, that these rain water tests were conducted by the State of California’s own lab, Basic Lab, and were published by ‘California Skywatch’ in 2010 and 2011.

In recent months, there has been new data made available from hundreds of tests of water across the rest of the U.S., Canada and virtually all the NATO countries showing “dangerously high levels of heavy metals, including aluminum, barium and strontium.” These metals match all the primary elements listed in a host of geo-engineering patents assigned to Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon and the Department of Defense, amongst others. Their specific goals, as I’ve previously mentioned, are creating artificial cloudcovers supposedly to cool the planet protecting the Earth from further damage from manmade global warming with manmade global cooling. (Mankind is in control, not God in these risky projects of weather modification.)

As I said last week, these geo-engineers are PLAYING GOD with our weather without our permission for such dangerous experiments. They are fattening their wallets at our expense. They joke that “they are ‘free riding’ on the health and welfare of our grandkids.” (Kids ‘play doctor,’ but I wouldn’t want them operating on me!)

Our weather, as I’ve said for decades now, has become the most EXTREME worldwide in at least 1,000 years. This week’s record late April snowstorm in the eastern U.S., for the first time ever in any season, produced the winter’s heaviest dump of the white stuff directly on the scorched heels of the warmest March on record since at least the mid 1600s. (Did the geo-engineers possibly cause this freakish late season storm?)

These reckless geo-engineers are planning more crazy weather modification schemes. The scary part is that some weather/climate programs will have military ‘WEATHER WARFARE’ aspects. I will cover this frightening subject next week in Part III of this series on May 7.

Remember, as I said last week, the nation or nations that learn to control the weather, the ULTIMATE WEAPON, will certainly rule the world with an iron hand.

The ‘race is on,’ folks, and we’re quickly heading for ‘the endtime back stretch.’

Soon, the day may come when a barrel of clean, potable water may cost more than a barrel of oil or, perhaps, even an ounce of gold.

The Bible tells us in the book of Revelation that “men will work an entire day for just a loaf of bread to feed their families.” (In some parts of Africa, that could apply to what’s already occurring in 2012.)

We need to STAND UNITED against those who threaten our health, welfare and security.

© Copyright Cliff Harris. Posted by permission.

Climatologist Cliff Harris posted this article on his website here:

I’ll be posting Part Three next week.

Note: As I mention in “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps,” spikes in strontium and other radioactive materials have occurred at many previous magnetic reversals. Those spikes also appear in the geologic record in sync with ice ages.

Why? Because our magnetosphere protects us from cosmic rays. As our magnetic-field strength declines, it allows more and more of these materials to rain onto our planet.

I’d therefore be curious to learn how much of the strontium that is now raining onto Mt. Shasta may be originating from cosmic rays rather than human activity.


47 thoughts on “Be aware! Geo-engineers are ‘playing God’ with our weather – Part II”

  1. The Bible is also talking about the sleeping masses, the people that refuse to see the signs of the times.

    Mark 8:18 “Having eyes, do you not se? And having ears, do you not hear?

  2. How about air pollution?
    All these materials are produced in the smoke stacks of coal powered power plants, the number and size of which has been growing dramatically in China.

  3. I don’t buy into the whole chemtrails theory. It’s been around in some form for 50 years. Has there ever been real evidence of such programs? No there has not. Has a single pilot come forward to blow the whistle? Not even one. Tiny white particles on a rain gauge is evidence of particulate pollution (source unknown), or typical UV damage to plastic.

    I’ve been participating in car shows for the last 10 years. The process for getting my car ready is the use of a clay bar to remove the smallest particles from the clearcoat. I have yet to see a single shiny particle, just the expected soot particles. My grill and other outdoor items have never shown mystery particles.

    It is true that contrails have changed over time. It is also true that engine and aircraft technology have changed over time. There are also more flights now than ever before. The simple answer is that observer ignorance plus engineering changes equal conspiracy theory.

    The Discovery Channel did a show about chemtrails where they actually tested random aviation fuels and they found nothing abnormal. I don’t recall what the name of the show is but it can be found on Netflix. Finally, aluminum is not classified as a heavy metal, so it cannot contribute to heavy metal pollution. I will remain unconvinced until a large sample is produced, proving beyond doubt that chemtrails are real.

  4. usa and others signed a treaty NOT to use weather mod for warfare…after usa used it in Vietnam to flood the vietcong out..problem was it also made life hard for their own.
    like when Aus used it, they got rain alright, just NOT where they needed it and the flooding killed people.
    so we banned the use of silver iodide etc..supposedly?
    Russia uses it, a year or so back to keep snow off some event? China used it before the games.

  5. We must remember that the US is a mix of a lot of races and cultures which can bring out the good but also can bring out the bad!
    Looking at their history for instance testing nuclear devices on their own soldiers????We must remember that the NWO wants the world population to decline rapidly and I mean rapidly not by generations but instantaneously

  6. Some interesting conclusions but not much data to support identifying the source. Has anyone in the geo-chemistry or health field compared the rain water metals data with data from previous periods of volcanic eruptions? We’re in a an active geologic period and the metals just might be from a natural source. Thanks raising the issue. That’s how we learn and catch people doing risky things.

  7. Anyone who does not believe in chemtrails and wants to learn the truth just has to do what I did when I first heard of them about 12 years ago in Dallas, and wanted to confirm for myself.

    Go outside in the morning. Take a book and a blanket to lie on. Weekends is best. Watch for a chemtrail to be laid. Time it. Watch it spread and spread and spread across the sky. They can turn a cloudless sky into one that is totally overcast.

    A normal contrail will be gone within minutes.

    Chemtrails stay for many, many hours.

    If you don’t see any chemtrails the first day you try, do it again another day. It won’t be long before you know the truth – they are real.

  8. CR: That was a episode of mythbusters.

    And like I said yesterday on part 1 , the sheer amount they claim to be used :

    “When asked about the possible harmful effects of dumping 10 MILLION MEGATONS of aluminum and other
    heavy metals on an unsuspecting population”

    10 million MEGA TON , thats not even produced yet , let alone that you can carry that amount into the air with planes.

    This kind of articles bring this website down to a unbelievable level , Robert should be a bit more sceptic about conspriracy theories.

  9. Hello, I am a former professional pilot,11.000+
    hours in aircraft big and small.I can’t say I have
    ever seen of know of any “Chemtrail” operation.
    What has to happen is perfect silence by those doing it. You need loaders,spray rigs,chemical tanks,and aircrew. You can’t keep a secret that big

  10. One thing I started observing some years back is the ugly black streaks on asphault roofs. Was it a defect in the materials? birds? mosquito spraying? Then I realized that it might be the fallout from chemtrailing. If so, what effect is it having on life?

    • I have seen those black streaks on roofs in neighborhoods where there has been a fire. I figure it’s soot from the fire that got streaked when rain fell on it in insufficient quantities to completely wash it off.

  11. Like CR said, not one pilot (or any other member of an air crew) has come forward. That’s highly unusual. Take Wikileaks for an example.

    Besides it would cost how much to make these metals into an areosal-dispensing form? It would have to be in the billions, maybe, hundreds of billions of dollars. What factories are doing this secretly? There has to be a paper trail and there has to be some kind of Executive Order or Congressinal approval–all extremetly secret?

    And who is doing the “sprayin”? Military air crews? Commercial airline flights? Without anyone knowing or with everyone keeping mum? I’m not saying it isn’t happening. Evil people, those who would control us, have always been and will always be with us. That is why, “we the people” must remain eternally vigilant. But this all seems highly unlikely, highly improbable.

    I live in the foothills to the central Sierra Nevada mountains in California. I walk nearly every morning and I see contrails. Some days they are heavy, long-lasting, barely moving or dispersing. Other days, the contrails are very short and disappear almost immediately. I figure it has to do with how dry or wet the upper atmosphere is, and how much wind there is aloft.

    Still, since this issue exists, someone, a brave investigative reporter needs to do some good investigative work and try and find out it this contrail theory is true or not.

  12. Hey, we’re supposed to be the skeptics around here! Turn on your BS alarms, people, and lets not start believing in silly conspiracy theories. CR says it right. Chemtrails my foot!

  13. Cloud seeding has been going on for decades, in plain sight, with full disclosure to the public. Programs are listed on the NWS and NOAA websites, as well as local media such as this:

    No conspiracy there. Questions I have for chemtrails believers are:

    1) If metals such as aluminum are released in megaton amounts, why are radar systems not affected? Ground-up chaff would have a jamming effect on all radar and radio systems. No such effect has been seen.
    2) What percentage of energy would be reflected toward the earth rather than away by uncontrolled and tumbling reflective particles?
    3) Exactly how would ground-based pollution be removed from samples in order to determine their airborne origin?

    Chemtrails raises many questions but provides zero answers. It’s a rabbit-hole and we should concentrate on real problems instead of conspiracies. Leave the conspiracies to the pro-AGW crowd.

  14. Even more rubbish! Bob, you should have more credibility than to publish this chemtrails garbage. Or answer this question: Why would a government wage chemical warfare upon it’s own popuation? None of the chemtrails proponents will go anywhere near a sensible answer to this … because there is not one!

      • Frank: Are you daft? “Eugenics” indeed! Again, why would a government wage chemical warfare upon it’s own population? If the population was in open revolt, that would be one thing. But it is not! The whole idea of chemtrails is crazy thought by people who lack even the slightest ability to reason intelligently. You want to believe in the unbelievable for some other reason than truth. The world is scary enough without living in a world of fantasy and make-believe.

  15. Mikizo may have a good point. Rapid industrialization with no environmental safeguards can cause cross-border pollution. In Finland during the Soviet (pre-1990) period, trees died and the lichens, which are very sensitive to pollution, died off as well. After the Soviet Union fell and those polluting (and money-losing) factories closed, the lichens and trees in Finland recovered.

  16. Huh. Its a little hard to believe.

    However, anything is possible. I’d like to see some names of people who are connected with this, either the pilots who are involved or people in the government who have authorized and paid for the spraying of these toxic chemicals. Specific names would be people who can be sued or charged with pollution. Names would go a long way toward convincing me this is real.

  17. Anyone ever watch anything about the air war in Europe during WWII? The service ceiling of a B17 was 35K ft. They were piston powered 4 engine aircraft. Great design. Anyway they left contrails as well. From the looks of the footage very substatial con trails. Now I am 43 years old. I love aircraft and have been watching con trails since I was a little nipper in the 70’s. They don’t look any different today than they did back then. Or any different than the ones in the old footage of the B17 over Europe in WWII.

  18. I have no idea whether or not this is for real – however, given the half-baked ideas these AGW people have come up with anything is possible. Did you hear about the scheme to sequester CO2 in algae blooms – they were going to spray iron powder over the oceans to cause massive algae blooms – like we get when desert dust blows out over the atlantic -you know, the red tides that kill the fish and sea plants. Great idea and they thought it would be a good thing – no permission required on the open ocean. I have no idea if it ever got off the drawing board but it is obvious that the AGW folks have a very narrow view of what is important. Get the carbon dioxide out of the air even if you kill everything else seems a bit extreme to me. Or do they just not see how it fits together? Or do they not care as long as the funding keeps coming in? Cynical sigh.

  19. And these Eco-Freakos are worried about you, me, and we polluting the planet? These Eco Freaks are the most absurd people on the planet.!

    These Eco-Lunatics are Hypocrites in the Nth degree..!

  20. The interesting parts for me are,
    “… Central California … saw the three coolest combined summer seasons on record in 2009, 2010 and 2011 …”

    “… This week [was the] record late April snowstorm in the eastern U.S …”
    which agree with the main idea that we’re debating on this web site.
    The rest seems not very well substantiated like
    “… levels of aluminum that are nearly 50,000 times higher than the normally accepted for good health… ”
    which is hard to believe without a link to the data and measurements or the names of who did it or that their little experiments have importantly changed the weather of California for 3 years in a row. I’m open minded, but it seems a bit far fetched.
    The abnormal levels of some metals are most probably connected with the weakening Magnetosphere and the consequent higher incidence of cosmic rays on the ground, which again agrees with the idea that we may be watching the end of the present interglacial.

  21. 10 MILLION MEGATONS: 10 millionn x 1 million tons.
    One large ship can carry 250,000 tons, which is nearly 560 times the maximum takeoff weight for a Boeing 747 (~ 440 tons, according to wiki:, then 4 large ships carry 1 million tons, corresponding to 4 x 560 = 2240 Boeings.
    Then, 10 MILLION MEGATONS would be carried by 40 million large ships… now all we need to do is to make all these 40 million large ships fly and you have 40 million x 2240 = 89.6 billion Boeings to carry all that stuff.
    Do I still need to say that all this is absurd?

    • correction:
      40 million large ships = 10 million x 1million tons = 10 million x 2240 Boeings = 22.4 billion Boeings!

  22. boring to see you have paid sceptics trolling your site. you know about but wont mention the ocean current change, fine, whatever, and mans power over the movement of highs and lows and even creating them, fine, whatever the reason, and the obvious chemtrails probably provide clouds enough to help contain atmospheric heat.

  23. Claim: “Contrails fade away in a couple of minutes, whereas “chemtrails” remain in the air for hours.”

    This is the biggest claim that the “chemtrailers” get wrong. Contrails may persist in the sky for hours, and they have done so since the inventions of jets. Various photographs, newspaper clippings and scientific articles from and before the 1970’s are good evidence that this is true.

    Of course, Robert is entitled to publish whatever he wants on this web site and the ensuing discussions can be interesting indeed!

    I am a molecular scientist by trade and training, I worked as a nutritional biochemist, and I do know that yes, we live in a sea of toxins, often in high enough quantities to cause serious health problems and even death. Did you know that 80% of vaccines, including the flu vaccine, contain sufficient mercury preservative to cause neurological and immune system damage in healthy adults?

    Did you know that in a German village where horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracking has taken place over the past several years, releasing benzene and related compunds into the soil and air, 37% of the (mostly young) residents have cancer? Surely these are far more pressing issues, based on real, reported science?

    There IS a site that debunks chemtrails in a scientific fashion, and it makes far more sense than the reporting of the chemtrail theorists. Every aspect of “chemtrails” is debunked on this web site. As a scientist, their logic is far more appealing to me!

  24. “These chemtrails are composed of tiny glass fibers coated with light-reflective aluminum that are intended to bounce many of the sun’s rays back into space with the express purpose of cooling the planet.”

    Aluminum melts at 660.32 °C, and jet engines can obtain or exceed this temperature. Obviously, they cannot be adding it to the fuel, so they would have to use sprayers. That’s an awful lot of tonnage to be flown across any nation. The cost would be prohibitive.

    Burning fuel emits mostly Carbon Dioxide and Water. (CO2 and H2O) Most people recognize the steam from the vehicles on cold days, but it usually doesn’t last long due to altitude, lower exhaust temperature and small volume. High altitude condensation trails (Con Trails) form and linger based upon many factors including: Altitude, wind, air mass temperature, and relative humidity of air mass.

    I believe this to be a “Hoax”! Maybe this was spread by the IPCC to draw our attention away from the typical “Shell Game” played with world temperatures, or some other devious deed.

  25. Follow-up report: It is a Hoax!

    “New tests find trace or no aluminum in area water”

    “The State of California sets the Maximum Contaminant Level of 1.0 milligram per liter for drinking water. A milligram per liter is the equivalent to 1 part per million.”

    Water samples were collected April 20 and testing was done by Basic Labs in Redding using method EPA60108 with containers provided by the lab to ensure no contamination. The results are as follows:
    • Ream Ave. and W.A. Barr Road pond – Not Detected;
    • Shasta Ranch Road pond – 0.097 milligrams per liter;
    • Sisson Meadows pond – 0.085 milligrams per liter;
    • City Park headwaters – Not detected;

    The California Regional Water Quality Control Board also conducted tests on May 4 and 7 that were evaluated by Basic Labs. The results are as follows:
    • Ash Creek near McCloud – 0.010 milligrams per liter;
    • Mount Shasta area – 0.019 milligrams per liter;
    • Castle Lake – 0.022 milligrams per liter.
    Where aluminum was detected, the amounts were far below the EPA SDWR or the State of California MCL.

    A website claiming the chemtrail conspiracy is a hoax can be found at

  26. The real evil is the food scientists and the medical establishment. The constant urging for us to eat the way they tell us rather than the way nature dictates, is far more alarming. The life expectancy figures in the US are false. They exclude blacks, who mostly die from heart disease, cuz that would bring our rate to a 3rd world level. The food police appeared the same time global warming did.

  27. Gee. You’d think a lot of the people who read this blog are skeptics.

    Oh yeah. I guess they are.

  28. The average black woman lives to be 52. The average black man 48. Their number 1 killer is heart disease. They are about 12 percent of the population but are excluded from US life expectancy figures. Why? Because that would drop our figures to a 3rd world level. The food police that demonize meat and animal fats and urge us towards veganism are part of the AGW crowd. Too bad you people fell for that part of the equation.

  29. Need further proof of the AGW medical link? The AMA stated that the reason why the US is so riddled with heart disease is because of global warming! Go look it up.

    • Yes, the trolls have coming out from the woods or their government caves.

      Credit to you, Robert, that you have forwarded this important issue.

      I was earlier sceptic about all the chem trail articles that poped up on the net.

      But, when I watched a intervjue with Rosalind Peterson, a serious and credible person, I recognized that this must be real. It was about one year ago.

      So, I started to look up into the sky. What I found out, was that when we had a front coming from north east forwarded to south west, and this front was moving south, the trails or wooly straight worms appeared. And tonight, it is happening. Wooly straight haze worms from north east to south west appears.

      And what is disgusting, it is all the shit they put into the mixture.

      A very compelling presentation from Rosalind Peterson.

    • Nice video, but what was the “Chemical”?
      Correct me if I am wrong, but aircraft should not land with more than a certain amount of weight. Could this “Spray” be fuel jettisoned before proceeding into landing pattern?

      Overweight Landing? Fuel Jettison? What to Consider.

      An overweight landing is defined as a landing made at a gross weight in excess of the maximum design (i.e., structural) landing weight for a particular model. A pilot may consider making an overweight
      landing when a situation arises that requires the airplane to return to the takeoff airport or divert to another airport soon after takeoff. In these cases, the airplane may arrive at the landing airport at a weight considerably above the maximum design landing weight. The pilot must then decide whether to reduce the weight prior to landing or land overweight. The weight can be reduced either by holding to burn off
      fuel or by jettisoning fuel. There are important issues to consider when a decision must be made to land overweight, burn off fuel, or jettison fuel.


      Again, what was the chemical?

  30. I know that C2C AM have been quite open to your message and you have likely crossed paths with the “Chemtrails” crowd, however, please don’t promote this rubbish. Just one man’s opinion.

  31. I have a Logic problem with “Chemtrails”; “the heavy metal spraying in the upper-level stratosphere”.

    First: The Stratosphere’s range is between 60,000ft to 160,000ft above the Earth. Most commercial airlines fly around 30,000ft. The highest attitude recorded is 123,520ft, or about mid Stratosphere. See: (

    Obviously, unless they are shooting up rockets, no jets are “Spraying” in the Stratosphere. Furthermore, the video of the “Spraying Jet” was above clouds, and obviously, not in the “Upper Stratosphere”. Besides, what was the person flying while taking movies; a Blackbird, a U2, or the X15? (Hoaxed again)

    Second: We have been stating over and over that “Man’s” puny 3% CO2 contribution does not cause “Global Warming and it is a “Natural Event”. All of a sudden we are led to believe that humans CAN change the world? (NOT!)

    I believe the “tiny sparkling white particles” are dust from volcanoes, or space dust that has been allowed to enter due to Earths weakening magnetic field. (Just as Robert said)

    Time to ship this article to the “Recycle Bin”!

    • Doesn’t sound like you have a logic problem at all. Everything you said was logical.

  32. There is a company that makes specially designed jumbo jets that carry huge canisters and have huge things attached to them especially to push out whatever is in these canisters. Why would they make these planes? Surely they make them and sell them to be used to spread chemtrails. These planes that make chemtrails fly different paths to commercial aircraft. It is obvious and they make exact crosses in the sky in the same areas when they do them. They fly the chemtrail paths over the major cities and do the same paths on warmer days but not every day. Commercial airlines rarely fly over the city of London and stick to daily flight paths therefore these planes cannot be commercial aircraft. It is clear they are spraying chemicals into the sky on warmer days. They say this is to stop the ice from melting too quickly…

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