B.C. Glaciers More Than a Third Bigger Than Thought – Video

Thirty-eight percent bigger than originally believed, but still (supposedly), “it won’t save them from climate change.”

Extensive radar surveys on five glaciers in the Columbia River Basin have found the ice is 38 per cent thicker than originally believed, according to a new study from the University of Northern British Columbia.

Lead author Ben Pelto and his colleagues skied cross country on the glaciers over 113 miles (182 km), pulling a sled-mounted ice-penetrating radar system to collect thousands of measurements.

“I was surprised that the models were off by that much,” said Pelto. “There are about 17,000 glaciers in B.C. and until now we only had ice measurements from a handful of them.”

  • Did you realize that there are 17,000 glaciers in British Columbia alone?
  • Did you realize that previous estimates of those melting glaciers were based on modeling?
  • Did you realize that until now we had actual measurements on “only a handful” of those 17,000 glaciers?
  • Did you realize that computer modeling could be this far off from reality?
  • Do you think we should base all of our global warming projections on computer modeling?


The study, entitled “Bias-corrected estimates of glacier thickness in the Columbia River Basin, Canada,” was published in The Journal of Glaciology, and can be seen here:

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4 thoughts on “B.C. Glaciers More Than a Third Bigger Than Thought – Video”

  1. modelling…
    so far damn near zero fact when realitys used instead
    funny that
    the entire climate scams model based
    need i say more?

    todays laugh ruining muliple nations economies jobs etc will drop the now…stated 2.7c rise down to a whopping 2.1c by end century

    and they said it without laughing

  2. “it won’t save them from climate change.”

    Someone is defending the climate change/global warming narrative.

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