Babs – Trump is Making Me Gain Weight

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. This one made me laugh out loud.
And Trump is making me grow older.

Barbra Streisand is showing some serious weight gain, almost past the point of recongnition.

See photo here:

11 thoughts on “Babs – Trump is Making Me Gain Weight”

  1. More than likely a prescription medication is partly responsible – there are a lot that increase appetite.

    Prednisolone and insulin are just 2 of many appetite stimulant medications that aging people often need to control some of the diseases of aging.

    The photos certainly seem typical of this type of prescription medication induced weight gain.

    So aside from the stupidity of the comment, which was obviously sarcastic, it is likely a sad health time for her. She was a true icon and deserves respect no matter what her personal views are.

    Aging is sad – whoever designed the human condition could have made aging a little more dignified.

    • Once people realize we’re headed into an ice age, they’ll probably try to blame Trump for that, too.

  2. Do I have to blame him (President Trump) for the fact that I am now feeling so cheerful and well? 🙂

  3. How can the left gain weight? They are always marching rioting and running their mouths. When do they have time to eat??

    • 🙂
      she was FAT before trump got elected
      if she cant say no to a plateload of sugar then its HER problem
      not the Donalds

  4. Streisand called in to MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews while getting her teeth cleaned

    bloody hilarious!
    cant have been much cleaning happening then?

    like so many media “stars” being famous doesnt mean theyre either smart or..(sorry Rosco) worth respect

    respect needs to be earned
    she like many are damned well OVERpaid entertainers
    i see nothing to respect her for
    she sings
    she acts
    thats what she chose as a JOB

    I have more respect for an engineer a vet a doctor a truckie
    people who actually CONTRIBUTE worth to society
    i dont see media movies art or music doing that
    theyre lucrative for a chosen few
    but ephemera
    we could survive without them.

  5. I am worried that Trump might be too liberal and not tough enough or cruel enough to get rid of what is killing the the United States of America. All good Americans must pray that God gives President Trump the wisdom and will power to cleanse the land of criminals , perverts and traitors so that America can be great again.

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