Back-to-back wettest years on record for the Tennessee River basin

Wettest year on record two years in a row.

It’s official, 2019 was the second wettest year on record for the Tennessee River basin with 66.47 inches – 2018 was the wettest with 67.02 inches.

Previously, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) said 2018 was the wettest on record for the 41,000 square-mile Tennessee River Valley.

When you realize that the entire state of Vermont has only 9,263 sq miles, you begin to realize how big an area we’re talking about here.

The two wettest years on record, back-to-back!

Chatanooga Times Free Press -year-second-highest-after-record-2018-level/511999/ (PAYWALL) alley   (NO PAYWALL)

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“TVA Keeps VERY DETAILED RECORDS on its 8 state region, and all its dams & reservoirs,” says Bill. “TVA said precipitation totals in the Tennessee River basin averaged nearly 15 and a half inches above normal during 2019, and included the wettest February on record when the rain-swollen river in Chattanooga rose 12 feet above its normal levels.”

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  1. This year, same thing . Late or incomplete planting, short growing season and diminished harvest for 2020.

  2. It’s as I have said before: it’s not breaking 100 year records we have to worry about, it’s breaking last year’s record.

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